Disharmony Posts New Song “The Gates Of Elthon”

Reanimated Greek black metal band Disharmony today premieres new track “The Gates of Elthon,” which can be heard in the SoundCloud player below.

The track hails from the long-awaited debut album, “Goddamn the Sun,” set for international release on March 3rd via Iron Bonehead Productions. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Invocation – Troops Of Angels
2. The Gates Of Elthon
3. Elochim
4. Summon The Legions
5. War In Heaven
6. Rape The Sun
7. Praise The Fallen
8. Whore Of Babylon
9. The Voice Divine
10. Third Resurrection

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Drowning Pool Visits Nellis Air Force Base

Platinum Texas rock outfit Drowning Pool has been touring in support of the “Sinner” album, which was reissued last week in 2-disc deluxe edition format via The Bicycle Music Company/Concord.

On their way through the great state of Nevada, the guys stopped at Nellis Air Force Base in the Mojave Wasteland. A great time was had by all as the band hosted a huge meet & greet, honoring our active military and veterans.

In a band statement, Drowning Pool says, “It’s always a pleasure for us to have the opportunity to support our troops. We’ve been fortunate this year on our Sinner ‘Unlucky 13th Anniversary’ tour to hit a few bases across the county. Our recent visit to Nellis Air Force Base has definitely been one of the highlights. Such a great group of people that organized the visit, and like always, it was such an honor for us to sign and take pictures in support of our air man and their families. We appreciate the organizers at Nellis AFB for giving us the full tour! Besides our meet & greet/signing, we had the amazing opportunity to watch the Thunderbirds air show. Amazing! Insanely talented pilots. We look forward to future base visits and our continued support of our troops.”

Lt. Jonathon Lee and Sgt. Anthony Caldwell commented on the visit before the band arrived, stating, “I think it’s awesome of them to help us out and show their support for the military, and I can’t wait to meet them, I think they are stand up guys.” Caldwell also adds, “I’m here to see Drowning Pool and I think it’s amazing that they are out here at Nellis AFB, pretty cool that they are supporting the troops.”

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Lago Streaming Full New Album “Tyranny”

As Battleground Records arms their troops for the quickly impending September 16th street date of “Tyranny,” the debut full-length by Lago, Invisible Oranges is now streaming the album in its decimating entirety. Check it out below.

“Tyranny” was recorded at Arcane Digital Recording (Exhumed, Phobia, Landmine Marathon) by Ryan Butler and mastered by Dave Shirk at Sonorous Mastering (Incantation, Exhumed, Today is the Day). Additionally, Jonny Davy from Job For A Cowboy makes a guest appearance on the track “Bring To Ruin.” Catch Lago live on the “Tyranny” release show:

9/20/2014 Tempe Tavern – Tempe, AZ w/ Sorrower, Meathook, Unholy Monarch, Cave Dweller, Deadspawn

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Demon Hunter Comments On Seal Member Wearing Band Patch During Bin Laden Raid

Demon Hunter has issued a statement about a recent Esquire article dealing with the member of the Seal team who reportedly shot and killed Osama Bin Laden wearing a Demon Hunter patch during the raid on Bin Laden’s compound. The band comments:

“As you can imagine, our inboxes and phones (and those of our representatives) have been flooded with messages asking us how we feel about the Esquire article on the raid that brought Osama Bin Laden to justice that began circulating yesterday. Specifically, the person identified in the story as ‘The Shooter’ said that Seal Team 6 wore the Demon Hunter emblem on their uniforms and ‘I wore it when I blasted Bin Laden.’

“Over the years, we have been overwhelmed by the personal (and unofficial) emails and letters we’ve received from members of the US military. We have been humbled and honored by the troops who’ve told us our music has offered them some comfort while overseas, while missing loved ones, while doing what they do best in order to keep America safe and protect the freedoms we enjoy. We’ve met many servicemen and women at our shows and they’ve shared their stories with us in person, as well. We wrote ‘The Soldier’s Song’ back in 2005 to pay tribute to these folks who’ve reached out to us. We included one such veteran among the Demon Hunter fans we profiled in our documentary film, 45 Days.

“We have seen our symbol, a demon skull with a bullet hole in its forehead, tattooed on fans around the world. We’ve seen it made into sculptures, painted onto motorcycles, even spray-painted onto tanks and military planes. We often post these pictures on our Facebook page when we receive them. One such email, a few years ago, came from a special operations team who had crafted homemade Demon Hunter patches and put them on their uniforms. They asked us if it was OK if they did this and we of course told them ‘YES’ because we are unapologetic supporters of our troops. In the last 24 hours, we have come to believe this team who contacted us a few years ago must have been Seal Team 6.

“As for the talk about enhanced interrogation techniques that has sprung up in the media in the last 24 hours surrounding this story, we feel that it is an unnecessary distraction. It’s been widely reported for years that heavy metal music has sometimes been used in these situations. We have no specific knowledge of our music being used for this, nor have we ever volunteered it to be used as such, nor are we commenting on it beyond that. The debate about enhanced interrogation techniques is for politicians, military intelligence, pundits and others of the like to have.

“The members of Seal Team 6 and The Shooter are American heroes who deserve our support. We were among the Americans and people around the world abroad who supported the bringing to justice of one of the biggest mass murderers in history, who planned and executed some of the most horrific acts imaginable. All of the military who risk their lives to protect our freedoms earn our respect each and every single day. We are honored, humbled and blessed that Demon Hunter was of any support or comfort to Seal Team 6 or anyone in the US military at any time.”

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Throne Of Malediction Streaming Split "Rites" Release

Throne of Malediction and Irreverant Soul have posted their new “Rites” split release online for streaming. Listen to the tracks in the player below, or download the release for free over at bandcamp here. The “Rites” track listing is as follows:

1. Born of Innocence 06:33
2. A Burden of Ages 05:38
3. Not Meant For Me 05:10
4. What Will Never Be (w/Vrangsinn) 05:14
5. The Circle 03:38
6. Solitude (Candlemass cover) 06:29
7. The Sins Within 03:29
8. Sweet Sorrow (demo) 06:30
9. Irreverant Soul – Waltz of The Macabre 01:16
10. Irreverant Soul – From What is Dead 03:22
11. Irreverant Soul – Moonlight and Death 03:36
12. Irreverant Soul – Troops of Doom (Sepultura cover) 02:17
13. Irreverant Soul – Grief 03:38

Rites by Throne of Malediction

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