Self Defense Family Posts New Song “The Bomber Will Always Get Through”

Verbicide Magazine premieres “The Bomber Will Always Get Through,” the third and final track from Self Defense Family’s upcoming new EP, The Corrections Officer In Me, out August 27th on Family Drugs.

Check out the track, along with “It’s Not Good For The Man To Be Alone” and “Pop Song Written On The Automall,” in the player below. The following press release was also issued:

“The Bomber Will Always Get Through is a seven-minute meditation, built on a hypnotic bassline and metronomic beat, intensified by distant guitar textures and frontman Patrick Kindlon’s slow-building tale about the day he fell off his bike: ‘Fell off my bike / Struck my head to the curb / Bad for my hairline / Great for self-worth…’ The song evokes the world-weary post-hardcore of Dischord Records legends like Fugazi and Lungfish.

“The ever-unpredictable Self Defense Family, formerly known as End Of A Year, features an evolving lineup of anywhere from three to ten members, hailing from all across the US and UK. Records have been recorded across the globe, from Iceland to Jamaica to the Bay Area, and released on many various labels, including Deathwish Inc, Run For Cover, Hex Records, and now, Family Drugs.

“Frontman Kindlon also fronts the band Drug Church, co-owns Harm Reduction Records with Jami Morgan of Code Orange Kids, and runs a comic book press.

“The Corrections Officer In Me was written and recorded in one 24-hour period with producer Sam Pura, creator of ‘The Waiting Room’ series, which has featured live performances by Touche Amore, Loma Prieta, and many more. Pura is also co-owner of Family Drugs (with Twelve Gauge Records boss Jihad Rabah), the label on which the EP sees its release on August 27th. Family Drugs releases are distributed exclusively by Deathwish Distribution.”

The Corrections Officer In Me by Self Defense Family

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Touche Amore Posts New Indonesian Tour Diary

Touche Amore has teamed up with LA Weekly to post a new tour diary online covering the band’s recent time in Indonesia. Excerpts from the tour blog follows:

November 17th Jakarta, Indonesia: Our tour manager arrives 30 minutes late [to leave for] the airport. We rush through security and make it on to our flight with only a minute to spare. Some people say coffee and a healthy breakfast is the quickest way to get your body awake in the morning. I think having to run with equipment and bags around your neck through a foreign airport does the job even better.

The venue tonight is called Rossi Music. It reminds me of a punk squat you might play in Germany or Eastern Europe. Before we played, I had to run to the bathroom to take a quick piss. What I encountered was very confusing to my American eyes…a hole in the ground and next to it a bucket of water with a scoop. Thankfully this wasn’t another kind of emergency.
By the time it is our turn to play, we can tell the equipment has had quite the toll taken on it. The PA speakers are hardly functioning and the guitar heads are giving about half their ability. With a room full of kids, we push through it with excitement. Hearing so many voices so far from home know our words was one of the most exciting moments of our band’s history.

November 18th, 2012 Jogjakarta, Indonesia: I cannot put into words how terrifying [the twelve-hour drive to Jogjakarta] was. The way people drive consists of…speeding as fast as you can, then slamming on the breaks, and then veering into oncoming traffic to go around trucks and other vehicles. There are no seat belts in this van. Everyone flew out of their chairs multiple times and we were scared for our lives quite a lot.

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Black Cobra, Deafheaven Among Acts Appearing at Free Event

BrooklynVegan, Power of the Riff and Southern Lord Records play host to a free SXSW showcase on March 16th, 2012 at Scoot Inn (1308 e4th St) in Austin, Texas.

The free daytime portion runs in conjunction with a four-day Thrasher/Converse “Death Match,” featuring a skate ramp with skaters and an assortment of bands that runs all day long. Starting at noon, the free event will feature eleven bands on two stages.

Details for the even are as follows:

March 16, 2012 @ Scoot Inn, Austin, TX (noon-6pm)
* High on Fire
* Off!
* Trash Talk
* Black Cobra
* Ceremony
* Deafheaven
* Full of Hell
* Heartless
* Balaclava
* Dead in The Dirt
* DNF (members of Trash Talk, Touche Amore)

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Deafheaven Announces West Coast Shows With Lake Of Blood

San Francisco‚Äôs Deafheaven has announced upcoming tour dates in support of the band’s Deathwish debut “Roads to Judah.” This September, Deafheaven will tour the West Coast with Lake of Blood and DNF.

Details on the tour dates are as follows:

9/14 – San Francisco, CA – Great American Music Hall w/ Kylesa
9/20 – San Francisco, CA – Submission Art Gallery w/ Lake of Blood, DNF
9/21 – Santa Cruz, CA – 150 Pioneer w/ Lake of Blood, DNF
9/22 – Los Angeles, CA – Bow and Sparrow w/ Lake of Blood, DNF, ACXDC
9/24 – Mesa, AZ – Nile Theatre w/ Trap Them, Gaza, Touche Amore
9/25 – San Luis Obispo, CA – 2007 Broad St. w/ White Summer

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