Acherontas Streaming New Track “Amenti – The Lamp Ov The Desert”

Acherontas has posted the song “Amenti – The Lamp Ov The Desert” online, which appears on the band’s upcoming album “Amenti (Catacomb Chants & Oneiric Visions).” Check out the track below. The new album is due out this coming May 17th, 2013. The track listing is:

1. Voluntas Supra Materiam “Vocatio Prima”
2. Amenti – The Lamp Ov The Desert
3. The Stele Ov The Last Conjuration
4. Nebt-Het – Divulgence Of Her Sacral Temples
5. Set Triumphant – Nubti
6. Dissolution (In The Sands Ov Time)
7. Wines of Blood & Pestilence
8. Erset La Tari The Red Temple
9. Vocatio Ultima

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