Veiled Premiere New Song “Selfchasm” From Upcoming Debut Album “In Blinding Presence”

German black metal band Veiled premiere a new song titled “Selfchasm”, taken from their upcoming debut album “In Blinding Presence”, which will be released on January 7th by Into Endless Chaos Records.

Check out now “Selfchasm” below.

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Gnosis Of The Witch Becomes Veiled, Announces Debut Release

Iron Bonehead Productions is proud to present the debut demo from Veiled, “Omniscient Veil,” set for international release on September 25 as a cassette tape.

Although indeed the band’s very first recording under the Veiled banner, “Omniscient Veil” is more of a rebirth than a brand-new birth itself: Veiled was born from the demise of Gnosis of the Witch as a necessity to break away from the monotony of mundane expectation.

With heavy emphasis on astral atmospheric vibrations and ethereal soundscapes, Veiled is the matured growth of what Gnosis of the Witch could not have been in its existence. Across the four expansive tracks of Omniscient Veil, the American duo patiently build yawning ‘n’ yearning chasms of ever-swirling black metal mysticism, neither tied to the first wave nor the new wave nor any wave. The track listing is:

1. Omniscient Veil I
2. Omniscient Veil II
3. Omniscient Veil III
4. Omniscient Veil IV

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Pythia Issues Update On New Album "The Serpent’s Curse"

Pythia has issued the following update about releasing a new album and the band’s upcoming activity:

“Hello! Here’s wishing you all a happy Spring, as we have been blessed with some beautiful weather as well as wonderful news of late, more on that later. Although not out on the road since Hard Rock Hell in December, we have been extremely hard at work preparing for this year’s onslaught on the international record markets, along with a little (much needed) R&R!

“In order to make sure we remained focused on the completion of our new album the band decided to put back the video shoot from March to late summer. We want to sincerely thank all who helped out in this part of the project, especially James and Matt/all the guys at EKHO for all the hard work already completed.

“We would also like to write a few words of support to the all the people at our Japanese label, Spinning, and to anyone affected by the recent events in the land of the rising sun. In good news over there though, the album is selling well, and has even been spotted on music stands next to some of our biggest idols and contemporaries. Let’s see what album number 2 brings.

“As we touched on earlier, the new album is here! Finally, after all this time, a couple of leaked tracks, and much Facebook conjecture, the album is done!

“We can announce that the title is ‘The Serpent’s Curse’, and is a definitely a movement on from ‘Beneath the Veiled Embrace’. Ross describes it as our ‘Empire Strikes Back’; a lot darker, but technically better!. Nuff said. The album is due for release in the autumn, and look out for a UK tour to support the launch. More news as details firm up…..

“Along with the new album’s completion, Pythia has recruited some new brains and brawn to run things and take over the management duties. The band have begun working with James Gall of Fire and Air management to steer the band on the path to their place in the Book of Heavy Metal. James was a ’round-peg’ with the band from the first meeting and brings a wealth of new knowledge as well as great experience to the table. Welcome, Commander-in-General Gall, to the ranks of the Pythian army…..

“If you can’t wait until the release of the second studio album, there is good news. Pythia is set to release a very limited edition version of Beneath The Veiled Embrace for true heavy metal fans. The details of this are being confirmed at the moment so expect to hear from us very soon with finalized details, it will be offered to our mailing list exclusively prior to the general public so get signed up. We think you’ll love it! Don’t miss out, this is going to be a one off…..

“That’s pretty much all from the guys at the moment. Rest assured the new tour will see new armour and kit and a new stage set! Be sure to be the first to get your new merch signed by the band at a town near you… While we’re working away, get recruiting for the Pythian Army! You know our manifesto; bring back U.K. metal to the U.K.! Look out for our new mailing lists in the normal places and sign up… Sign your friends up, hell, sign your cat up if you can shave tour dates on into it’s fur! So long for now, see you at the show!….”

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