Ur Releasing Debut Album “Black Vortex” via Arachnophobia Records

Following the well-received EP “Hail Death”, black/heavy metal act Ur will be releasing their debut full-length album, “Black Vortex” via Arachnophobia Records on 22 December 2017. The cover artwork was done by Krzysztof Sikorski.

“Black Vortex” is a natural evolution of the band’s previous work. The band’s mastermind, Gregor, comments that he treats “both releases as one whole, musically and lyrically. Some of the tracks are philosophical in nature. They are filled with sadness and pity over human existence. Other tracks, however, are something you’d expect from Ur : aggressive, primitive anthems of hatred about human greed, materialism and stupidity. Let the Black Vortex swallow you!”

Ur consist of seasoned musicians from Poland who have contributed to acts such as Bloodthirst or Bloodstained. Their first EP “Hail Death” was warmly received by the metal media and fans alike, with MetalTalk.net calling it “a superb debut offering”, while No Clean Singing claimed the EP has “a visceral, primal appeal”. A year later, with winter on the horizon, the beast will once again roar its primal sounds.

“Black Vortex” Track list:

1. Black Vortex
2. Black Spark
3. We Are Mortal
4. Shed My Skin
5. The Beckoning Silence
6. The Last Feast
7. Cleansing by Fire
8. The Goddess of the World
9. Oblivion

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Korpiklaani Announces Brazil And Argentina Tour Dates With Tyr

Korpiklaani and Tyr are very pleased to announce a tour of Central and South America at the end of May. 2014. Korpiklaani’s Jonne comments:

“It is really cool to get a chance to come back to again. We’ve been missing the heat of your weather but most the heat of the South American people!”

Heri adds: “We were very warmly received in Brazil on our first visit ever to South America and I’ve wanted to go back ever since. Finally we get the chance to go back, and even to visit more countries. I expect this to be an amazing trip for us, and I hope to see a lot of people at the shows.”

30.05.2014 Brazil, Data Disponível
31.05.2014 Brazil, Sao Paulo – Clash Club
01.06.2014 Brazil, Rio de Janeiro – Teatro odisséia
03.06.2014 Argentina, City Buenos Aires – Venue Teatro Vorterix

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Archaios Readies New Album, "The Distant," For Fall Release

Dominican Republic death metal band ARCHAIOS will finally be releasing their first full-length album through Dark Canvas Records. Slated for an autumn 2011 release, “The Distant” was recorded and produced by the band in their hometown Santo Domingo and mixed and mastered in Illinois, USA by Kanky Lora (who has worked with Cavalera Conspiracy, Straight Line Stitch and Mark Rizzo Band). The stunning cover artwork was designed by Brazilian artist Carlos Fides.

After almost three years in the making, “The Distant” will be the first Dominican metal recording to be released internationally by a North American record label.

Since its inception in the Dominican underground scene in 1994, the band has enjoyed favorable popularity among local fans of extreme music. However, their country’s predominant right-wing media has never paid serious attention to the band beyond calling the band “a musical oddity” or to using it as target for censorship campaigns against metal music. In spite of this, the group has become one of the main driving forces of the scene, being praised for the quality of their musicianship and their intense and dramatic stage performances. Due to past line up changes, economic constrains and poor logistic support, Archaios has only released some demos and their debut album “Out of the Shadows” (2006). Although this recording was warmly received locally, the lack of support from a proper record label denied the band the possibility of making an impact in the international metal community.

However, things are about to change for ARCHAIOS. A U.S. tour is being scheduled for 2012 as ARCHAIOS prepares to become the first Dominican metal band to tour North America.

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