Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Speaks On New Album’s Direction, ‘Megacruise‘ & ‘A Toute Le Monde‘ Beer

Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine lately spoke with The Metal Voice about the group’s forthcoming ‘Megacruise‘, their ‘A Toute Le Monde‘ beer and more. Megadeth‘s upcoming sixteenth studio effort was also discussed naturally. When asked what direction that release is headed in, Mustaine explained:

“I don’t how to answer that, because if you want me to say what record it sounds like, it sounds like a combination of everything. When I write a riff if I don’t like it I don’t record it, if I do record it, I save it and if I don’t use it now I’ll use it at some point.

There is a complete finished song left over from ‘Dystopia‘ that I forgot we did. When were in the studio and you’re doing 16 songs and you’re working your ass off every day sometimes, some things just slip through the cracks like this song.

We’ve already got a huge head start on this new record. Kiko just came out to see me, Dirk was here before him and David Ellefson will be visiting me shortly to start playing some bass stuff.

We’re doing things a little bit differently this time, we’re kind of approaching the songs one riff at a time and just kind of focusing on the riff and if the riff doesn’t sound good on its own and then why put it in a song?

A lot of people when they write songs, they’ll put a part in section in the song just because they need something in there. For me I don’t like doing that. I don’t want that one part of the song where there’s a weak spot.

I’ve tried just about every way to write a song over my career and I found this way’s probably the best way, because if you have a riff and it’s not it’s not carrying its own weight and it doesn’t sound cool, how can it possibly sound cool with good lyrics over it?”

He was also asked whether or not the current political climate would be influencing the album, to which he offered:

“I’ve kind of toned it down a little bit with the political stuff to where it’s more about being a one world kind of people, about the stuff that affects us as people not so much as citizens of any particular government or nation. Why put any unnecessary walls up between us right?”

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Marilyn Manson Collapses Onstage – Exits Stage After Four Songs

Marilyn Manson cut short his performance in The Woodlands, TX on August 18th some five songs into the set. Manson was seen struggling throughout the performance, collapsing onstage during his take on the Eurythmics‘ “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)“. Manson addressed his health earlier in the set, blaming it on ‘heat poisoning’ during the intro to “This Is The New Shit“.

The tour had a day-off yesterday (Aug. 19), but will resume today in Denver, Colorado. It is currently unknown whether or not Manson will perform. Before this, Manson canceled his set in Toronto, Ontario just moments before he was to go on stage. A later date in New York was canceled due to flooding in the venue.

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KISS Bassist Gene Simmons Announces Presidential Candidacy

Gene Simmons, the iconic bassist and vocalist of American rock legends KISS, has announced his intention to run for President of the United States Of America in 2020. Running as an independent candidate under the slogan, “I was made for running you,” the sixty eight year old musician is pledging greater focus on trade, the arts and a “unique” fiscal system, known as “Rockanomics.”

“America is at a crucial point in history,” Simmons stated at a press conference in Detroit, “I still believe it’s fine not to have a career politician in charge, they don’t know jack about the common man, however the image of America needs improving significantly. We need to show the world what kind of fun loving people we are, as well as proving our intelligence and business sense to the rest of the world. I believe I’m the man to do that, having demonstrated my business acumen, literary prowess and rock and roll attitude since the seventies… America, I was made for running you!”

Not much else is known about his policies right now but one issue already being discussed is whether or not Simmons will be eligible to run, as he was born in Israel. This is something also often brought up during the political career of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who served to terms as governor of California. Under the proposed, “Demolition Man” legislature though, foreign born American citizens of great upstanding would be able to be elected President of the United States.

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While Heaven Wept’s Tom Phillips Retiring From Music

Tom Phillips from While Heaven Wept has issued the following message to fans about retiring from the music industry:

“The time has come to give up the ghost. I am officially retiring from touring, making commercial albums, losing myself in the music, pursuing the ultimate rigs or some elusive sound that I hear but can never reach; I’ve spent a lifetime pouring my heart and soul out through albums – when I should’ve been pouring my heart and soul out to the people who mattered the most.

“I’ve become a self-fulfilling prophecy, always trying to heal from the past, looking too far into the future, neglecting the present. I have lost so much more than I have ever gained. I am content to leave off with the anniversary show at Hammer Of Doom a few years ago and ‘Suspended At Aphelion’ – and I knew deep down that these would likely be the last things I would do professionally even as they were happening. I’m at peace with that.

“The Walpyrgus is in essence taking care of some unfinished business and it turned out the way we all wanted it to. I am at peace with that as well. I’ve spent the last couple years circling around debating inside of myself, whether or not I could actually walk away from this, and the answer is ‘yes, I can.’ I am haunted by all of the unintentional casualties along the way, and I want to convey how sorry I am to everyone who I’ve hurt – please know it wasn’t what I wanted. I just wanted to be whole again, to be the best I could be – for you. I look around at the desolation in my life and it is beyond description.

“I appreciate deeply those of you who have reached out from nowhere recently – I know not all is lost despite being in a very dark place – but that which I have lost can never be replaced. Please do not feel sorry for me – I brought it upon myself and I’m doing what I know I need to do to not make those same mistakes again. I know that I can be a better teacher, friend, lover, and human being…but I have to let go of the past and resolve the things left untreated for so long to do so.

“Sobriety has afforded me the clarity to look at all of this, but for too long I’ve been pondering instead of acting. I’ve been taking baby steps towards all this for a couple years now, but now it’s time to walk on. I want to thank every single person who ever gave a part of themselves along the way and everyone who supported WHW in any way. I kept all of your letters, emails, remember your faces and stories, I cherish the times we shared. I hope that my struggles have made a difference for even one of you out there – if only to know that you’re not alone.

“Please, everyone out there: don’t take anything for granted, communicate fearlessly, show the people you love that you do in actions and words, strive to have a positive impact on lives and the world. If you need me, reach out, no matter where I am, I’ll be there. For now…goodnight, travel well.”

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Manilla Road Parts With Bassist Joshua Castillo

Bassist Joshua Castillo from Manilla Road just issued this announcement online about parting ways with the band:

“It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing today that I will no longer be the bass player for Manilla Road. Most of you on here know me as the world traveling rocker, but what you might not know is that I’m also a husband, a father of four and self employed in my hometown. It was brought up, by myself, a while back that it is extremely difficult for me too carry on this lifestyle, while also touring as much as we have.

“I’m still not quite sure whether or not I’m really ready to hang it up, but after several discussions with Mark it seems that right now would be the most convenient time to step down and allow them to have time to work in a new bass player. I want everyone to know that this doesn’t mean that I’m retiring. Guys like us can’t live without having music in our lives. It’s in our blood, and it’s the air we breathe.

“I’ll continue to play in my other band that I play guitar for called CUCUI. I really really wish the guys the best, and hopefully they will continue to grow in their success. I’m going to really miss sharing the stage and traveling with them, and of course I’m going to miss all the friends and fans that I’ve met along the way and that have touched my heart. I’ll Never Say Goodbye. I hope that I will still see you down the road of life.”

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Brendon Small Talks Metalocalypse Now Campaign

Metal Injection correspondant Robert Pasbani chatted with Metalocalypse creator Brendon Small about the MetalocalypseNow campaign and potential return of the show, what his ideas for the end of the show could be, his influences in music, and writing a new Dethklok album.

On possible new Dethklok material: “I’ve got a hard drive full of stuff that I really like. Whether or not this happens, you’re going to get new music. I divide up my day writing for future TV shows, writing stand-up and writing music. It’s really nice to toggle between those three things and go into my Pro-Tools rig, use it like a sketch pad, circle my favorite things and go ‘OK, this is starting to sound like a song.’ My rule is, if I like it a lot, I want other people to hear it. That’s how every other Dethklok record has been. If I wanna hear it, I put it out and hope other people feel the same way.

On influencing cartoon fans to get into metal: “My favorite thing about the show has been when people say ‘I don’t know anything about metal, but I love Dethklok. What else can you recommend?’ Here are all my influences, and the people that influenced those influences… there’s a whole world.”

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Emmure Front Man Issues Update On Vocal Chord Issues

After Emmure’s Frankie Palmeri announced he had torn his vocal chords and would be missing one show, he has now issued the following update about the status of the band’s current tour with Suicide Silence:

“Hey everyone, Frankie here again. Just wanted to update you on my voice situation. First off.. the support and love I saw come from you guys was really incredible and I can’t thank you enough for your understanding and concern.

“After returning to the stage last night in Nebraska, I decided it was best to really get a grasp on how much damage there is to my voice and whether or not I can actually continue on with the tour.

“I got the chance to see a doctor today in Des Moines, Iowa and was advised by a ENT specialist to not scream for at least the next two weeks. This was devastating news.

“But with that being said… that does not mean we are canceling and that does not mean I will not be on stage to deliver the best show possible regardless of my condition…

“I am highly depending on you, our fans. To come and help me get through these next couple weeks and really take part in the short time we have on stage as we support Suicide Silence on this 3 week long tour.

“And just in case anyone thinks I am full of shit I added the photos of my diagnosis from today’s doctors visit. Again…this is just to keep you informed on how I am doing and to remind you all that that we are NOT canceling anymore shows and despite my condition I will be up there to perform and reconnect with all of you amazing supporters.”

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Procuring-Murder Charge Against Phil Rudd Dropped

According to, a New Zealand police charge of “attempting to procure murder” against AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd has been dropped. Rudd, who is on bail and is set to reappear in court at the end of the month, still faces one charge of threatening to kill as well as possession of methamphetamine and cannabis.

Rudd’s lawyer, Paul Mabey, said that the Crown Solicitor Greg Hollister-Jones withdrew the attempting-to-procure-murder charge after a meeting with Mabey and police.

States Mabey: “I was advised by the Crown Solicitor Hollister-Jones that he had reviewed the police file and the available evidence to support the charge of attempting to procure murder. He had formed the view that there was insufficient evidence to justify that charge. He has now withdrawn the charge. The charge should never have been laid. The Crown Solicitor’s opinion was not sought. The charge is now withdrawn — within 24 hours of Mr. Rudd’s first appearance in court.”

Mabey adds “Rudd would defend the threatening to kill charge. He also described the drugs possession charges as “minor.”

Asked about the decision to drop the charge, Crown spokeswoman Jan Fulstow said: “It is a matter for the police. The police do not have to come to the Crown to seek permission to lay charges. The police make decisions on charges etc having regard for the evidence that they have. Whether or not someone is high profile makes no difference, it is a matter for the police.”

Rudd was arrested Thursday morning for allegedly trying to hire a hitman to kill two men. Their names and that of the intended hitman were not released to the media.

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Reverorum Ib Malacht To Release New Album “De Mysteriis Dom Christi”

Today The Ajna Offensive has announced September 16th as the international release date for the CD version of Reverorum Ib Malacht’s second album, “De Mysteriis Dom Christi.”

The follow-up to 2011’s “Urkaos,” the CD version and LP version of “De Mysteriis Dom Christi” will feature entirely different track listings as well as music. The Ajna Offensive also comments:

“Reverorum Ib Malacht originally operated as part of the Swedish ‘anti-cosmic’ black metal community until members Lundin and Mikael converted to Catholicism around 2009. Lundin was known for his involvement with Dödfödd, Emit, and Ofermod.

“Ever since then, the debate has not been about how captivating and haunting the music is, but about whether or not this band can still be ‘black metal.’ On De Mysteriis Dom Christi, the band uses the phrase ‘Roman Catholic Black Metal.’

“Antagonism reigns. Mysterious, utterly obscure, divergent, murky, lo-if, eerie, transcendental, old, occult: what do all of these adjectives have in common? They not only refer to the music created by Reverorum Ib Malacht, but they are also embody much of what one experiences in those epic cathedrals that plague Christendom.”

The CD track listing is as follows:

1. I (3:35)
2. II (9:05)
3. III (3:37)
4. IV (9:01)
5. V (6:52)
6. VI (7:20)
7. VII (6:53)
8. IIX (5:25)
9. IX (2:57)
10. X (6:00)
11. XI (10:42)

The LP track listing will be:

1. De Mysteriis Dom Christi (21:30)
2. Ps. 138, 1-18 (18.29)

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Altar Of Plagues’ James Kelly: “It Is Time To Move On”

Irish post black metal act Altar Of Plagues is to end this year. The band’s final release “Teethed Glory and Injury,” out now via Profound Lore Records, will be its last. Multi-musician James Kelly (Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals, Drums) made the following announcement about the band’s ceasing of activities on Facebook:

“Altar of Plagues will conclude this year.

“I decided before writing ‘Teethed Glory and Injury’ that it would be our final album. It was executed with this fact in mind. I can state it no more simply than this; it is time to move on.

“We considered whether or not we would say anything at all regarding this. But at the very least, we would like to give people an opportunity to see us perform again should they care to. And so, these upcoming shows will be our final.

“Our very final performance will be on October 19th, at Unsound Festival Poland. As a festival that celebrates the eclectic and the eccentric, I can think of no other place that would be more appropriate for this occasion. It is exactly the type of environment in which I have always aspired to share our work, and it will be a celebratory occasion to conclude at what I believe will be the peak of our existence as a group.

“I still find it difficult to believe that what began as a bedroom recording in 2007, became a group of individuals that have performed in Moscow, San Francisco, and many places between. We have travelled further, and shared more music than we had ever expected. Thank you to each and every person who supported us.

“I will continue to work as WIFE . However, I am not closing the door on the sounds I developed as Altar of Plagues. Many stones remain unturned.”

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