Neocaesar Streaming “Valhalla Rising”

Dutch death metal band Neocaesar shares the stream of its track called “Valhalla Rising”, taken from the album “11:11”, which will be out in stores now worldwide on November 27 via Xtreme Music.

Check out now “Valhalla Rising” below.

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Neocaesar Inks Deal With Xtreem Music To Release “11:11”

Xtreem Music is extremely proud to announce the signing of Dutch death metal crew Neocaesar, a band formed by all ex-Sinister members Mike van Mastrigt (vocals), Bart van Wallenberg (guitars), Michel Alderliefsten (bass), & Eric de Windt (drums).

Neocaesar’s debut album “11:11” was self-released a few months ago, but it’s now going to be officially released with worldwide distribution and promotion through Xtreem Music this coming 5th of December.

01. Initial Novum (Intro)
02. From Hell
03. Victims of Deception
04. Invocation of the Watcher
05. Sworn to Hate
06. Valhalla Rising
07. Prelude to Darkness
08. Angelic Carnage
09. Sigillorum Satanas
10. Blood of the Nephilim

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Grand Magus Posts Preview Clip For "The Hunt"

Swedish metal band Grand Magus posted a full album preview clip from the band’s new album “The Hunt.” The album was released on May 25, 2012 in Europe and will see a June 5, 2012 release in North America through Nuclear Blast Records.

The track listing for “The Hunt” is as follows:

1. Starlight Slaughter
2. Sword Of The Ocean
3. Valhalla Rising
4. Storm King
5. Silver Moon
6. The Hunt
7. Son Of The Last Breath Part I: Nattfödd Part II: Vedergällning
8. Iron Hand
9. Draksådd

Check out the preview here:

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Eluveite Updates Studio Progress, Announces Guest Narrator

Folk metal band Eluveite checked in from the studio on the progress of the recording of the forthcoming LP “Helvetios” with the following:

“We are really happy and proud to announce we could win our desired candidate over for those parts: The brilliant scottish actor Alexander “Sandy” Morton (66). He might be known to you from some of his latest movies, such as ‘Valhalla Rising’ or ‘London to Brighton.’ With his deep, rough and orotund voice he’s just perfect for ‘Helvetios.’

“Alexander ‘Sandy’ Morton in ‘Valhalla Rising’

“Last Friday I conducted the recording of the spoken parts in London. Everything went well and I just can say that it was a real pleasure to work with Sandy. Besides the fact that he’s a really nice fella, he turned out to be great and professional to work with. He empathised with the characters dealt with on „Helvetios“ and he really got the spirit and experienced the lyrics.
Well, the result I just can describe as: Fucking epic shit!

“I’d like to thank Sandy again for an awesome performance here, and also thanks to everybody at Earache Voices.

“So, one more little part of our upcoming album is recorded, one more tessella is set!”

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