Jirm (f.k.a Jeremy Irons And The Ratgang Malibus) To Release “Surge Ex Monumentis” – Debut New Track

Sometimes in life you have to make a change. And sometimes you have to make a whole bunch of changes. So it is that Jirm is born and stands where once stood Jeremy Irons And The Ratgang Malibus. Having dropped the cumbersome moniker, the Swedish heavy rockers embark on a new era with Surge Ex Monumentis – marked as much by a tightening of sound as name.

Surge Ex Monumentis will see release on CD, digital, and limited edition 2xLP formats via Small Stone on March 16th. Stream the opening track, “Candle Eyes” below.

Surge Ex Monumentis by JIRM

Surge Ex Monumentis Track Listing:

1. Candle Eyes
2. Dig
3. Isle Of Solitude
4. The Cultist
5. Nature Of The Damned
6. Giza
7. Tombs Arise

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Deströyer 666 Premiere Title Track From Upcoming New EP “Call Of The Wild”

Deströyer 666 will release their new EP “Call Of The Wild” on February 23, which contains three brand new songs and a fresh take on the band’s classic “Trialed by Fire”.

The brand new title track “Call Of The Wild”, can be streamed below.

“Call Of The Wild” track listing:

01. Violence Is Golden (4:30)
02. Stone By Stone (3:37)
03. Call Of The Wild (4:46)
04. Trialed By Fire (7:02)

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Ilsa Premiere New Song “Hikikomori” From Upcoming New Album “Corpse Fortress”

Ilsa weaves together tales of depravity and devil worship on their Relapse debut Corpse Fortress. Recorded by Kevin Bernsten (Full Of Hell, Code Orange, Magrudergrind, Integrity) in Baltimore, Maryland at Developing Nations, Corpse Fortress delivers nine tracks forged in filth with dense layers of emotionally draining sludge, murky, primordial doom, and feedback-laden, crusty death metal. Corpse Fortress is easily the rawest, most abhorrent, and nasty album in Ilsa’s decade-long career and the perfect soundtrack for the initiated miscreants of this rapidly dying orb.

Stream Ilsa’s new track “Hikikomori” below:

Corpse Fortress will see release March 2nd, 2018 on CD, LP, deluxe LP and digital formats via Relapse Records.

Corpse Fortress Track Listing:

1. Hikikomori
2. Nasty, Brutish
3. Cosmos Antinomos
4. Prosector
5. Old Maid
6. Long Lost Friend
7. Ruckenfigur
8. Polly Vaughn
9. Drums Of Dark Gods

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Thal Reveal Artwork and Track Listing Of Upcoming Album “Reach for the Dragon’s Eye”

U.S. heavy rockers Thal reveal their new cover artwork and track listing of their upcoming album “Reach for the Dragon’s Eye”. The new album “Reach for the Dragon’s Eye” will be released as CD/DD by Argonauta Records on February 16 2018.

A brief teaser is available below as well.


1. Rebreather
2. Under Earth
3. Her Gods Demand War
4. Thoughtform
5. Soulshank
6. Death of the Sun
7. Punish
8. Reach for the Dragon’s Eye

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Ancst Unveil Album Details For “Ghosts of the Timeless Void”

Berlin’s blackened hardcore outfit Ancst unveil first album details of the band’s Lifeforce Records debut “Ghosts of the Timeless Void”. Find album artwork and full track listing below:

Dying Embers
Shackles of Decency
Concrete Veins
Revelation of Deformity
Unmasking the Imposters
Of Gallows and Pyres
Republic of Hatred

In support of the release the band is heading out for the “Ghosts of the Timeless Void” EU tour
March 9th – April 1st.

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Endorphins Lost Premiere New Song “Mercy For One” From Upcoming Split Release

Seattle-based Endorphins Lost announces an impending split 7” with OSK set for release in February, which will be supported by a Western US tour in March.

Endorphins Lost released their debut LP, Choose Your Way, through Six Weeks Records in November 2016, unabashedly introducing the masses to their blistering style of metallic, grinding, crust/powerviolence. The band will now stomp a fresh dose of salt into the wounds inflicted by their debut with four scathing new tracks, sharing a slab of 7” vinyl with their allies in Canadian grind/hardcore outfit OSK who add three tracks to the flipside. The Endorphins Lost tracks were recorded in March 2017 by Mike at Soundhouse Studios in Seattle, Washington, with additional vocals recorded by Dylan Ludwig at Raven Sound Studio in Prescott, Arizona, and mixed and mastered by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studio in Oakland, California. The OSK tracks were recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jesse Gander at Hive Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia in the spring of 2013.

Stream the Endorphins Lost track “Mercy For One” below:

Endorphins Lost / Osk Split 7″ by Endorphins Lost

The split will see release on February 1st through a coalition of underground labels, Rotten To The Core Records, Delusions Of Terror Records, Agromosh Records, You All Die Records, and New Age Pyrate Punks Records. Watch for additional audio samples, preorder links, and more info to be issued in the coming days.

Side ENDORPHINS LOST Track Listing:
1. White Crosses
2. Mercy For One
3. Master’s Hair Trigger
4. The Prisoner’s Dilemma

Side OSK Track Listing:
1. Burrow
2. Let’s Play A House Show
3. Directionless

Endorphins Lost will support the new release with regional performances as well as a Western US tour. Running from March 7th through March 24th, the tour routing currently includes eighteen cities, beginning in the band’s hometown then crushing a counter-clockwise path around the western half of the country, and includes a show with Ghoul and Brainoil in Oakland, and a set at LA Speedfest in Los Angeles. The tour poster art was drawn by Michelle Hughes.

Endorphins Lost – Tour Dates:
1/18/2018 Victory Lounge – Seattle, WA w/ Escuela, Spacebag
3/07/2018 The Kracken Bar – Seattle, WA
3/08/2018 Tonic Lounge – Portland, OR
3/09/2018 Oakland Metro Opera House – Oakland, CA w/ Ghoul, Brainoil
3/10/2018 LA Speedfest – Los Angeles, CA
3/11/2018 The Garth – Las Vegas, NV
3/12/2018 Hotel Monte Vista – Flagstaff, AZ
3/13/2018 The Lunchbox – Phoenix, AZ
3/14/2018 The Dungeon – Tucson, AZ
3/15/2018 Apartment 512 Boutique – El Paso, TX
3/16/2018 The Moonlight Lounge – Albuquerque, NM w/ Laughing Dog
3/17/2018 The Triple Nickel Tavern – Colorado Springs, CO w/ Laughing Dog, 908
3/18/2018 The 7th Circle Music Collective – Denver, CO w/ Laughing Dog, 908
3/19/2018 8 Bytes Game Café – Laramie, WY
3/20/2018 Dixieland – Salt Lake City, UT
3/21/2018 The Shredder – Boise, ID
3/22/2018 Di Pizza – Bend, OR
3/23/2018 2nd Cycle – Tacoma, WA
3/24/2018 Cherry Bomb – Port Angeles, WA

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Fistula Announce Split Releases With Come To Grief And -(16)- As Part Of Ongoing Seven-Inch Series

In celebration of their impending twentieth anniversary, Ohio sludgecore veterans Fistula will release the first wave of an ongoing split seven-inch series. Slated to drop on December 15th via Patac Records, the first splits find Fistula sharing wax space with sludge stalwarts Come To Grief and -(16)-.

The band’s split with Come To Grief features two original unreleased tracks and will be available in three colors of vinyl as well as an extremely limited “cassingle.” On the second split, -(16)- covers “Complications” by Killing Joke while Fistula covers “Mongoloid” by Devo. This release will also be available in three color variants. Fistula will unleash four more splits with Hemdale, Bloodsick, Fister, and one final band to be announced at a later date. Additionally, the bandwill issue a vinyl version of 2016’s Longing For Infection with a bonus etched seven-inch from the recording session. Details to be announced in the coming weeks.

1. Fistula/Come To Grief Track Listing:

A1 Come To Grief – Take Me In My Sleep
B1 Fistula – Contusion

2. Fistula/-(16)- Track Listing:
A1 -(16)- – Complications (Killing Joke cover)
B1 Fistula – Mongoloid (Devo cover)

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Melted Space Issues Track Listing And Cover Art For “Darkening Light” – Album Due In February Through Sensory Records

As Sensory Records prepares for the February release of Darkening Light, the latest full-length opus by French metal opera collective, Melted Space, the album’s track listing and cover art has been posted.

Darkening Light Track Listing:

1. The Void Before
2. Newborns
3. The Meaning of this Place
4. From the Beginning to the End
5. The Dawn of Man (I’m Alive!)
6. Trust in Me
7. Regrets
8. Man and Future
9. Missing Creed
10. Fallen World

Melted Space’s Darkening Light features very immersive artwork, perfectly reflecting the atmosphere of this new opus, centered on the creation of the world and the rejection of the gods by Man, created by Adrien Bousson. Darkening Light was recorded and mixed in France by François-Maxime Boutault and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music in New York, with additional contributions recorded abroad in Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway, Greece, and the United States between June and September 2017.

Darkening Light will see worldwide release through Laser’s Edge division Sensory Records, on February 16th, 2018. The album will be issued on all digital platforms, on CD, and with an extended double-LP pressing which features exclusive bonus material, which will be disclosed in the days ahead.

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Ministry Posts New Music Video, “Antifa” Online

Hot off the heels of today’s announcement that their new album, “Amerikkkant” will be released on March 9th 2018 and that a full North American tour with Chelsea Wolfe will take place in March, industrial metal legends Ministry has posted a new music video online for the song, “Antifa.” You can check it out below. The song has been played throughout the band’s tours this year, including at European festival appearances such as Graspop Metal Meeting and Resurrection Fest.

The track listing for “Amerikkkant” is as follows:

1. I Know Words
2. Twilight Zone
3. Victims of a Dlown
4. TV5/4Chan
5. We’re Tired of It
6. Wargasm
7. Antifa
8. Game Over
9. AmeriKKKa

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Grafvitnir Share New Song “Nidhögg” From Upcoming New Album “Keys to the Mysteries Beyond”

Swedish Black Metal band Grafvitnir have announced the December 15 Carnal Records release of new album Keys to the Mysteries Beyond. A promo video for the album’s opening track, “Nidhögg,” is available below.

The driving force behind the band is, and has always been, Occultism and the never-ending quest for the enigmatic emerald of Lucifer. Just like razor sharp claws of a Werewolf move and twists against whirling moonlit Night Skies, the ice-cold blades of Occultism will tear the illusion of the demiurg’s false Creation apart and fiercely widen the cracks and crevices to the ancient kingdom of Beyond.

With the band’s fifth album, Grafvitnir are back from the frostbitten shadows of Scandinavia to eternally ignite the concealed spiritual Fire of the descendants of the Serpent, and to obtain the ancient Keys to the Mysteries Beyond.

Track Listing

1. Nidhögg
2. Key to the Mysteries Beyond
3. Vargavinter
4. Crossing the Abyss
5. Eternity’s Glistening Black
6. Journey into Storms
7. Unleash the Storm of Nothingness
8. Eye of Lucifer
9. Whispers of the Primordial Sea
10. Glimpses of the Unseeable

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