Too Close To Touch Share New Video “Before I Cave In”

Lexington, Kentucky band Too Close To Touch share a new song and video “Before I Cave In”.

Explains the band: “We’re happy to share our new single, ’Before I Cave In’ — a dark and emotive song that was cathartic for us to write. We wanted to push ourselves to try something new for this music video and explore making a light-hearted visual that was the polar opposite of that. Sometimes humor and the ability to laugh at yourself is the best form of self-medication.”

Watch the video for “Before I Cave In” now below:

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Obey The Brave Announces New Album “Mad Season”

On June 2nd, Canadian five-piece Obey The Brave will release third full-length album “Mad Season.” Pre-orders are available at this location.

Today also marks the premiere of Obey The Brave’s new video for “On Our Own.” Delivering massive power chords and uncompromising emotion, “On Our Own” exemplifies the heart of this new albumm: anthems of empowerment born of adversity.

“Mad Season” came to life during an especially tumultuous period for Obey The Brave. After a lineup change and a series of false starts in the studio, the band emerged with its most ambitious yet viscerally potent album so far.

“There’s still a lot of screaming on the album, but it was really important for me artistically to try something different and give it my all,” says vocalist Alex Erian. “It’s very exciting to try to reinvent yourself.”

1. On thin Ice
2. Drama
3. On Our Own
4. Mad Season
5. 97 Again
6. Les Temps Sont Durs
7. Low Key
8. Feed The Fire
9. The Distance
10. Way It Goes
11. RIP
12. This Is It

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Frost Posts “Numbers” Music Video

Frost* will release new album “Falling Satellites” this Friday and has now launched a brand new video for the track “Numbers.” Produced by Crystal Spotlight, you can watch the video below.

Jem Godfrey had this to say about the video: “Us being us, we wanted to try something a bit different for the Numbers video that would make it more interesting visually than just 4 blokes in a room wobbling about so we shot everything using bit of software called DepthKit via a Kinect sensor.

“This enabled us to create 3D modelled versions of ourselves that could continue to freely be rotated, moved and manipulated even after filming was completed. The render times were horrendous, but Crystal Spotlight did an incredible job putting it all together. I think the end result is magnificently Frost*-ish and suits the song very well.”

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Elderoth Streaming “My Future”

Montreal, QC prog power metal band Elderoth has teamed up with to release second single “My Future” from forthcoming sophomore release “Mystic.” Give it a listen below.

“Mystic” is due out April 28th and follows the band’s 2012 self-titled debut. Founding member and mastermind behind Elderoth, Collin McGee, comments:

“When I wrote ‘My Future’ I was actually having a lot of issues going across my mind. Mostly things about moving on from past relationships or friendships. I never quite wrote a song about this kind of subject before but I find it’s always interesting to try something new. Especially just as long as I find it’s natural and appropriate.

“The overall sound of this song is a little bit inspired from ‘In The Rain’ from the first album, except with a few new dynamics to it. Some of the more obvious new dynamics would be the far eastern influences and the added syncopation. Overall, I’m very satisfied with how this song turned out. It’s definitely a song that sticks in my mind.”

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