Papa Roach Drops Off Rockstar Uproar Festival, Lead Singer Undergoing Surgery

Papa Roach has been forced to withdraw from the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival. Lead singer Jacoby Shaddix has been diagnosed with a nodule on his left vocal cord, and at the advice of his physician he will undergo corrective surgery to remove the nodule and prevent further damage.

“It’s no secret that I’ve been having issues with my voice lately. I was hoping to be able to go out there and kill it on this tour by resting and doing vocal exercises, but my voice has just gone out on me. I hate to let our fans down, but unfortunately surgery is the only way to fix it,” Shaddix said. “The last thing we want to do is give our fans less than 100% every night. We know they’ll understand and we’ll be back better than ever.”

Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival co-producer John Oakes comments, “It was amazing having Papa Roach on the road with us for the first few UPROAR shows. We’re disappointed that they can’t continue for the rest of the tour, but Jacoby’s health is the priority and we wish him a speedy recovery.”

The Rockstar Energy Drink UproarFestival main stage schedule will be adjusted to allow longer performances from Shinedown, Godsmack, Staind and Adelitas Way. For the latest information and to purchase tickets, head to this location.

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Loudness Streams Preview Samples From New LP "2?0?1?2"

Japanese legends Loudness will release the band’s 27th studio release “2?0?1?2” on August 22, 2012 through Tokuma Japan Records. The band is streaming two preview clips from the tracks “2012 – End of the Age” and “The Stronger” (heard below).

The track listing for “2?0?1?2” is:

1. The Stronger
2. 2012~End of the Age
3. Break New Ground
4. Driving Force
5. Behind the Scene
6. Bang’em Dead
7. The Voice of Metal
8. Who the Hell Cares
9. Spirit from the East
10. Memento Mori
11. Out of the Space

Check out the preview for “2012 – End of the Age” here:

Check out the preview for “The Stronger” here:

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Casket Of Cassandra Issues Update On Injured Drummer

After being involved in a car accident last month, Casket of Cassandra has issued the following update about drummer Chris Campagna’s health:

“So just an update on Chris: he got a smaller cast on so he is a lot more mobile now. He got all 85 staples taken out of his head. His wounds are healing pretty fast and clean. His vision in his left eye is still a bit off but is coming back slowly and his voice is slowly coming back too.

“He is still in Seattle’s rehabilitation center. They confirmed that he will be coming home on the 15th of this month where he will continue rehab 3 times a week. He will be extremely weak for a while but he will fully recover within 6 months to a year.

“Thank you all so much for all your best wishes! Keep him in your thoughts! As you can tell he already is picking up the drum sticks and wanting to play again!”

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Wisdom Posts "Judas" Album Trailer, Track By Track Breakdown

On August 24th the new Wisdom album “Judas,” originally released back in 2011, will now see an official release via NoiseArt Records as a limited digi pack version including an exclusive bonus track coming off the EP “At The Gates.” The band has now also released an official album trailer for “Judas,” which can be seen below.

In addition, Wisdom has posted a track-by-track commentary with explanations of each song, which can be found after the jump.

Fallin’ Away From Grace: “Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains.” /JEAN-JACQUES ROUSSEAU/ This song had many forms and we managed to finalize it only after months. This is about the man that can do anything although his life is in the hands of bigger forces that he cannot control. Moreover, there are some aberrant who kill and destroy in the name of naive ideologies.

Somewhere Alone: “Look around you, remember that you are mortal.” /TERTULLIANUS/ These kinds of marching songs are the best for gigs. Feels great to play and make the audience move. It is about a story of a man whose coming has been predicted a long time ago and who is the sole survivor of a battle. Surrounded by bodies he starts to think about the point of the killings and sufferings. He wishes to have died with the others but there is another fate written in his book of life – he is the chosen one.

Age Of Lies: “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” /GANDHI/
After the album release of the Words of Wisdom, the first song written was Age Of Lies. At the time, we were thinking of a drastic tune-down for the next album and this song was made in H tuning. Later we decided to tune down to D only but we could not move the vocal melodies higher so currently it is a bit harder to play. Originally, the song was about the witch-hunts but later it changed completely. Nothing changed in the last thousand years, as somebody always wants to have power over others. These rulers cannot be stopped and there is no stopping them.

Live Forevermore “The soil of their native land is dear to all the hearts of mankind.” /MARCUS TULLIUS CICERO/ This is a sweeping song with neoclassical influences. We added a little Hungarian history into the lyrics. After our conquest – one thousand years ago – and many hardships since then, our nation still exists and we are ready to do anything for it to exist forevermore. This song gave way to the first video shooting for the album.

Wander The World “Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe.” /ANATOLE FRANCE/ It is an easy built-up triplet song, about the sense of wandering without any aims, rules, or liabilities. There is a feeling of freedom and happiness on this track.

Heaven And Hell “Who has a harder fight than he who is striving to overcome himself.” /THOMAS A KEMPIS/ This is one of our favourite tracks and the second video clip of the album. It is probably the most emotional song from Judas both in music and in lyrics. It is about a man who feels that he is in the deepest hell sometimes but in heaven at other times. As time goes by, he cannot bear this and he would like to make a change in his life now and forever.

Silent Hill “Where there is mystery, it is generally suspected there must also be evil.” /LORD BYRON/ It is a lighter track with a terrifying narrative. This is the only track on the album where the message of the lyrics is not really contributing to the sense of the music. Separately both are good but not together. However, we like this song about the bloodcurdling legend of this small town.

At The Gates “All hope abandon, ye who enter here!” /DANTE ALIGHIERI/ This was the title song of our EP in 2007. Then it was produced for the promotion of our next album, which we planned to release in 2008. Unfortunately, it released much later but we put this track on the album because we love it pretty much. It is about the story of our cabbala figure, Wiseman. Actually, this is the story of Judas – the traitor – when he was tempted by the devil to betray Wiseman.

The Prodigal Son “A man should never be ashamed to own that he has been in the wrong, which is but saying… that he is wiser today than yesterday.” /JONATHAN SWIFT/ This is an easy middle tempo song; about the well-known biblical story of the prodigal son who had arrived home and received forgiveness after he had repented. This story has many cover versions almost in every genre and here we tried to do it according to our imaginations.

Judas “Sin goes in a disguise, and thence is welcome; like Judas, it kisses and kills; like Joab, it salutes and slays” /GEORGE SWINNOCK/ This is the title track of the album about the story of Wiseman. This is at the point when the traitor tries to kill him, as it is depicted on the cover art. There is a lot of music styles met in this song from thrash riffs and power themes to folk melodies and lyrical vocals. Nevertheless, one of its strengths is that it could keep its uniform feeling from the beginning to the end. And above all the voice of Judas is Mats Levén, who gives many emotional nuances to the song.

All alone “All of our unhappiness comes from our inability to be alone” /BRUYÉRE/ This is the bonus track on the album with lyrical elements emphasized. It was made when we had a huge downturn with the band in 2007. The song has two concepts. The first concept is about a man who needs to be alone for some time but the second concept deals with the man, Wisdom. With this song, we asked the audience to have a little rest and to be patient until we get our ducks in a row.

Wisdom is confirmed to play an upcoming European tour with Sabaton and Eluveitie from September through November:

07.09.2012 DE Hannover, Capitol
09.09.2012 NL Tilburg, O13
10.09.2012 DE Osnabrück, Hyde Park
12.09.2012 LU Luxembourg, Rockhal
13.09.2012 DE Saarbrücken, Garage
14.09.2012 DE Berlin, Kesselhaus *without Wisdom*
15.09.2012 DE Gießen, Hessenhalle
17.09.2012 CH Vevey, Rocking Chair
18.09.2012 CH Pratteln, Z7
19.09.2012 IT Milano, Alcatraz
21.09.2012 DE Geiselwind, Music Hall
22.09.2012 DE Munich, Backstage
23.09.2012 DE Lindau, Club Vaudeville
26.09.2012 AT Wien, Arena
27.09.2012 AT Wörgl, Komma
28.09.2012 DE Leipzig, Hellraiser
29.09.2012 BE Torhout, De Mast
30.09.2012 FR Paris, Alhambra
02.10.2012 FR Lyon, CCO
03.10.2012 ES Barcelona, Razmatazz
04.10.2012 ES Pamplona, Totem/Barakaldo
05.10.2012 ES Madrid, Arena
06.10.2012 PO Porto, Hard Club
09.10.2012 FR Rennes, Lètage
10.10.2012 FR Strasbourg, Laiterie
12.10.2012 DE Stuttgart, LKA
13.10.2012 DE Hamburg, Grosse Freiheit
14.10.2012-NL Amsterdam, Melkweg
15.10.2012 BE Brussels, AB Club
16.10.2012 DE Köln, Essigfabrik
01.11.2012 UK Norwich, Waterfront
02.11.2012 UK Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall
03.11.2012 UK Manchester, Ritz
04.11.2012 SC Glasgow, Garage
06.11.2012 IR Dublin, Button Factory
07.11.2012 IR Belfast, The Limelight
09.11.2012 UK London, HMV Forum
10.11.2012-UK Cardiff, Great Hall 2
11.11.2012 UK Sheffield, Corporation
13.11.2012 DE Oberhausen, Turbinenhalle

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Scelerata Posts Making Of "The Sniper" Video, Pt II

Brazilian metal band Scelerata posted the second part of a video series on the making of the band’s third LP entitled “The Sniper.” In this installment, Renato Osorio records his drum tracks at Blind Guardian’s studio, the Twilight Hall Studios in Germany. The album was produced by Charlie Bauerfiend (Motörhead/Helloween/Blind Guardian/Halford/Angra/Rage) and is due out in July through Voice Music.

The band recently streamed the new track “Must Be Dreaming” which was penned especially for the band by Helloween vocalist Andi Deris, who also provides guest vocals along side Fabio Juan. Check out the track over at this location.

Check out the making of “The Sniper,” pt. II here:

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Blinded By Faith Streaming Title Track From Latest Album "Chernobyl Survivor"

Canada’s Blinded by Faith has posted the title track online from the band’s most recent album “Chernobyl Survivor,” which can be heard in the player below. The album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Chernobyl Survivor
2. So Speak the Voice of Law
3. Dead End
4. Stranger in the Mirror
5. Drastic Medicine
6. Pace of the Race
7. Shrivelled Wings
8. Alone
9. Bitter Aftertaste
10. Pornscars
11. Prophet of Nothing

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Crescent Shield Vocalist Michael Grant Passes Away

Guitarist Dan DeLucie of U.S. power metal act Crescent Shield has issued the following announcement about vocalist Michael Grant passing away:

“Today I have lost a dear and close friend, a band mate, and a heavy metal brother. Michael Grant passed away on May 31, 2012 at Glendale Memorial Hospital in Glendale, CA after a relatively brief but serious illness. He was 39 years old. He was peaceful and surrounded by family at the time of his passing. Michael recorded and toured with several bands throughout his career most notably Onward on Century Media Records and more recently Crescent Shield on Cruz del Sur Music.

“Michael’s rich and powerful baritone and clean melodic vocal style made him a distinct voice in heavy metal. He was known for crafting memorable vocal hooks and layered harmonies. He often weaved multiple vocal phrases together creating a complex and striking tapestry of vocal melodies. Perhaps most notable however was the passion Mike sang with. He could evoke the strength and grandiloquence of the mightiest metal warrior or the mournful atmosphere of a passing life.

“Mike was more than just a singer though. He was a greatly talented songwriter and lyricist. Although he didn’t play an instrument, he would often write complete songs by humming guitar lines and vocalizing drum beats. His lyrics were profound, evocative and often personal. He was a true lover of heavy metal and would sing its praises with a sense of poetry and grandeur. No matter the topic: journeys into the unknown, the choices we make in life, religious dogma, or a crimson moonrise, Mike always delivered a moving message with unique elegance.

“Writing, recording, and performing music with Mike in Crescent Shield was a joy. We were in synch creatively and complimented each other’s abilities very well. We produced music for the love of it. We performed for the love of it. Crescent Shield’s pinnacle performance at Keep It True 08 in Germany was a dream come true for both of us.

“Working with Mike was the most creatively rewarding experience of my life. Although the band has been on hiatus for a while, Mike and I still were writing new material and his voice and creative energies were still in top form. Losing him at such a young age is both shocking and tragic. I will miss my musical companion, my metal brother, and my friend.

“Memorial plans and gift/donation designations have not yet been arranged. Please check back soon for more information.”

The band had been in the process of working on the follow-up to “The Stars of Never Seen” (reviewed here). For more on Crescent Shield, head over to the band’s official website here.

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Jon Oliva’s Pain Comments On Rehearsing For Upcoming Tour Dates

Chris Kinder of Jon Oliva’s Pain has issued the following update about the band rehearsing for upcoming live shows:

“Tour rehearsal update and stuff: We are fast approaching the end of rehearsals in preparation for the first show in Tampa on June 16th at the Ritz Theatre and then it’s on to Europe and The United Arab Emirates!

“It’s remarkable to see and hear how the band has come together in the past few months. The hard work and dedication of Jerry, Joe and Jason has been nothing short of extraordinary. Their passion and attention to detail to such a wide range of material in such a short time is a testament to what professionals they really are. And honestly, Oliva’s voice is on fire. I for one have not seen so much excitement and sheer power from his voice in quite some time. It is remarkable to see him sing such a wide variety of difficult songs as effortlessly as he is…awesome indeed!

“There are still a handful of VIP Rock Royalty Packages still available. We will likely shut down registration for this special package in the next week or so (if not sold out), as we have to order correct shirt sizes for each of our noble guests. Less than 3 weeks til showtime…don’t be left out. General admission tickets are still available as well.

“Update you all again in a few days…we plan to blow the roof off the hall of the mountain king soon enough!”

For details on upcoming Jon Oliva’s Pain shows, head over to the band’s Facebook profile.

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Far West Battlefront Cancels Tonights Tour Date Due To Flu

Australia’s Far West Battlefront has issued the following brief statement about canceling the band’s previously scheduled live show tonight:

“Unfortunately we are unable to play tonight as Adam has lost his voice from the flu. We’re so bummed we cannot play our new songs for you. We apologise to anyone that came to the show to see us. We will play Adelaide again soon.”

Far West Battlefront still has two more stops on the “Chapters” tour on May 25th and 26th in Perth, with full details available here. The band release the new “Chapters” album last month, and you can check out a song from the album below.

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Nachtgeschrei Announces New Vocalist Martin LeMar

Massacre Records has issued the following announcement about Nachtgeschrei recruiting a new vocalist:

“Last week Nachtgeschrei announced that the band had found a new vocalist. They rehearsed with lots of great singers, but one guy just blew them away… Martin LeMar is the new voice of Nachtgeschrei!

“Martin, who already provided the vocals for Tomorow’s Eve and progressive metal legends Mekong Delta, just convinced them with his voice and personality. The band is absolutely sure that he is the right guy to kick off once again with.

“Nachtgeschrei are already working on new material and are planning the first couple of gigs. Tomorrow Nachtgeschrei’s digital best of ‘Eine Erste Kerbe,’ featuring a cross-section of the band’s three studio albums, is going to be released.

“The album will be available for 5€ on from Friday, May 18th, until Sunday, May 20th at this location.”

The track listing is as follows:

1. Herzschlag
2. Räuber Der Nacht
3. Glut In Euren Augen
4. Windfahrt
5. Fernweh
6. Der Meister
7. Ardeo
8. Muspilli
9. Herbst
10. Niob
11. Reise Zu Den Seen
12. An Mein Ende
13. Windstill

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