Vitriol Premiere New Song “The Parting of a Neck” From Upcoming New Physical EP Re-Release “Pain Will Define Their Death”

Vitriol premiere a new song entitled “The Parting of a Neck”, taken from their upcoming new physical re-release of their EP “Pain Will Define Their Death”, which Everlasting Spew will re-release on November 30th.

Check out now “The Parting of a Neck” below.

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Black Sunset Records Inks Deal With Darkfall

Austrain melodic death/thrash act Darkfall signed on with Black Sunset Records. The band will issue a sophomore full length album this autumn, with more details expected soon.

The band was born in 1995, and up to 2013, has issued two demos, two EPs, a boxset along with the debut full length “Road to Redemption.” Black Sunset will re-release the debut full length this summer ahead of the new album as a start to a new era.

Stay tuned for more information.

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Battalions Signs With Black Bow Records

British sludge/stoner metal band Battalions just signed with Black Bow Records to release an upcoming second full-length album.

To celebrate this signing, the label will re-release “Nothing to Lose” on February 27th 2017. The release will be digital only and made available on all major platforms including Spotify and Bandcamp.

The band commented: “We are beyond happy that we have joined the stellar roster that is Black Bow Records for the release of ‘Nothing to Lose.’ Having recorded this at Skyhammer Studios, the home of Black Bow, and in to record the second album there again in February, we cannot wait to work more with Black Bow Records and push the band further out into the world!”

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Re-Recorded Debut Album “World Of Silence” To Be Issued By Borealis

Canadian progressive power metal act Borealis will release a fully re-recorded version of the debut album “World Of Silence” on January 27th via AFM Records!

Dubbed “World Of Silence MMXVII” – the release is an entirely re-recorded and remixed version of the debut. Originally released in 2008, this 2016 remix now sees the songs officially made available through a label for the very first time! The diehard fanbase surely will be amazed by the massive improvement on sound and performance over the original recordings. “World Of Silence MMXVII” is a must have for all progressive power metal lovers!

“We were in talks with AFM Records about re-releasing ‘World Of Silence’ when we suddenly thought ‘why not re-record the entire album for this occasion?’,” Borealis singer/guitarist Matt Marinelli says.

“It was originally self-released in 2008. A lot has happened since then. The band has evolved a lot and two more albums were released in 2011’s ‘Fall From Grace’ and 2015’s ‘Purgatory’. So making this re-issue of ‘World Of Silence’ a representation of what Borealis is about in 2017 made sense for us. We are in the fortunate position that our drummer Sean Dowell runs his own studio, so recording, mixing/mastering didn’t cause any problems for us in this case.”

After finishing work on “World Of Silence MMXVII,” Borealis has two more exciting projects for 2017: in April, the band will re-release their 2011 album “Fall From Grace” via AFM Records and has already continued songwriting for the upcoming new studio album, which will drop in Autumn 2017.

The track list for “World Of Silence MMXVII” is as follows:

1. Lost Voices
2. Midnight City
3. From The Fading Screams
4. Forget The Past
5. Eyes Of A Dream
6. World Of Silence
7. The Afterlife
8. Divine Answer
9. The Dawning Light
10. Black Rose

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Izegrim Re-Releasing “Point Of No Return” With Bonus Tracks

The Dutch death/thrash ragers from Izegrim will re-release their 2009 sold out EP “Point Of No Return” on November 17th, 2014 exclusively through digital channels.

The album will feature the four original tracks plus two live songs recorded at the Brutz & Brakel Festival 2013 in Berlin, Germany.

The release was recorded by Jacky Lee Mann (Audiosound Lehmann) and mixed and mastered by Ric Brand at the Red Barn Studio. The deluxe edition’s track listing is as follows:

01. Point of No Return
02. No Place Like Home
03. End of Time
04. Angel of Demise
05. Endless Strife (Live at Brutz & Brakel 2013)
06. Celebratory Gunfire (Live at Brutz & Brakel 2013)

Izegirm is working on a brand new studio album that will be released in late 2015. Further details are forthcoming.

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Wolfheart Signs With Spinefarm Records To Release New Album

Spinefarm Records is pleased to announce that it has signed Wolfheart to the label’s worldwide roster.

Wolfheart will re-release the 2013 debut “Winterborn” with two additional bonus tracks on February 3rd of next year through Spinefarm. The album was initially self-released, with physical versions only available in Wolfheart’s native Finland. The additional tracks are titled “Isolation” and “Into the Wild.”

Wolfheart is also currently finishing up a new album and Spinefarm debut, titled “Shadow World.” The album is due out in mid-2015.

The band is shoring up plans to tour Finland and Europe in 2015, hitting the festival circuit, with a U.S. tour also tentatively planned for next year.

“After all the blood, sweat and tears poured into the self-released/self-financed debut Winterborn, it is truly amazing to have a worldwide release for the album and I could not think of a better label for the job than renowned Spinefarm,” Wolfheart said. “It’s super exciting times, since, while counting days for the re-release of Winterborn, the second Wolfheart album Shadow World is almost ready and 2015 will be a year of two albums out.”

Wolfheart was born in 2013 from the ashes of Before the Dawn and Black Sun Aeon. Sole member, songwriter, and producer Tuomas Saukkonen wanted to combine the musical elements from his previous bands and to embark on a fresh start after 14 years in music business and several albums.

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Colosus Reissuing “Blestem” With Compilation

Known for his work as drummer of Sidious, Krhudd will re-release “Blestem,” the debut album from one-man black metal project Colosus through Kaotoxin Records on October 7th in North America and October 27th in Europe. The album will be available as a limited edition first press (1,000 copies) DigiSleeve CD and Cassette Tape (100 copies).

Perhaps best described as dark ambient black metal, “Blestem” is a journey into blasphemy, pain and destruction. Though Krhudd plays myriad instruments and delivers loathsome vocals, the album also features special guest vocals from by Déhà (We All Die (Laughing), COAG) on “La Apus.”

Also featuring a cover of Coldworld’s “Red Snow,” the album comes bundled with a free 26-track Kaotoxin Records compilation. “Blestem” was originally issued in 2013 as a digital-only release.
A trailer for “Blestem” has been posted below.

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Ludichrist Albums Seeing Re-Release As 2CD Set

N.Y. hardcore punk act Ludichrist will re-release the two classic albums, “Immaculate Deception” (1986) and “Powertrip” (1988), on May 20th via Dead City Records.

Featuring all songs from these two rare, out-of-print hardcore/metal albums, the re-release will be presented as a double CD, with each album appearing on its own disc. The package will include a full color booklet containing all lyrics, photos, flyers and more. Digital downloads of each separate release will also be available on iTunes.

In addition to the new double CD, Ludichrist is set to perform at the annual Black N’ Blue Bowl 2014 on Saturday, May 17th at The Well in Brooklyn, N.Y. with Hatebreed, Agnostic Front, Biohazard and more. For additional info/tickets, head over to this location.

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Suidakra To Re-Issue “Emprise To Avalon” With Bonus Tracks

Suidakra has issued the following brief announcement about re-issuing an early album later this year:

“Together with AFM Records we will re-release our ‘Emprise To Avalon’ album this summer. It will be remastered with a re-worked artwork by Kris Verwimp and brand new, never released bonus tracks.

“And beside that we are booking new SuidAkrA shows worldwide. We’ll keep you updated… Have a great weekend everyone!”

Suidakra released latest full-length album “Eternal Defiance” in 2013. Check out our review of the album right here.

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Dyscarnate To Re-Release “And So It Came To Pass” Via Century Media

Dyscarnate will re-release the album “And So It Came To Pass” on February 10th via Siege Of Amida Records & Century Media Records.

The first pressing of the album sold out within a couple of months of its original release in late 2012. The trio have also announced an upcoming tour as direct support to the mighty Chimaira. Check out all the dates below:

02.03.14- Club De B, Torhout, BEL
03.03.14- Melkweg, Amsterdam, HOL
04.03.14- Imperial, Berlin, GER
06.03.14- Arena, Vienna, AUS
07.04.14- Hydrozagadka, Warsaw, POL
08.03.14- Minoga, Poznan, POL
10.03.14- Schuur, Lucerne, SUI
11.03.14- Ampere, Munich, GER
12.03.14- Underground, Cologne, GER
13.03.14- L’Empreinte, Paris, FRA
14.03.14- Zeche Carl, Essen, GER
16.03.14- Fleece, Bristol, UK
17.03.14- Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, UK
18.03.14- Cluny, Newcastle, UK
19.03.14- Ivory Blacks, Glasgow, UK
20.03.14- Sound Control, Manchester, UK
21.03.14- Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton, UK
22.03.14- Underworld, London, UK

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