Rise Of The Northstar Recording New Album Gojira’s Joe Duplantier

Crossover metallers Rise Of The Northstar are currently hard at work recording the follow-up to their hit debut ‘Welcame’. The band travelled all the way to New York and entered the Silver Cord Studio to record with Gojira’s very own Joe Duplantier.

Commented the band: “If touring in Japan was always our goal, making an album in New York, one of the most influential cities in the world, with Joe Duplantier producing, is one big challenge.
We’re here to enhance our blend of metal and rap and to take it to the next level. Each corner of this town is a visual mirror of the thickness of our sound. We’re gonna soak in Brooklyn and sweat it back out on record.”

Added Duplantier: “I’m excited to contribute to this album. Rise Of The Northstar is badass. Their approach of music is so direct, and they drive their career the same way. Definitely a great experience for me.”

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Unshine Checks In With New Album Update

Unshine has been hard at work recording a follow-up to previous album “Dark Half Rising,” and now the band has checked in with this update:

“It’s winter solstice 2016, the nature is resting, waiting for the return of the light half. But, wait for a while – our new magnificent album is ready!!! Three (short) clips from it below!!!! Please, feel free to share!”

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Claymords Posts "Scum Of The Earth" Album Recording Footage

Norway’s Claymords has been hard at work recording new album “Scum of the Earth,” which is due out in early 2013 through WormHoleDeath.

The band has now posted a fourth and final video update from Realsound Studio in Parma, Italy. Check out the clip below, or watch a previously posted studio video from Claymords at this location.

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Ingurgitating Oblivion Issues Album Recording Update

German act Ingurgitating Oblivion is currently hard at work recording a new upcoming album. The band has now checked in from the studio with the following brief recording update:

“Recording process: Just to let you lost souls know, the drums and rhythm guitars are done and we are currently recording the bass tracks for the upcoming album.”

More details on the album are expected shortly, and in the mean time you can check out Ingurgitating Oblivion’s music at the band’s MySpace page here.

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Orden Ogan Recording New Album "To The End" For April 2012 Release

German power metal act Orden Ogan are hard at work recording the band’s fourth full length album “To The End” for release in April 2012 through AFM Records. The album follows the 2010 AFM Records release “Easton Hope.” The album will mark the first album with new bassist
Niels Löffler (Sardonic/Ex-Predator) who replaced the recently departed Lars Schneider this year.

Song titles for the new album include the following:

“The Frozen Few”
“Land Of The Dead”
“The World Of Ice”
“To The End”
“The Things We Believe In”
“The Ice Kings”
“Till The Stars Cry Out”
“Dying Paradise”

More details are expected shortly.

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