The Illuminated Sky Drops July 21

Closing a four-year void since the release of The Colourless Sunrise debut, from technical power metal, laden with soaring vocals and blistering guitar work, to epic orchestral driven prog, PROSPEKT has produced their best effort to date. The Illuminated Sky is an album that excites and takes the listener on a journey through the cosmos via the wonders of prog. Offers PROSPEKT‘s […]

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The Illuminated Sky Drops July 21

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Hatespirit Announces “Blood & Poetry” Album Release

On May 1st, Altare Productions is proud to present the debut album of Hatespirit, titled “Blood & Poetry.” A mysterious entity with no prior public recordings, Hatespirit hails from an ancient time of black metal.

Resolutely and proudly primitive, the Finnish band gnarls forth with black metal that breathes a woodland atmosphere despite its harsh and hateful contours. And yet, nature itself is a harsh and hateful mistress, offering no mercy for those who don’t respect her wonders. The album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Intro – Blood & Poetry
2. Saalistajan Kuutamo
3. Viha ja Vitutus
4. The Wolfish Hunger
5. In Dusky Depths
6. Silvery Howls
7. Thought and Memory
8. Talvitunnelmia
9. Breath of Night
10. The Ghost Lights
11. Calm Before the Storm
12. Song of the Woods

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New Track “No Life” Streaming From Lovelorn Dolls

Belgian gothic metal act Lovelorn Dolls is streaming the new track “No Life.” the song appearson the the debut full length LP “House of Wonders,” which is available now on iTunes and other digital retailers, as well as a physical release via Alpha Matrix Records.

Check out “No Life” here:

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Bury Thy Kingdom Streaming Songs From New EP "Edge Of The Sea"

Pittsburgh six piece Bury Thy Kingdom has released the new EP “Edge of the Sea,” and now tracks from the release are available online. Check out “Khan Artist” and “Leviathan” in the clips below. The “Edge of the Sea” track listing is:

1. Darkened Skies
2. White Waves
3. Khan Artist
4. Leviathan
5. Eye of the Storm
6. Mask the Wonders
7. Edge of the Sea

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