Porta Daemonium Releasing “Serpent Of Chaos” On Vinyl

Blood Harvest Records has set March 31st as the international release date for Porta Daemonium’s debut album, “Serpent of Chaos,” on vinyl LP format.

Porta Daemonium formed in Santiago, Chile in 1998 under the name Porta Salominiis. After several years, due to the designs of Hell to keep the essence of blackened, deathly metal music alive, in 2011 the band changed names to Porta Daemonium.

This is not a band that usually plays live or releases music in a physical format; in fact, to date, the group’s recordings have all been largely self-released and digital. However, that will now change with the vinyl release of debut album, “Serpent of Chaos” after being released digitally last year.

1. Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas
2. Via Sinistra
3. The Blood of the Dark Madness
4. To the Left of God
5. A las primordiales serpientes del caos
6. The Apep’s Chaotic Dreams
7. Porta Daemonium
8. Under the Sigils of the Fallen Angels

Serpent of Chaos 12″LP by PORTA DAEMONIUM

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