Korpiklaani Posts New Music Video, “Harmaja” Online

Finnish Folk Metal Superstars Korpiklaani are set to release their new studio album ‘Kulkija’ (‘Wanderer’) on September 7th 2018 via Nuclear Blast. Today, the band have unveiled the second single, “Harmaja,” in the form of a thought-provoking music video. Watch the clip, directed by Ville Lipiäinen (Nightwish, Beast In Black, Powerwolf), below.

Says Jonne; “‘Harmaja’ is an unusual Korpiklaani song with its slow tempo and emotional strength. The song is about longing and I managed to charge it with a great emotional atmosphere. When making the album we mostly used the first takes; we didn’t get stuck in details when there was no particular need to.

“I was surprised – although in a positive sense – that Nuclear Blast wanted to release ‘Harmaja’ as a single and a video. Usually they prefer more uptempo, fun drinking songs. The new album ‘Kulkija’ of course has that material too since being over an hour long it contains the entire scope of different emotions.

“I bought a new classical guitar and started to re-acquaint myself with the 5-finger picking technique. I created a finger exercise that then formed the basis of the song. I sent a very basic version of the song to our lyricist Tuomas Keskimäki who, in the same evening, sent back the lyrics for ‘Harmaja’. The text refers to ‘Sylvian Joululaulu’, a well known poem about longing by Zachris Topelius. I sang the demo in my home studio immediately and that was it – the song felt good and strong right away and I knew that it was going to end up on the album.

“The video was shot in the pool of the Maritime Safety Training Centre in Lohja. The water was so cold that even constant visits to the sauna couldn’t stop the coldness from creeping into my bones. It was very difficult to remember the lyrics, keep my head above the surface of the water and sing – while at the same time trying to look like I wasn‘t freezing to death. All for art!

“Lipiäinen knew exactly what was needed for the video and managed to create just the right atmosphere. Lipiäinen knew exactly what was needed for the video and managed to create just the right atmosphere. The shots change slowly, there is no rush with anything and the story stays just right above the surface until the more stormy ending.”

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Acrania Releases “Treason, Politics & Death” Music Video

“Treason, Politics & Death,” the new video from Mexico’s Acrania, can be seen below. Acrania collaborated with the young filmmaker Armando Salomo and King Bong Entertainment to premier this first video clip. The band also commented:

“The performance portion of the clip was shot on the Film Training Center in Mexico City, with state of the art video equipment and an excellent crew, ‘Treason, Politics & Death’ shows us the power of death metal with quick shots and excellent dynamic lighting, as well as the Latin touch of non-metal instruments such as percussion, trumpet and saxophone, showing the excellent performance of Mexican musicians.

“The song is about the social conflict in Managua, so we used stock images of conflicts in Latin America, interleaved with footage of the band playing to reinforce the overall protest feel of the song.”

The track “Treason, Politics & Death” comes off Acrania’s new album, “An Uncertain Collision,” which was released worldwide on October 20th, 2012. The CD was produced and mixed by J.C. Ch

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