Music Video For New Song “Driller Killer” Issued By Psykosis

Off the back of a blistering performance last weekend at Bloodstock Festival, Irish Thrashers Psykosis today unveiled a new music video for “Driller Killer,” the first single from the debut full length album “Welcome To The Psyko Ward.” Check it out on the player below.

Frontman Grant Walsh comments, “We chose ‘Driller Killer’ as our single because it shows a lot of playing styles and is a good example of what the album is sounding like. It’s fast, catchy, funky and thrashy, you can bang your head, sing along or dance to it.”

“The song is written about the serial Killer Jeffery Dalmer, who used to drill into his victims brains and pour eroding acid into the drill hole to make his victim a lifeless drone to obey his every command, so we thought that was pretty cool topic, and started writing ‘Driller Killer’.”

The track list for the album is:

1. Rise To Fall
2. Hunt To Kill
3. Driller Kller
4. Mortar Platoon
5. Tag Your Dead
6. Terror At 3am
7. Toxic Fugitive

Check out “Driller Killer” here:

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Daylight Dies Releases New Music Video For "Dreaming Of Breathing"

As American doom metal unit Daylight Dies releases forth studio full-length “A Frail Becoming” (reviewed here) via Candlelight Records this week, the band’s brand new video for the album is today unveiled via Metal Injection.

Constructed for the album’s fourth track, “Dreaming of Breathing,” the video was directed by Ramon Boutviset. Check out the video in the player below or over at Metal Injection here.

Stated drummer Jesse Haff on the course taken in bringing the video to fruition: “We worked with director Ramon Boutviseth back in 2006 when he filmed the ‘Lies the Bind’ video. We were blown away by what he delivered, and by his talents and ambition. We knew without hesitation he was who we wanted to work with for the ‘Dreaming of Breathing’ video. It was important the video not only visually matched the aesthetic of the album art, but also communicate at least metaphorically some of the meaning behind the song. He filmed the narrative bits in Malibu, California, and the band shots in a small studio with no air conditioning during a sweltering hot evening in North Carolina. We think the end result is gorgeous and fitting, and are just so pleased to have worked with Ramon and his team once again.”

The track list for “A Frail Becoming” is as follows:

1. Infidel
2. The Pale Approach
3. Sunset
4. Dreaming of Breathing
5. A Final Vestige (streaming here)
6. Ghosting
7. Hold On To Nothing
8. Water’s Edge
9. An Heir to Emptiness

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