Arrayan Path Comments On Upcoming Album "Ira Imperium"

Arrayan Path has checked in with the following statement about the band’s upcoming album:

“Arrayan Path’s new, third album, ‘Ira Imperium,’ is almost here and we can confidently say that this album is simply a masterpice (for lack of a better word)!

“As previously announced, the album features a guest appearance (on the title track more specifically) by the legendary Tony Martin (ex BLACK SABBATH). It also sees the return of Vagelis Maranis (SANVOISEN) lending his voice on several tracks.

“Recorded and mixed at Maranis Studios in Germany, ‘Ira Imperium’ is released worldwide on November 4th (November 7th in the UK) while at the same time it will be available as a digital download through major mp3 stores. A limited edition will also be available for die-hard fans, details of which will be revealed later.”

Arrayan Path is also offering a free download of the new song “77 Days ’til Doomsday,” which can be found here.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Dies Irae
2. Gnosis of Prometheus
3. Ira Imperium (The Damned)
4. Kiss of Kali
5. Katherine of Aragon
6. 77 Days ’til Doomsday
7. Emir of the Faithful
8. Hollow Eyes of Nefertiti
9. Amenophis
10. Lost Ithaca
11. I Sail Across the Seven Seas
12. The Fall of Mardonius
13. The Poet Aftermath

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Lords Of Aesir Issues "The Voice Beyond" Recording Update

Lords of Aesir has checked in with the following update about recording a new single:

“Hello everybody! Friday was the day of recording the choir for the song ‘The Voice Beyond.’ Our special guests were: Soprano: Mizuho Lin (Semblant) and Alto: Caroline Nardino. Thanks girls!

“Monday is the day of recording the guest singer Macos Rosa (Baritono) and the Lords of Aesir former singer Karol Schmidt (Mezzo). The new single will soon be online on myspace. ‘The Voice Beyond’ is a song from the new album ‘The Lost Hope.'”

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Voice Of The Soul To Release New EP "Into Oblivion"

After two months of recording, two shows in Dubai, and another month of mixing, Kuwaiti melodic death metal act Voice of the Soul will be releasing the band’s third upcoming EP, “Into Oblivion,” on August 5th, 2011.

The six track EP consists of 5 original songs (“Immolation,” “Guardians Of Genocide,” “Pandemonium,” “Cast Away In Betrayal,” “Wither”) and an extra cover track (“Under A Serpent Sun” from At The Gates).

“Into Oblivion” was recorded and mastered by Sajid “Sarj” Masood at Sarj’s Studio, in Kuwait, with Steve de Pina (keyboardist/folk instrumentalist of Riddare Av Koden) on keyboards in the introduction of “Wither” as a guest musician. A preview for the EP is available below.

Voice of the Soul was also covered in a previous edition of our “Unearthing the Underground” column focusing on bands from Kuwait, which can be found here.

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Manowar To Headline Getaway Rock Festival 2012

Late Friday night, Manowar bassist Joey DeMaio appeared onstage at this year’s Getaway Rock Festival in Gävle, Sweden and announced that Manowar will perform as next year’s festival headliners.

“The Swedish fans have won; their belief, shown by their non acceptance of false metal is the reason we will finally return.” said DeMaio after the announcement. “There was no compromise in their voices, nor in our resolve; we promised each other that it’s all or nothing. It is no secret that there was a war between promoters as to who would bring Manowar back to Sweden and finally give the fans what they want and Getaway won.”

“This is a major step for us and naturally we are honored that we could secure Manowar as headliners for Getaway Rock Festival 2012.” said festival organizer Tomas Gernberg. “Manowar have a strong and loyal following in Sweden, Scandinavia and all over the world. We are proud to be the ones to bring the band back to Sweden.”

“We played our last festival in Sweden in 1999 and we promised we would not return until we could give our fans what they deserve and next year that promise will be fulfilled. We vow to crack the earth with power and might,” said Joey DeMaio.

“This will be a show which no true metal warrior will want to miss. We are calling all Manowarriors not only from Scandinavia, but from all over the world to join us for earth-shattering, face-melting metal.” continues DeMaio, “The voice of the fans in Sweden has been heard, many other countries will also take heed and their voice too will be the reason Manowar will appear in their country next. There will be more news and surprises to be announced!”

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Molotov Solution Issues New Album Recording Update

Molotov Solution has issued the following update about recording a new album:

“Hey, it’s Molotov Solution and we are here in the Machine Shop in New Jersey working on our Blkheart Group Debut. We have been working on the album since early this year and finally entered the studio to start tracking April 29th. We’ve been tracking for a solid two weeks now and are relieved to be this ahead of schedule and having it sound this much to our liking!

“Immediately once we got here drums were on the agenda. Jake flew through the percussions in just two days. Even though we had our entire album finished in pre-production, our Producer, Will Putney, has us on a healthy regiment of tracking.

“Once the drums were done with, we enjoyed a nice day off afterwards in preparation for tracking guitar and bass. For Richie and Robbie, the tones for both of these were so crucial from the start. So after Richie came back from visiting home for a bit, we had dialed in a tone. The result was a satisfying layering of heavy, yet clear and distinguishable touch on the tones for our drop G and drop E tunings. In addition to the Mesa, Peavey and Diezel heads for rhythm tones, we have been performing overdubs and leads using Fractal Audio’s Axe-Fx.

“Tomorrow Nick starts tracking vocals, which he is extremely ready and excited for! Since the recording of the Harbinger, he has been working greatly not only on his voice and delivery but also his lyrics. Much surprise is to be had on them and the end result will no doubt be crushing!

“With little down time we have, we explore New Jersey and attempt to see some of our friends while we are here. Basically that’s all we have been up to the last half of the month and it’s been amazing! We’re very excited to finish this bad boy and share with all of you.”

You can also check out a video teaser for the new album at this location.

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