New Song “Serenity” Posted By Seven Spires

After the bad ass rockin’ “The Cabaret Of Dreams” the power metal hymn “Stay” and the blackish “The Paradox” (premiered via, U.S. theatrical metal outfit Seven Spires show off another new face with “Serenity” and prove that the band is far away from having reached its musical boundaries. This time the highly talented four-piece deliver a modern melodic death cocktail accentuated with subtle symphonic arrangements:

“We wanted to write something moshable, straightforward, and catchy,” says vocalist Adrienne Cowan, “but more importantly, ‘Serenity’ is a song about the fear of pain, and the lengths people will go to escape it.” Check it out in the player at the bottom.

Seven Spires’ new concept album “Solveig” will be available worldwide on August 4th! Pre-order the album on iTunes and Amazon. All digital pre-orders come with instant downloads of the tracks “The Cabaret of Dreams” and “The Paradox.”

The “Solveig” track listing reads as follows:

1. The Siren
2. Encounter
3. The Siren (Reprise)
4. The Cabaret of Dreams (see music video here)
5. Choices
6. Closure
7. 100 Days
8. Stay (song streaming here)
9. The Paradox (see music video here)
10. Serenity
11. Depths
12. Distant Lights
13. Burn
14. Ashes
15. Reflection

Check out “Serenity” here:

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Mike IX Williams Undergoes Liver Transplant Surgery

EyeHateGod frontman Mike IX Williams has successfully undergone a liver transplant, with his new liver producing bile almost right away – an extremely good sign and enough for doctors to downgrade him to the hospital hotel.

When reached for an update, the singer was in good spirits and jokingly replied, “So honestly. I’m procrastinating because I’m waiting to write something introspective and creative blah blah blah, but truth be told and blessed be, I am recovering from massive brutal surgery at a speedy rate and exactly where I want to be! Doctors are happy with my progression. Thanks to everyone who’s donated and contributed. Please continue to spread the word of these benefits, as there is a long road of medical expenses to be accounted for…”

Those wishing to donate directly as well as receive more updates can visit his YouCaring site right here. A string of benefit shows have also been announced as taking place February 3rd through the 5th in Williams’ hometown of New Orleans.

The events will take place at Siberia and Poor Boys, with artists such as Superjoint, Crowbar, Goatwhore, Thou, Child Bite, Flesh Parade, Classhole, solo sets by Jimmy Bower and Bruce Lamont as well as EyeHateGodwith special guest singers. For tickets and full details, please visit this location.

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Norma Jean Premieres New Song “Forever Hurtling Towards Andromeda” From Upcoming New Album “Polar Similar”

Norma Jean premieres a new song entitled “Forever Hurtling Towards Andromeda”, taken from the upcoming new album “Polar Similar”, which will be out in stores September 09 via Solid State Records. The song features also a guest turn from Coalesce singer Sean Ingram.

Check out now “Forever Hurtling Towards Andromeda” below.

Comments Norma Jean vocalist Cory Brandon:

“This song deals with music being a cathartic medicine for us. Growing up in poor neighborhoods, some rough situations, and just seeing life through that glass. Music is what we turned to. There was nothing that could ever sway us from it. As musicians, it was never about “making it” to us. We are always where we want to be.

Because the song is about our love of music and what it’s gotten us through, we wanted to bring in one of our favorite musicians to write something for it. Sean is a good friend and easily one of our favorite lyricists / vocalists in the world. Sean lives in Kansas where our producer Josh is from so it worked out perfectly getting him on the track. We had been talking for years and years about collaborating, this song came out and felt like a perfect fit. It seems to conjure a little bit of the Coalesce spirit as well.”

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Nordheim To Record New Album This Year

Canadian folk metal group Nordheim just checked in with this update about plans to record a new album this year:

“So, we’re finally sober enough to write something that make sense. We want thank you for your support in 2015 you’ve been great and we also want to wish you a Happy New Year and may everything you wish for come true.

“You probably have already noticed that we suck at social media. For 2016, we hope to change that but, you know, we said that last year.

“BUT, this year, we’ll record a NEW ALBUM! FINALLY! Be ready because this one will be faster, heavier and the lyrics will be about important life stuff like boobs, bacon and dinosaurs.”

We haven’t heard any new music from Nordheim since the 2013 album “Refill” (remember how the awesome artwork spurred on some debate?). Stay tuned for more details as they are made available.

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The Plot In You’s Landon Tewers Premieres Track From Concept Solo-EP

The Plot In You frontman Landon Tewers premieres a brand new track titled “Debate” below, taken from his new concept EP under the moniker of Ai640.

Explains Landon Tewers:

“Sup friends, Landon here. I felt shitty that all this stuff with the release of our new record is taking a lot longer than expected. Sucks for us too, the record is completely done and we’ll be announcing our new signing any day now. Anyways, I wanted to write something to at least HELP tide everyone over for a little bit. I wrote a concept EP under the name Ai640.

Used a bunch of riffs that didn’t really work with the new plot material. If you like heavy chaotic metalcore this is right up your alley. This is a story about a robot with artificial intelligence that escapes the lab he was made in, sees how disgusting mankind is, and decides the only way to save the planet is to exterminate all humans. This song is the part in the story where he finds an innocent girl weeping over her mothers dead body and he fights with himself on whether to take her innocent life away or not.”

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Valient Thorr Streaming New Song “No Strings Attached”

North Carolina’s Valient Thorr will release sixth studio album “Our Own Masters” on June 18th via Volcom Entertainment. The album was recorded at Ronnie Jone Sound Studios in Athens, GA and produced, engineered, and mixed by Kyle Spence of experimental rockers Harvey Milk.

Now, Pitchfork gives music fans a first-listen to the new LP, premiering the new song “No Strings Attached.” Check out the song right here.

“When we wrote the music for ‘No Strings Attached’ it sounded like nothing we had ever done before,” says Valient Thorr front man Valient himself. “The vibe reminded me so much of the feeling I would get when Thin Lizzy’s ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ would come on in the summertime and it was hot and all you wanted was to get off work and grab some beers and see what kind of party was happening. We always talk about positive vibrations, but a lot of our stories either come from or end up with dark tones, so I tried to write something that had a ‘we’re still here, let’s make the most of it’ vibe. It is definitely supposed to be a bright view of the future.”

The album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Immaculate Consumption
2. Master Collider
3. Manipulation
4. No Strings Attached
5. Life Hands You Demons
6. Torn Apart
7. Cerberus
8. Good News Bad News
9. Insatiable
10. Crowd Pleaser
11. Nervous Energy
12. Call Off the Dogs

 photo vthorcov_zps369533cf.jpg

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Believer Comments On Progress Of Upcoming Album

Believer vocalist Kurt Bachman has checked in with the following update concerning the band’s forthcoming studio album.

“As we begin the writing process, I feel that this will be the most sensual of all Believer releases. Once again we are striving to create something unique, while not throwing away any riff just because it might not fit the typical Believer mold. This is part of the process we love and hate. We love being creative, yet we place intense pressure on ourselves to write something we’ll enjoy hearing and playing at least 2060 times. Of course, we are sticking to our two main goals: 1) Have fun and 2) Don’t die in the process”

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Zao Comments On Metal Bands Chastising Illegal Downloaders

Zao’s Scott Mellinger has posted the following statement online via Facebook about bands commenting on illegal downloading and the state of the music industry:

“So I just wanted to write something, a counter if you will to all the music stealing posts I see on people’s walls. First let’s discuss how being a musician is a privilege, the only reason you get any money in the first place is because of the fans of your music. Second the percentage of money I’ve gotten from record sales is abysmal so who cares!!!

“As a band you need to put the utmost care into every aspect of your band if you aren’t releasing things that make people excited and willing to fork over hard earned cash than shame on you as an artist. For far too long bands have released lame records with lame artwork and even more lame music and then get pissed when people download it for free. Well, the people you complain about are usually your own fans that can’t afford your half assed attempt at a record. I implore all fans to buy when possible, the tiny bit we see does help but I am just as happy to get my music into people’s hands.

“If you do your work and make cool packaging and make sure you have merchandise that is awesome and put on shows that are awesome you have nothing to be worried about. Chastising fans isn’t going to help your cause.

“This is all coming from a dude that has a normal shit job and has trouble paying his bills sometimes so when I hear it from people, the 1 percent of bands that make a damn good living I just laugh. Thanks for listening to my ramble…”’s own Joe Reviled also recently posted an editorial online about the realities of making money in the metal scene, which can be found here.

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