Odyssey Crowd Funding 10th Anniversary Concert Blu-Ray

Spokane instrumental trio Odyssey just launched a GoFundMe campaign to film the band’s upcoming 10th anniversary concert. You can take part here, and the band also comments:

“This year marks 10 years that Odyssey has been a band! To celebrate and commemorate this milestone, we want to do something special for both us and our fans.

“We have the opportunity to film our 10 year anniversary show and release it on Blu-ray! It would be shot in 1080p with multiple cameras. The audio would be recorded directly from the soundboard. This would not be bootleg footage but rather a polished and professional product. The show will take place on August 5th at The Big Dipper in Spokane, WA.

“Let’s cut to the chase. We’re hoping to raise $1,600. $1,000 is to pay the crew and $600 would get us 100 copies of the Blu-ray.

“We’re doing 1 reward level: $20 for a copy of the finished Blu-ray. If you wish to pay more, that is greatly appreciated. If you can only spare a couple dollars, we’d be grateful as well – it all helps!

“Thank you for your time, your consideration, and, above all else, your support of Odyssey.”

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Cortez Streaming “Notice”

WOOAAARGH and Get A Life Records! have teamed up with Swiss metallic hardcore band Cortez to stream new track “Notice.”

This track, which is taken from an upcoming 10th anniversary edition of the “Initial” album, is a perfect introduction to those unfamiliar with the band. You can pre-order the release at this location and check out “Notice” below.

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Soulfly Posts “Archangel” In-Studio Video

Soulfly has released the first of several in-studio trailers for new album, “Archangel,” which can be seen below.

The band’s upcoming 10th studio album will be released on August 14th (worldwide) via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The album was produced and mixed by Matt Hyde and features stunning cover artwork of artist Eliran Kantor.

If you missed it, the opening track “We Sold Our Souls To Metal” can also be heard here.

The album’s full track listing is:

1. We Sold Our Souls To Metal
2. Archangel
3. Sodomites (feat. Todd Jones of Nails)
4. Ishtar Rising
5. Live Life Hard! (feat. Matt Young of King Parrot)
6. Shamash
7. Bethlehem’s Blood
8. Titans
9. Deceiver
10. Mother Of Dragons (feat. Richie Cavalera of Incite, Igor Cavalera of Lody Kong, Anahid M.O.P.)

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Enthroned premieres new track “Of Feathers and Flames”

Belgium’s leading black metal force, Enthroned, has premiered a brand new song entitled “Of Feathers and Flames.” It is the first track to be revealed from band’s upcoming 10th album, Sovereigns, out April 15 on Agonia Records.

more metal news here:
Enthroned premieres new track “Of Feathers and Flames”

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New Track “Of Feathers And Flames” Streaming From Enthroned

Belgian black metal act Enthroned is streaming the brand new song “Of Feathers and Flames” (see player below). It is the first song to be revealed from the band’s upcoming 10th album, “Sovereigns,” which drops on April 15th via Agonia Records.

According to the press release: “‘Sovereigns’ drifts from sonic blastbeats to oppressive slower parts, melds together aggressive shredding with forceful riffs, and blends Satanic whispers with Nornagest’s trademark vocals. On the whole, the band’s 10th album feels coherent and offers first-rate black metal.” The album is the first to feature new drummer, Menthor, who replaced Garghuf, as well as new rhythm guitarist, ZarZax.

“Sovereigns” was recorded and mixed in Enthroned’s studio, Blackout Multimedia. The album will be available in: digipack CD, black vinyl, bone-white vinyl with green splatter limited to 100 hand-numbered copies and exclusive box CD limited to 333 hand-numbered copies (including the new album released in exclusive jewelcase edition, embroidered patch (8cmx10cm), flag (42cmx59.4cm) and a lighter with band’s logo).

The track list for the album is:

1. Anteloquium
2. Sine Qua Non
3. Of Feathers and Flames
4. Lamp of Invisible Lights
5. Of Shrines and Sovereigns
6. The Edge of Agony
7. Divine Coagulation
8. Baal al-Maut
9. Nerxiarxin Mahathallah

Check out “Of Feathers and Flames” here:

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