German speed metallers Vulture sign to Metal Blade Records!

– February 7th, 2018 –

Metal Blade Records is proud to announce the sealing of a pact with German speed metallers Vulture. The full metal quintet has signed a multiple album deal with the Blade and is right now in the songwriting process for their tentative new album to be released by the end of 2018.

Vulture comments: “We feel proud and honored to officially announce our contract conclusion with METAL BLADE RECORDS! Signing up with the legendary label that released many of those albums that sparked our passion for extreme metal in our youths feels like completing the circle. Now, more motivated and bloodthirsty than ever, we are already eagerly working on new tracks for our second full-length. Attention posers! Prepare to die!”

The high speed metal militia that is Vulture was formed in late summer 2015. It was only half a year later when their first demo entitled Victim To The Blade saw the light of the day.

Their first output contains four fast, eerie and face melting tracks that created a huge furor around the scene. The feedback was so tremendous that it not only resulted in multiple re-releases as an EP on vinyl and CD, but also for participations in renowned concerts and festivals around Europe such as Metal Assault, Hell Over Hammaburg or the infamous Live Evil festival in London.

Vulture released their debut LP The Guillotine in the summer of 2017 and straight on the boys continued their killing streak with eight massive songs that contained even more aggression and fury than their predecessors. Having added more melody and variation to their songwriting, Vulture clearly emphasizes that they are not in line for being yet another homage to the 80s metal scene.

Being joined by a fifth member and now permanent drummer just a few months ago, Vulture has lifted off higher than ever in order to deliver another full-length album soon. The studio has already been booked for this summer and we can definitely assure you: Vulture kills!

Vulture line-up:
L. Steeler – vocals
S. Genozider – guitar
M. Outlaw – guitar
A. Axetinctor – bass
G. Deceiver – drums

Vulture online:


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Leng Tch’e Premieres Full-Album Stream Of Brand New Album “Razorgrind”

Leng Tch’e premieres the full-album stream of the band’s brand new album “Razorgrind”, which is out in stores now via Season Of Mist.

Check out now “Razorgrind” in its entirety below.

Full tracklisting:

1. Gundog Allegiance (1:26)
2. Indomitable (1:29)
3. Cibus (1:29)
4. Spore 2:20
5. AnarChristic (1:08)
6. Stentor of Doom (1:56)
7. Redundant (2:47)
8. Commitment Fail (2:19)
9. The Red Pill (3:03)
10. Species. Path. Extinction. (2:52)
11. Guinea Swine (3:24)
12. Cirrhosis (2:35)
13. I Am the Vulture (2:57)
14. Magellanic Shrine (6:36)

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Sulphur Releasing “Omens Of Doom” In North America

Norwegian technical blackened death legion Sulphur — which features past and present members of Gorgoroth, Aeternus, Enslaved, Vulture Industries, and more — will unleash the “Omens Of Doom” full-length album in North America this Friday, April 15th via Dark Essence Records.

Already available on European soil, with “Omens Of Doom” Sulphur traverses the twilight between bestial and the epic. The album was captured again at Conclave and Earshot Studios with longtime collaborator Bjørnar E. Nilsen (Taake, Helheim, Vulture Industries) and mastered by Herbrand Larsen (Enslaved, Gorgoroth, Audrey Horne).

1. The Force Of Our Fall
2. Gathering Storms
3. The Devil’s Pyre
4. Plague And Pestilence
5. Omens Of Doom
6. Rise Of The Mushroom Clouds
7. Alt Svartner

Omens of Doom by Sulphur

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Vulture Locust Streaming Full “Command Presence” Album

The extreme metal assassins from Vulture Locust have completed their magnum opus of grinding death / thrash havoc.

Entitled “Command Presence,” this savage blur of grindcore-based death metal mayhem blasts its way through 15 mutant tracks of vintage thrash, blackened crust, and doom-blasting sludge.

With unapologetic contempt Vulture Locust puts forth a dystopian vision of a world gone mad, covering every nonsense conspiracy theory under the sun, from weather controlling HAARP to mind-controlling chemtrails, and of course a look at the 9/11 “truther” movement. Get out your tin foil hats and press play!

Recorded/mixed/mastered ever so brutally by Nathan Richardson (with additional mastering by Robert Nelson of Glorious Usurper Studios) this unrelenting destroyer of an LP re-records all the tracks from the band’s earlier promo “We Need To Talk” plus some fresh material. Stream all the songs below, or pick up your own copy at Bandcamp here.

1. Resolution Of A Conflict
2. Home Invasion
3. I Remember Building 7
4. Terror Alert Level
5. HAARPstrummer
6. Monsanto Is Gojira
7. Chemtrail
8. Audacity Of Hoax
9. Sharia Law
10. Weaponized Morgellons
11. Minimum Wage
12. They Live We Sleep
13. False Flag
14. Brandishing The Scalp Of God
15. SowReaper

Command Presence by Vulture Locust

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Vulture Industries Posts “Turning Golem” Behind The Scenes Video

Behind-the-scenes documentary footage has been posted online of the Vulture Industries “Turning Golem” collaboration with the Happy Gorilla Dance Company. You can check it out below, and the following press release was also issued about the clip:

“The recent collaboration between Norwegian act Vulture Industries and the Happy Gorilla Dance Company, which resulted in the theatrical performance ‘Turning Golem,’ has proved to be a considerable crowd-pleaser, so much so, in fact, that the show has been booking into various venues and festivals both this year and next.

“Interest in the show, which is part rooted in the heavier segment of experimental/progressive metal which features Vulture Industries performing music from their latest release ‘The Tower,’ and part theatre performance which features the Happy Gorilla Dance Company, has grown, and as a result journalist Andrea Chirulescu has produced a behind the scenes documentary which explores the he ideas and concepts behind ‘Turning Golem.’

“Featuring interviews with Vulture Industries frontman Bjornar E. Nilsen, who explains how the whole idea came about and how it developed, as well as with the other members of the band – guitarists Oyvind Madsen and Eyvind Huse, bassist Kyrre Teigen and drummer Tor Helge Gjengedal, who talk about the difference between performing as a band as opposed to being part of a performance ensemble, whilst members of the Happy Gorilla Dance Company explain their part in the project.

“The documentary, which is in English, was filmed in Bergen when ‘Turning Golem’ was recently performed at the Garage, and is currently streaming on the YouTube Channel of the Norwegian webzine Eternal Terror.”

You can also stream all of Vulture Industries latest album “The Tower” over at this location.

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