“Live At The Roadhouse” 25th Anniversary Show To See Vinyl Release By Paradise Lost

Century Media Records will bring U.K. gothic metal pioneers, Paradise Lost’s special 25th anniversary show “Live At The Roundhouse” to vinyl this September. Recorded in London on November 3, 2013 by Abbey Road Live, this will be an extremely limited one-time only pressing.

Previously, “Live At The Roundhouse” was released as 2x CDR and digital album under the title “Tragic Illusion Live At The Roundhouse, London” offering a career spanning set-list and authentic, honest live sound due to being recorded and mixed on-the-fly. The vinyl’s front cover was created by Valnoir and is based on a shirt design originally offered at this unforgettable show back in 2013.

“Live At The Roundhouse” has been mastered for vinyl by Patrick W. Engel/Temple Of Disharmony (Iced Earth, Tiamat, Moonspell) and features 180 gram vinyl and gatefold sleeves.

See below for limitations and release dates:

Live at the Roundhouse // out September 15, 2017
Ltd. Gatefold black 2LP – limited to 1.300 copies
Ltd. Gatefold lilac 2LP – limited to 200 copies
Ltd. Gatefold transp. yellow 2LP – limited to 200 copies
Ltd. Gatefold golden 2LP – limited to 300 copies

(available at this location)

The limited coloured vinyls can be ordered via CMDistro.de at this location.

“Live At The Roundhouse” vinyl plus t-shirt bundles are available via the band’s store over here.

The track list is as follows:

Side A:

1. Mortals Watch The Day
2. So Much Is Lost
3. Remembrance
4. Gothic

Side B:

1. Enchantment
2. Faith Divides Us – Death Unites Us
3. Tragic Idol
4. Never For The Damned

Side C:

1. Isolate
2. Say Just Words
3. Rotting Misery

Side D:

1. One Second
2. True Belief
3. Over The Madness

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Howls Of Ebb Releasing Split With Khthoniik Cerviiks

Howls Of Ebb and Khthoniik Cerviiks meet each other within the grooves of an explosive split album that glorifies the dark and twisted side of death and black metal.

The Howls Of Ebb side plays limbonic metal under the insignia of madness and rage. Under the title of “With Gangrene Edges,” HoB’s 3 tracks conjure up bizarre demons from poisonous and metamorphic dimensions too abstruse and disgusting to be grasped in full by our small minds. On the opposite side, Khthoniik Cerviiks dives into the “Voiidwarp,” a psychic death metal vortex assaulting the senses, annihilating reason and obliterating existence.

This split is due to arrive as a 4-panel Digisleeve CD on September 15th, as well a vinyl version. The track listing is as follows:

HOWLS OF EBB – With Gangrene Edges
1. Babel’s Catechism (5:29)
2. With Gangrene Edges… (3:36)
3. Bellowed (5:29)
4. Ketoniik Katechesiis (KC Exhalement 3.0) (2:24)
5. Spiiral Spiire Stiigmata (including Mercury Deluge) (12:25)
6. Traumantra (0:28)
7. Come to the Subeth (9:10)
8. Paralaxiis (KC Inhalement 3.0) (0:43)

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Meatwound Announces New Album “Largo”

Magic Bullet Records today confirms the impending May release of “Largo,” the pummeling new full-length album by Tampa, Florida’s corrosive quartet Meatwound, in addition to issuing a trailer and more info on the LP.

After a successful run in support of the “Addio” debut, Meatwound returns with seven more songs of ungodly sonic devastation under the title “Largo.” While a lot of the scuzzy, surging groove of the debut album can be found intact on this release, the band has pressed down on the accelerator a bit, resulting in faster and more violent-sounding tracks this time around.

The aural attack was once again captured by Dan Byers at Rock Garden Studio, just south of Largo, Florida, with mastering by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound. As with the debut, the visuals have once again been executed by former Florida Man Chris Norris, aka Steak Mtn.

1. Haunted House
2. Pigs
3. Jungle Heart
4. Reproduction Blues
5. Middle Earth
6. Mambo
7. Largo

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Acherontas Unveils New Album “Amarta”

The eighth opus of the hermetic coven of Acherontas is hereby revealed, under the title and haruspex of “Amarta.”

Set for international release on the 31st of May via W.T.C. Productions, it is an album that celebrates 20 years of the Acherontas coven (1997-2017) by embracing the solar traditions, lunar sorcery, and traditionalism as a revolt against the modern world and the compromise genre.

1. Tablets of Mercury
2. Schism of Worlds
3. I-AM Ness – The Tradition of EYE
4. Sopdet Denudata
5. Yesod Inversum
6. Rosa Andromeda
7. Savikalpa Samadhi
8. Amarta

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Infestus Re-Issuing Demo Material Together On CD

This coming February 10th, Xtreem Music will re-issue ’93 demo “Unnatural Legacy” from Infestus, along with the group’s other two unreleased demos from 1994 and 2015.

The three recordings will come released in one CD under the title of “Origen” with covers, photos and lyrics to commemorate the legacy of Infestus, a band that undoubtedly belongs to the Spanish death metal scene’s rich history. The full track listing is as follows:

“Unnatural Legacy” (Demo ’93)
01. The End of the Biosphere
02. Unnatural Legacy
03. Lusting the Fruit
04. Ancestral Cataclysm of Life
05. Theatre of Cruelty

“Atmósfera de Asfixia” (Unreleased Demo ’94)
06. Atmósfera de Asfixia
07. Ciudad de la Miseria
08. Interludio
09. Madera Muerta
10. Sueños de Erosión

“Origen” (Unreleased Demo ‘15)
11. El Día Después
12. Inmolación
13. La Pérdida de los Cuerdos
14. Otros Seguirán
15. Lágrimas de Odio
16. Fauna Inerte
17. El Ocaso
18. Sombras de Genocidio

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Details Of Long Awaited Debut LP “Goddamn The Sun” Posted By Disharmony

Today, Iron Bonehead Productions sets March 3rd as the international release date for the LONG-awaited debut album of Greece’s Disharmony, “Goddamn the Sun.”

Disharmony are an often-overlooked entry in the history of Greek black metal. Formed in 1991, but broken up by ’95, the band would record three demos and a cult EP on the legendary Molon Lave label. Although Disharmony’s sound early on slotted well into the classic Hellenic BM paradigm – militant pulse, mystical atmosphere, deep roots in traditional metal – the band largely took a more unorthodox approach, touching upon Beheritian weirdness and ritualistic soundscaping, but always with a thoroughly occult aura. Longtime fans of the band, Iron Bonehead collected Disharmony’s old discography together under the title Vade Retro Satana and released it on CD and double-LP formats in 2016, reintroducing the band to old fans as well as younger generations.

But, now 2017 dawns and Disharmony has been resurrected, and the long-promised debut album will finally arrive. Immediately, it is clear that this is a work of ancient Hellenic darkness; those immediately recognizable fundamentals are firmly in place, and it is literally like a blast from the past – specifically for pioneering Greek black metal, the watershed year of 1993. And yet, so many years and a couple decades later, there is a new and strikingly refreshing sense of refinement to Disharmony on “Goddamn the Sun.” Long gone the unorthodox accoutrements may be, but what takes their stead is a stout ‘n’ surging iteration of Hellenic classicism, triumphant and otherworldly in equal measure, and still emitting a sulfurous sensation of aeons-old occultism.

Even the cover art to “Goddamn the Sun” itself (shown below) suggests an eldritch era, sometimes forgotten but never fully dead. And finally, seemingly a lifetime in the making, Disharmony have stepped forward to ascend the throne of this rich, timeless pantheon. The first step can be taken at Iron Bonehead’s Soundcloud with the track “Elochim,” which you can enjoy in the player below.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Invocation – Troops Of Angels
2. The Gates Of Elthon
3. Elochim
4. Summon The Legions
5. War In Heaven
6. Rape The Sun
7. Praise The Fallen
8. Whore Of Babylon
9. The Voice Divine
10. Third Resurrection

Check out “Elochim” here:

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Sacrophobia Re-Issuing Discography On “Dark Requiems” CD

25 years after the band’s inception, Spanish death metal pioneer Sacrophobia is about to see all its recordings officially re-issued on CD under the title of “Dark Requiems.”

The group’s 1st demo “Only Death is Irreversible” came out in 1991 through Drowned Productions, followed by a 2nd demo recorded in ’92 which was destined to be a 7″ EP on Seraphic Decay Records, but that never happened and thus remained unreleased.

Then in ’93 two more songs were recorded for a 5-way split CD with other 4 Spanish death metal bands entitled “Dead Flesh.” A total of 10 studio tracks plus 3 unreleased tunes recorded live in ’93 and 2 live cover songs was the legacy of Sacrophobia before splitting up in early ’94. After this, one of the group’s guitarists, Juancar, joined Avulsed.

The release date for “Dark Requiems” is set for April 20th and in the meantime, you can listen to the opening track from the “Dead Flesh” split album ’93 below.

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Solitary Sabred Inks Deal With With No Remorse

No Remorse Records has issued the following announcement about inking a record deal with Solitary Sabred:

“Solitary Sabred from Cyprus released a few months ago a second album under the title ‘Redemption Through Force.’ Having received great reviews everywhere, No Remorse Records signed them for the next album that is already on the works.

“Since ‘Redemption Through Force’ is being hailed as one of the best power metal albums of the last many years, and it was pressed in only a few copies already sold-out by the band, it will be also re-released in the coming days by No Remorse Records.”

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Stormvold Signs With Xtreem Music, Re-Issuing Demos

Spanish death/black metal outfit Stormvold has inked a deal with Xtreem Music, and the label issued the following statement:

“This band, located in the Canary Islands, is led by Ebola – mainman behind bands like Cryfemal and Muert – and is a tribute to the missing band Molested (Norway), but creating a much more bestial and primitive atmosphere.

“The band has released two demos so far, ‘First Tibicena Brutality’ (2012) and ‘Second Guanche Massacre’ (2013), originally released as very limited CD-R pressings of 66 copies each and both being recently re-issued on cassette (limited to 300 copies) on German label Schattenkult Produktionen.

“In 2014, Stormvold is joined by Taenia Solium on drums and got in touch with Xtreem Music, resulting in a deal for the re-issue of the two first demos together with an upcoming 3rd one that will be recorded during 2014 under the title of ‘Third Volcanic Kaos.’ After this release, the band will work on the debut full length album that will be released also by Xtreem Music in the future.”

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Profane Creation Returns From The Dead, Announces Re-Releases And New Album

Brazilian black metal act Profane Creation is returning after close to 20 years of inactivity. Late last year the band released a compilation of older material under the title “Prelude to the Dark Side (1991 – 1995).”

Now Hammer Of Damnation Records will also be re-releasing the “Supremacy” demo and “Nema” full-length together as a new CD.

The band has also announced a completely new album is in the works, with further details forthcoming. Follow the latest on Profane Creation at the band’s website here.

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