Red Cain Posts New Music Video “Zero” Online

Born out of the emerging metal scene of Calgary, AB, Red Cain is a modern melodic metal project with European roots. With intricate songwriting, a heavy yet melodic feel reminiscent of progressive acts, and eerie ambient elements, Red Cain champion a fluid, dynamic, and unique musical style centered around telling dark, conceptual Faustian sagas and constructing those into an unforgettable live experience. Listeners might well pick out elements reminiscent of such luminary acts as Kamelot, Symphony X, Tesseract, Draconian, Marilyn Manson, whipped into a venomous new shape.

With the release of their first full-length “Kindred: Act I” on the horizon (March 1, 2019), Red Cain are proud to premiere their first full music video for “Zero” via EverythingIsNoise.

For this video, the Red Cain collaborated with world-class director Rik Zak and cinematographer Jun Ren to recreate their own vision of the vampire myth based on the tale of Osiris – the Egyptian god of the dead – and incorporated this vision into the concept behind the album itself.

Filmed in the dystopian and inhospitable badlands of Drumheller, Alberta, the story-driven video features Red Cain frontman Evgeniy Zayarny alongside R.A.V. – vocalist of power metal collective Ravenous, in the main roles, and follows the track’s lyrical content in exploring the relationship between fate and free will, success and failure, the search for immortality – and an inglorious death.
With the video of “Zero”, they travel to ancient Egypt – dry, scorched, old as time, built on top of dead empires; littered with secrets and the devoured remains of hundreds of gods.

Red Cain’s debut full length “Kindred: Act I” was produced by Sascha Laskow (Every Hour Kills, ex-Divinity) with the band at Perfect Filth Studios and features guests Kobra Paige (Kobra And The Lotus), Daniel Louden (Benevolent Like Quietus) and guitarist Tyler Corbett. The album’s artwork was done by Timur Khabirov with cover design by Igor Zayarny.

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Mercyful Fate: ‘In the Shadows’, ‘Return of the Vampire’, ‘Time’ LP re-issues now available via Metal Blade Records

– October 16th, 2018 –

On November 16th, Mercyful Fate will release LP re-issues of the classic albums In the Shadows, Return of the Vampire, and Time via Metal Blade Records. Available as 180g picture discs, these exclusive editions can be purchased now at:

“You can spiral yourself into darkness with these classic Mercyful Fate albums, or you can exhibit them on your wall like I will. Either way, enjoy.” – King Diamond

Mercyful Fate online:

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Saxon To Release Tour Edition Of Latest Album, “Thunderbolt”

Since 1979, Saxon have shown their ability to take rock ‘n’ roll and give it an electrifying edge which has since cemented their status as pioneers of the British heavy metal wave. With over twenty studio albums under their belt, Saxon has made their steadfast dedication to creating a dynamic body of work a staple of their career.

With no signs of letting up, on September 7th Saxon will release a Special Tour Edition of their latest album “Thunderbolt.”

The Special Tour Edition features live recordings of “Thunderbolt” and “Nosferatu (The Vampire’s Waltz)” recorded in Frankfurt and Los Angeles on the 2018 Thunderbolt World Tour. The CD format also contains a 10” x 10” poster with photos of the band while on tour.


1. Olympus Rising
2. Thunderbolt
3. The Secret of Flight
4. Nosferatu (The Vampire’s Waltz)
5. They Played Rock and Roll
6. Predator
7. Sons of Odin
8. Sniper
9. A Wizard’s Tale
10. Speed Merchants
11. Roadie’s Song
12. Nosferatu (Raw Version)
13. Thunderbolt – Live in Frankfurt 02.03.18
14. Nosferatu (The Vampire’s Waltz) – Live in Los Angeles 22.04.18

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Mychildren Mybride Premieres New Song & Music Video “XeN0” From Forthcoming New Album “Vicious World”

Alabama metal outfit Mychildren Mybride premieres a new song and music video titled “XeN0”, taken from the forthcoming new album “Vicious World”, which will be in stores on October 13th through eOne Music/Good Fight Music.

Check out now “XeN0” below.

Says vocalist Matthew Hasting of it:

“The music video for ‘XeN0 ‘ features me being attacked and drained of blood by a vampire. We couldn’t write a song about a horror film, and then not use the opportunity to feature buckets of fake blood in the video. This was extremely fun, and at most times hilarious (my girlfriend is the vampire), to film. Big shout out to Nelson Flores and his team for making our vision come to life.”

Adds guitarist Robert Bloomfield:

“Lyrically, ‘XeN0‘ was written about one of my all time favorite horror films ‘Let The Right One In‘. There’s something about the heaviness of the song, and then the dramatic shift in the songs verses, that mimic the viciousness and romanticism of vampires. This is one of our favorites off of ‘Vicious World‘, and really feel like it encompasses so much of what we wanted to portray through the record. To me ‘XeN0‘ is the highlight track that sums up ‘Vicious World‘ as a whole. I wanted the tension to be well known and in your face, pushing and pulling throughout the entire song.”

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New Lyric Video “The Shadow Of The Vampire” Issued By Infestus

Venezuelean gothic metal band Infestus released a new lyric video for the song “The Shadow of the Vampire.” The song is lifted from the recently released new EP “Dresses Of Darkness,” available via Club Inferno.

Check it out here:

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New Lyric Video “The Shadow Of The Vampire” Issued By Infestus

Venezuelean gothic metal band Infestus released a new lyric video for the song “The Shadow of the Vampire.” The song is lifted from the recently released new EP “Dresses Of Darkness,” available via Club Inferno.

Check it out here:

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Portrait Announces New Guitarist Robin Holmberg

After recruiting new bassist Fredrik Petersson and wrapping up work on forthcoming album “Burn The World,” Portrait now reveals another lineup shift. The band comments:

“We would like to introduce our new guitarist. This is Robin Holmberg (also in Vampire), and he will replace David Olofsson who had to leave the band last year. Robin will do his debut show with us next week at Stockholm Slaughter. Photo by Daniel Falk.”

The current Portrait line-up is as follows:

Per Lengstedt – vocals
Christian Lindell – guitars
Robin Holmberg – guitars
Fredrik Petersson – bass
Anders Persson – drums

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Vampire Posts “He Who Speaks” Music Video

There are two more weeks before Vampire’s impatiently awaited new album “With Primeval Force” will be released, and n the meantime a brand new video clip for the song “He Who Speaks” comes online and can be see below.

“With Primeval Force” will be released digitally in North America on April 21st with pre-orders online here, but many other formats are available for import via Century Media.

1. Knights Of The Burning Crypt (4:49)
2. He Who Speaks (3:26)
3. Metamorfosis (3:53)
4. Skull Prayer (2:20)
5. Midnight Trial (4:46)
6. Revenants (6:14)
7. Ghoul Wind (3:24)
8. Initiation Rites (4:35)
9. Scylla (4:39)

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Valentine Berlin Releases New Self-Titled Album

Ghoul rocker Valentine Berlin has released a self-titled record via Limelight Records. His music is reminiscent to Alice Cooper in many ways, but listeners of bands like Type O Negative, HIM, Marilyn Manson, and even Smashing Pumpkins will enjoy the record.

The ten songs that represent the album feature spooky sounds and infectious chorus lines. Berlin, the mastermind of Bob Dee (who many know from such songs as “Social Awkward” from his Bob Dee With Petro band) has created songs with such catchy refrain listeners will have a difficult time putting down the record. “Ghost Hey Hey” and “Dance With A Vampire” were both made into videos and can be seen below.

“Valentine Berlin” follows a tragic storyline: while driving along the Amalfi Coast in Italy, Val fell victim to a motorcycle accident that killed his longtime girlfriend Petra. Val isolated his self into the mountains where he fueled his pen with grief and sadness and wrote the 10 moribund tracks as a tribute to his fallen love. This dreadful story has been documented in a comic book enclosed in the album created by Japanese manga artist Ruyu.

01. Ghost Hey Hey
02. Dance with a Vampire
03. Bats Bats Bats
04. Sons & Daughters
05. Daria
06. Ghost Squad
07. Freaks & Geeks
08. Witch Hunt
09. Goth Girl
10. Salvation

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Ghost Season Releasing “Like Stars In A Neon Sky” Album

Athens-based alternative metal band Ghost Season will release debut album, “Like Stars In a Neon Sky,” on January 27th via Pavement Entertainment. The album was co-produced by vocalist J.Loren Wince, from alt-rockers Hurt.

“This is what we were waiting for,” said bassist Dorian Gates. “Over the last year we have put our hard work to make this album get to you. And we are blessed and honored to have by our side J Loren from Hurt and the guys at Pavement Entertainment.”

Guitarist Nick Christolis adds: “We blended in our music all of our influences: old meets new, classic meets modern. Thoughts turn into music, music becomes food for thought.”

The twelve-track beast follows the band’s 2014 EP “Ghosts Like Her” and includes the single “Break My Chains,” which was released in December 2015. “Like Stars in a Neon Sky” also features an adrenalized rendition of Savage Garden’s pop hit “Break Me Shake Me.”

01. The Reckoning
02. Sons Of Yesterday
03. Fade Away
04. Break My Chains
05. War Of Voices
06. The Highway Part I
07. The Highway Part II
08. Just A Lie
09. The Vampire
10. The Mirror
11. Of Hearts And Shadows
12. Break Me Shake Me

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