Harlott launches 3rd single, “Whore”, online

– March 28th, 2017 –

On April 7th, Australian thrashers Harlott will release their new album, Extinction, worldwide via Metal Blade Records! Harlott returns with a harrowing offering of thrash metal, and a bleak interpretation of mankind’s future. A blistering assault of speed and aggression awaits those who endure Extinction, as well as a reverent journey into the power and force that is metal. For a preview of the album, the new track, “Whore”, can be heard at: youtube.com/watch?v=X38ghmKOtXE

To hear the previous singles, “First World Solutions” and “The Penitent”, please visit: metalblade.com/harlott – where the record can also be pre-ordered in the following formats:
–Digipak CD
–180g black vinyl
–clear blue green vinyl (limited to 200 copies – EU exclusive)
–toxic green vinyl (limited to 100 copies – EU exclusive)
–burnt orange-marbled vinyl (limited to 100 copies – USA exclusive)
*digital options are also available!

Featuring artwork by Andrei Bouzikov, Extinction is Harlott‘s third album and the successor to 2015′s critically acclaimed Proliferation. Recorded at Monolith Studios (Orpheus Omega, In Malice’s Wake, Bane of Winterstorm) and mastered by Jens Bogren (Kreator, Opeth, Soilwork), the album seeks to rain pure savagery upon any listener with furious riffs, spitting verses and face melting shred that are blended effortlessly with triumphant melodies and thundering groove to make a diverse and adaptable record which pays tribute to the kings of thrash metal, while making waves in the new dawn of evil. Taking what they had already mastered and pushing the limits of dissonance, evil, and atmosphere, they bring together an offering that will satisfy the bloodlust of their manic legion, and draw in the revelers of a dying breed. Containing 12 songs of pure bedlam, Extinction pauses only for the deafening silence between each blistering track.

Extinction track-listing:
1. Extinction
2. First World Solutions
3. The Penitent
4. Whore
5. No Past
6. Conflict Revelation
7. Better Off Dead
8. Violent Conspirator
9. And Darkness Brings The Light
10. Final Weapon
11. Parasite
12. Epitaph

Harlott line-up:
Andrew Hudson – Guitar/Vocals
Jake Weber – Lead Guitar
Tomas Richards – Bass
Tim Joyce – Drums

Harlott online:

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A Hero For The World Announces New Album “West To East Part 1 – Frontier Vigilante”

International melodic crew A Hero For The World announced today that a new album called “West To East Part 1 – Frontier Vigilante” is to be released this summer. This is the second all-original, full-length album from the band, and the first in 4 years.

In the years since the previous debut album, A Hero For The World has released a full-length Christmas album (“Winter Is Coming – A Holiday Rock Opera”) in addition to several EPs and singles.

After surviving a 7.2 earthquake and the super typhoon Yolanda in October & November 2013 that struck the Philippine islands, Jacob and Louie departed to the USA, where several songs where written in Nashville, and then they eventually settled in Europe by the Mediterranean. Jacob would during those years come to write over 100 songs that have yet to be recorded.

“West To East” is an adventure concept; a trilogy album series, with the first album having both the story and the music influenced by the Wild West legends and movies. The second part (hopefully out in 2018) continues the journey to the East, and in the third part the hero goes beyond this Earth and eventually out into the galaxy. The “hero” remains unnamed.

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Incontinence Announces “Prey For Us” Album Release

Spearheaded by four New York death metal veterans – involved in venerable acts such as Skinless, Held Under, Armor Column, Dry Heave and Burial – the appealingly named Incontinence proudly reveal details for the release of debut album, “Prey For Us.”

Scheduled for release on May 15th, 2017 via Ultimate Massacre Productions, Incontinence came up with a record intent on bringing brutality to the metal-minded masses, within a package of strong tracks that hook the listener in and don’t let go.

As a taste of what’s the come, the band just unleashed a track from the album entitled “Cryptofascist” – check it out below.

“The biggest underlying theme of the album is being under control, losing control and misery in lower-to-middle-class America,” comments the band. “For example, ‘Capitalist Martyr’ deals with a lower-level employee of a large corporation being shamed and forced into working longer hours. ‘Phantom Heart,’ ‘The Outrage Machine’ and ‘Inner Psychopath (Believe the Lie)’ all tie into the theme of being under control, being manipulated and losing one’s mind.”

The band goes on to state, “Elsewhere, ‘Escape to the Slaughter’ is a song loosely about a real-life event in which a herd of bison escaped from a buffalo meat farm just south of the Capital Region. They eventually got cornered and slaughtered by marksmen. This was written from the perspective of the bison herd. ‘Cryptofascist’ is without question about the rise of Trumpism/nationalism in the USA, but you could also apply it to other parts of the globe, as nationalism has seemingly become trendy. The song was written in the middle of the ridiculous US presidential campaign, prior to the election, and was never meant to be a prophecy. Several of the songs on the album were written structurally in the vein of what Chuck Shuldinder did on the last four Death albums as well as on the ‘Control Denied’ album. Death was a big time influence on ‘Prey For Us.'”

1. Inner Psychopath
2. The Outrage Machine
3. Capitalist Martyr
4. Phantom Heart
5. Cryptofascist
6. Escape To The Slaughter
7. Prey For Us
8. All That Never Was & All That Will Never Be

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Raven Announces 2017 Tour Dates

NWoBHM band Raven today announces first live dates for 2017, with the band excited to get back on the road again. Raven comments:

“Hi there…after a longer than expected break Raven are ready & raring to get out on the road again…a quick warm up in the USA will be following by a Euro tour with old friends Hirax opening & we shall also be hitting the European festival circuit hard in 2017 – and squeeze in a USA tour – and working on South America & some more exotic locales!!! LETS ALL KICK SOME ASS!!!”

Raven’s current album “ExtermiNation” was released in April of 2015 as a digipak version, 2LP gatefold green vinyl version, and digital download through SPV/Steamhammer. Catch these upcoming Raven 2017 tour dates:

5/18 US-Chicago, IL – Reggies
5/19 US-Clifton, NJ – Dingbatz
5/20 US-Halethorpe, MD – Fish Head Cantina

03.06.SE-Tyrolen – Muskelrock

w/Hirax, Kill Ritual
07.06.B-Roeselare – De Verlichte Geest
08.06.D-Hamburg – Bambi Galore
09.06.D-Essen – Turock
10.06.NL-Rotterdam – Baroeg
11.06.NL-Tilburg – Little Devil
12.06.D-Osnabrück – Bastard Club
13.06.D-Dresden – Chemie Fabrik
14.06.A-Dornbirn – Schlachthaus
15.06.I-Firenze – Circus Club
16.06.I-Milan – Blue Rose Club
17.06.F-Montbeliard – Aterlier des Moles

15.07.D-Balingen – Bang Your Head Festival
27.07.SLO-Tolmin – Metal Days Festival
29.07.D-Brande/Hörnerkirchen – Headbangers Open Air

10.08.E-Villena – Leyendas del Rock Festival
13.08.B-Kortijk – Alcatraz Festival

10/6: US-Ventura,CA – Frost & Fire Festival

01.-02.12.GB-Sheffield – O2 Academy (The X Mas Rocka NWoBHM)

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Cut Up launches title track for new album, ‘Wherever They May Rot’

– March 20th, 2017 –

This Friday (March 24th), Cut Up will release their highly anticipated sophomore album, Wherever They May Rot, worldwide via Metal Blade Records! Just as brutal as its predecessor, 2015′s Forensic Nightmares, Wherever They May Rot offers a rougher edge and is catchier overall. For a preview of the album, the title track can be heard at: youtube.com/watch?v=dMcmsXZX1v8

Let the Swedes unscrew your head at: metalblade.com/cutup, where you can listen to the previous singles, “From Ear To Ear” and “Vermin Funeral”, and pre-order Wherever They May Rot (featuring artwork by Lukasz Jaszak) in the following formats:
–Digipak CD (EU)/Jewelcase (US)
–180g black vinyl (EU exclusive)
–olive green-marbled vinyl (limited to 300 copies – EU exclusive)
–brass colored vinyl (limited to 100 copies – EMP exclusive)
–green/black-marbled vinyl (limited to 100 copies – USA exclusive)
*exclusive bundles with a shirt, plus digital options are also available!

With an impressive collective past in the extreme side of metal and the ambition to blaze the trail of musical violence, Cut Up has come to claim the throne. Combining grinding death metal with a modern approach and high musicianship, yet always with key focus on brutality, these Swedes are notorious for bringing the gore wherever they go. With their new album, Wherever They May Rot, Cut Up has reached a whole new level of brutality. Guitarist/vocalist Andreas Bjornson comments: “‘Wherever They May Rot‘ is an utter bloodbath from start to finish. We have managed to push the savagery even further than before, also broadening our sound without compromising one inch of aggression. Everyone has performed at the top of their game and the new songs are without a doubt the strongest we’ve ever created, reaching new heights in both speed and heaviness. We have sharpened our blades and the thirst for blood is unquenchable. The year of 2017 belongs to Cut Up!”

Wherever They May Rot track-listing:
1. From Ear To Ear
2. Necrophagic Madness
3. Behead The Dead
4. Wherever They May Rot
5. Vermin Funeral
6. By Hatred Bound
7. Psychosurgery
8. In The Aftermath
9. Master Dissector
10. Cranium Crusher
11. Raped By The Blade

Cut Up live:
Apr. 29 – Sundsvall, Sweden – Club Destroyer
May 12 – Deinze, Belgium – Muziekcafe Elpee
May 13 – Veghel, Netherlands – Deathfest II
May 20 – Hyvinkaa, Finland – Steelfest Open Air
July 29 – Essen, Germany – Nord Open Air
Oct. 21 – Belusa, Slovakia – Deathfest

Cut Up line-up:
Erik Rundqvist – vocals & bass
Andreas Bjornson – vocals & guitar
Anders Bertilsson – guitar
Tobias Gustafsson – drums

Cut Up online:

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Power Theory And Corpse Hoarder Win Wacken Battle Philadelphia Round

Wacken Metal Battle USA is proud to announce the first ever Philadelphia round winners as Power Theory and Corpse Hoarder. The bands will now move on to the national final in New York City.

This round was held on Saturday, March 18th at Whiskey Tango along with other competing bands In The Presence of Wolves, Fatal Aggression, Assayer, and Malphas. Remaining qualifying rounds listed below.

For over a decade at the world’s largest outdoor metal festival Wacken Open Air, independent metal bands from around the globe have been performing in front of thousands and competing against one another for one to be crowned champion of the world along with winning multiple prizes.

For the first time ever, Wacken Metal Battle has arrive din America for its inaugural year and will be hosting qualifying rounds in New York City, Boston and Philadelphia. The national champion of those battles will perform at the 2017 festival taking place from August 3rd – 5th. Remaining rounds are as follows:

Boston, MA

Round 2 – Tuesday, March 21 @ Once Somerville (156 Highland Ave, Somerville, Massachusetts)

Round 3 – Wednesday, March 29 @ Once Somerville (156 Highland Ave, Somerville, Massachusetts)
Upheaval –
Leather Lung
Birnam Wood

Final – Wednesday, April 19 @ Once Somerville (156 Highland Ave, Somerville, Massachusetts)
Round 1 Winner – Coffin Birth

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Live CD/DVD “The Seraphic Live Works” Announced By Vanden Plas

Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of the forthcoming live CD/DVD entitled “The Seraphic Live Works” from German progressive metal band Vanden Plas on May 12, 2017.

In the band’s long career, Vanden Plas has only released one live album, “Spirit of Live,” recorded in Paris at the legendary Elysée Montmartre, in 2000. With the upcoming release of “The Seraphic Live Works,” the wait for another documentation of the band’s immense talents as a live act is finally over!

Through many tours and countless concerts, Vanden Plas has proven again and again that it is among the world’s leading progressive metal bands. The quintet’s glowing reputation carries across the pond to the U.S. where Vanden Plas was invited to appear at the renowned ProgPower USA in Atlanta in 2011 (and will return in 2017). Regardless of a band’s fame, an invitation to this prestigious event is an honor and the performance is certainly a high note in Vanden Plas’ history. And it is for exactly that reason that Vanden Plas decided to capture that unique moment.

“The Seraphic Live Works” shows unmistakably how extraordinary this gig at Center Stage Theater was for everyone involved. A performance exploding with energy, euphoric audience, and the venue’s own special flair. The recordings will captivate every viewer and there is no question that Vanden Plas made the right decision to preserve this performance for eternity.

“The Seraphic Live Works” captivates and enthralls for nine songs, beginning with straightforward opener “Postcard to God” through the atmospheric “Far Off Grace” to the brilliant closer, “Silently.” In this extended live version of the song, Vanden Plas ignites a prog metal fireworks display that is unparalleled, leading the listener through more than 11 magnificent minutes to a spectacular conclusion.

Vanden Plas has fans all over the world, but for those who have not yet been able to experience the band, they wanted to give them the next best thing with “The Seraphic Live Works.” The audio and video capture an authentic band that stands out in the prog metal genre.

“The Seraphic Live Works” includes:

1. Postcard To God
2. Rush Of Silence
3. Holes In The Sky
4. Far Off Grace
5. Scar Of An Angel
6. Quicksilver
7. Cold Wind
8. Frequency
9. Silently

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New Video Clip “Dynamite” Issued By Lovell’s Blade

Dutch rockers, Lovell’s Blade, formed when several members split from long-running metal band Picture, released a video clip for the song “Dynamite.” The song appears on the debut release “Stone Cold Steel,” which is out now via Divebomb Records (USA) and Into the Limelight (EU/Asia).

Check out the clip here:

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Throne Of Malediction Announces Two New Releases

For 2017, Throne of Malediction has finally begun work on not one but two new releases. The first will be a retrospective, of sorts, tentatively titled “Perfect Tragedy” and including a few new songs, as well as select tracks from the last decade.

The album will be offered as a download release on Bandcamp this coming summer, 2017. Next up will be Throne Of Malediction’s fourth full-length album, due out at the tail end of 2017 or early 2018. Release dates and more details are to be announced in the near future.

Throne Of Malediction’s Eric Horner comments: “I’m also happy to announce that there will be new guest musicians who will be helping out with both releases. I am a fan of their work, so it’s an extra treat, to have the help.

“For female vocals, Kas Sinclair (Serpent and Seraph, Miss Led) will be helping out. In addition, Claudeous Creamer (Possessed, Dragonlord, Serpent and Seraph) will be adding guitars. As well as a long time Throne collaborator, Kevin George (At Home in Hell, Martiden) will provide bass tracks.

“I’ve begun working on a single, already. All is not quiet, in Montana USA. Stay tuned for more information and such…”

The band’s latest album was 2014 full-length offering “Dead In Dreams” – check out the title track below.

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Fates Warning reveals details for new DVD/Blu-ray, ‘Awaken the Guardian Live’

– March 16th, 2017 –

Launches video for “Fata Morgana (live)”

Legendary progressive metal act Fates Warning celebrated the 30th anniversary of their third album, Awaken the Guardian, in 2016. To celebrate this milestone, Jim Matheos (guitar) reassembled the Awaken the Guardian-era lineup for two special festival appearances last year: Keep it True XIX and Prog Power USA XVII. Fortunately for fans that were not able to attend, each show was filmed and recorded in its entirety for the upcoming DVD/Blu-ray out April 28th via Metal Blade Records, Awaken the Guardian Live!

For a preview of this release, a video for “Fata Morgana” from Keep it True XIX can be viewed at: metalblade.com/fateswarning – where Awaken the Guardian Live can also be pre-ordered in the following formats:

–Deluxe Edition Artbook (52 pages, 4-CD, DVD, Blu-ray – limited to 2000 copies)
–2CD + DVD Digipak
–Blu-ray (USA exclusive)
–180g black vinyl
–indigo blue vinyl (limited to 300 copies – EU exclusive)
–turquois green vinyl (limited to 200 copies – EU exclusive)
–purple vinyl (limited to 300 copies – USA exclusive)
*exclusive bundles with a shirt, plus digital options are also available!

Directed and edited by Oliver “Bomber” Barth, the Keep It True XIX footage was recorded on April 30th, 2016 in Lauda-Konigshofen, Germany; the Prog Power USA footage was recorded on September 9th, 2016 in Atlanta, GA with sound recording and video editing by Kent Smith, plus audio and video recording services provided by Lucid Lounge Studios – Atlanta. Mixed and mastered by Bill Metoyer at SkullSeven Studio in North Hollywood, CA, Awaken the Guardian Live also features art direction, design, and artwork by Ioannis (dangerousage.com), making this a must-have piece for any fan’s collection. Awaken the Guardian vocalist John Arch comments about the experience: “It was truly a surreal experience being able to share the spirit of ‘Awaken The Guardian‘ at these shows. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the fans that have given back so much over the 30 year span since the album’s release. To all our family and friends, much gratitude.”

Fates Warning online:

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