Witching Hour Premiere New Song “As I Walk Among Sepulchral Ruins” From Upcoming New Album “…And Silent Grief Shadows the Passing Moon”

Germany’s Witching Hour premiere a new song entitled “As I Walk Among Sepulchral Ruins”, taken from their upcoming new album “…And Silent Grief Shadows the Passing Moon”, which is due for release on December 21st by Hells Headbangers.

Check out now “As I Walk Among Sepulchral Ruins” below.

And Silent Grief Shadows the Passing Moon by WITCHING HOUR

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Metal Blade Records Inks Deal With Batushka, Debut Album To See Reissue

Polish black metal legion Batushka is the latest addition to Metal Blade Records’ U.S. roster.

Pronounced “Batjushka,” the band’s Cyrillic name ??????? means “father” and is used to address an Eastern Orthodox priest. Despite the themes and imagery, they are not a Christian act. The identities of the members are unknown, but they are involved with other bands. Their live lineup contains eight members.

On November 3rd, Metal Blade will reissue the debut full length “Litourgiya,” which was initially released in 2015 in limited quantity (500 copies) via Witching Hour Productions. Despite its relative cult status, the record earned critical accolades from journalists “in the know.”

Physical preorders for Litourgiya are currently available at this location. A video for “Yekteniya IV – Milost'” is also available in the player below.

The track listing is:

1. Yekteniya I – Ochishcheniye
2. Yekteniya II – Blagosloveniye
3. Yekteniya III – Premudrost
4. Yekteniya IV – Milost’
5. Yekteniya V – Svyatyy Vkhod
6. Yekteniya VI – Upovanie
7. Yekteniya VII – Istina
8. Yekteniya VIII – Spasenie

Check out “Yekteniya IV – Milost'” here:

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Sauron Debuts Full-Album Stream Of Brand New Album “Wara!”

Hailing from Radom, Poland pagan black metal veterans of Sauron debut the full-album stream of the band’s upcoming new album “Wara!”, out in stores now through Witching Hour Productions.

Check out now “Wara!” in its entirety below.

Wara! by SAURON

“Wara!” is the latest material since the reactivation of Sauron, featuring five new tracks plus a Bathory cover and artwork prepared by Robert A. von Ritter.

Recordings were done at FFF Studio in Radom, while the mix and mastering were handled at Satanic Audio with Haldor Grunberg (Thaw, Mentor) behind the console.

1. Pergrubia 997 (chwala obroncom prawiary)
2. Czarcie Bagna
3. Powrót na Czarcie Bagna
4. Baltycka mgla
5. Goreja wici
6. Enter the Eternal Fire (Bathory cover)

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Vesta Collide Premieres New Song “Witching Hour” From Upcoming New Album “New Obsession”

Michigan’s metalcore/deathcore outfit Vesta Collide premieres a new song entitled “Witching Hour”, taken from the upcoming new album “New Obsession”, which will be out in stores January 20thvia Attila frontman Chris Fronzak‘s Stay Sick Recordings.

Check out now “Witching Hour” below.

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Vesta Collide Premieres New Song “Witching Hour” From Upcoming New Album “New Obsession”

Michigan’s metalcore/deathcore outfit Vesta Collide premieres a new song entitled “Witching Hour”, taken from the upcoming new album “New Obsession”, which will be out in stores January 20thvia Attila frontman Chris Fronzak‘s Stay Sick Recordings.

Check out now “Witching Hour” below.

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Christ Agony Returns With “Legacy” Album

Christ Agony – formed in 1990 – has been leading the Polish metal scene since debut full-length album “Unholyunion” was released in 1993. November 18th marks the return of Christ Agony with the “Legacy” album (via Witching Hour Productions), containing seven hymns summoning the old days.

The album was recorded in Studio 666 in Morag under the watchful eye (and ear) of Michal Grabowski. The cover art was designed by Black Team Media and a teaser trailer is available below.

1. Conjuration
2. Sigillum Diaboli
3. Seal Ov The Black Flame
4. Black Blood Ov The Universe
5. Devil Worship
6. Coronation
7. Legacy Ov Sin & Blood

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Music Video For New Track “Death Sentence” Issued By Skin Drone

Boston (MA)/Hot Springs (AR)’s Skin Drone issued a music video for the new track “Death Sentence.” The song is taken from the upcoming debut release “Evocation,” which drops from Bluntface Records on June 14th.

Skin Drone combines elements of technical extreme metal, industrial, and the avant-garde into a whirlwind of bombastic audio atrocities.

The web-based duo of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Erik Martin and multi-instrumentalist/producer Otto Kinzel has created nine songs of genre-defying metal with stories plagued by insanity and darkness on “Evocation.”

The track listing is as follows:

1. Scarlet Road
2. God Complex
3. Death Sentence
4. Shepherd Of The Damned
5. Ghost Reflection
6. City Lights
7. Witching Hour
8. Darkness Within
9. Salvation

Check out “Death Sentence” here:

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Grave Desecrator Announces New Album “Dust To Lust”

Cult death/black metal horde Grave Desecrator has announced new details behind a forthcoming album following the band’s signing with Season Of Mist earlier this year.

Swedish magazine Close-Up recently published an exclusive studio report regarding Grave Desecrator in the October issue (no. 177). Editor-in-chief Robban Becirovic personally visited the Brazilian band in Rio, who revealed that the album will be titled “Dust to Lust” and is scheduled to be released in early 2016.

Founded in 1998 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Grave Desecrator has established a reputation as one of the most savage and brutal South American metal bands through the release of two full-length albums and several splits with the likes of Archgoat and Black Witchery.

Grave Desecrator bassist E. Necrogoat comments: “A pact has been sealed, and we are very proud of it! Season of Mist will be in charge to spread our waves of sonic desecration, striking down the earth in witching hour!”

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Godless Angel Releasing “Harvester Of Shadows” Album

“Harvester of Shadows” is the new album by Kansas-based one man death/thrash machine, Godless Angel.

Recorded between June 2014 and January 2015, the album features nine tracks of groove crushing, neck snapping death and thrash metal.

“Harvester of Shadows” was written and recorded by vocalist/guitarist/bassist/drum programmer Derek Neibarger. From “Witching Hour at the Gates of Stull” to “Disemboweling the Deranged,” “Harvester of Shadows” is a relentless sonic assault due out February 27th via Inverse Records. The track listing is as follows:

1. Witching Hour at the Gates of Stull
2. Containment Breach in Sector 6
3. The Swarm Feeds
4. Samhain
5. Suffering the Wrath of the Goddess
6. Summoning Darkness
7. Beneath the Skin
8. To Shred the Soul
9. Disemboweling the Deranged

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The Vision Bleak Reveals “Witching Hour” Album Details

The Vision Bleak will be returning with a fifth studio album titled “Witching Hour” on September 27th, 2013. Pre-orders are available at this location. Prophecy Productions comments:

“Three years after ‘Set Sail To Mystery,’ the masters of Horror Metal have undergone creative rejuvenation. With the spontaneity and playfulness of ‘Witching Hour,’ Schwadorf and Konstanz hark back to their debut ‘The Deathship Has A New Captain,’ and the slogan ‘creepy and haunting entertainment’ has not been more topical and fitting ever since 2004.

“The comprehensive witchcraft concept of ‘Witching Hour’ highlights the duo as morbid storytellers with a bizarrely brutal, yet also entertaining assortment of fairytales and myths up their sleeves. Familiar elements such as groovy, driving riffs, sublime, melodic lead guitars and Konstanz’ unique voice are still the defining characteristics, yet new implementations like the haunting flute or the most versatile and sinister vocals so far are crucial to the fact that ‘Witching Hour’ in its entirety sounds more dour and unfathomable than earlier recordings.”

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