5IVE: Magic Bullet Records’ Five Weeks Of 5IVE Has Concluded with the Reissue Of Hesperus

Magic Bullet Records’ Five Weeks Of 5IVE – the label’s mission of reissuing the entire back-catalog from defunct Boston-based riff/math/doom rock act 5IVE into the digital universe – concludes today with the reissue of the band’s Hesperus full-length. The 5IVE reissue series includes the titles 5ive, The Telestic Disfracture, The Hemophiliac Dream, Versus, and Hesperus, […]

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5IVE: Magic Bullet Records’ Five Weeks Of 5IVE Has Concluded with the Reissue Of Hesperus

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Bruce Dickinson Re-Issuing Solo Discography On Vinyl

BMG will re-issue the solo catalogue on vinyl from Iron Maiden frontman and rock legend Bruce Dickinson worldwide on October 27th, 2017.

Bruce Dickinson’s six solo albums span from 1990 to 2005 and have been cut from the original masters on heavyweight, black 180g vinyl in artworked sleeves. Two of the titles, “The Chemical Wedding” and “Tyranny Of Souls,” are being made available for the first time ever on vinyl.

The four previously available albums have been long out of print, with the latter two titles now expanded to double LPs for optimum sound. As a special bonus to fans, all six albums will also be available in a limited edition “Soloworks” box.

Pre-orders are online here and all fans who purchase the complete “Soloworks” box will receive a double-sided 24” x 36” Bruce Dickinson poster.

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The Great Discord Posts “Darkest Day” Music Video

The Great Discord just issued a new music video for “Darkest Day,” which can be seen below, and the band also comments:

“Friends! We are very excited to give you the first single, entitled ‘Darkest Day,’ off our coming album, ‘The Rabbit Hole.’

“As the titles reveal, this album is our take and out dark twist on a famous story by Lewis Carroll. Don’t worry, the story will unfold further as we go along and more songs and stories will see the light of day. Or not, depending on how you look at it. Stay vigilant!

“For now, we invite you to join us on a journey into the stranger side of things, down in the rabbit hole. Get ready. More music will follow suit and the album will be released just as the summer starts gasping for breath.”

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Cattle Decapitation album details to be revealed May 20th

– April 27th, 2015 –

People of Earth, ALL details of the new Cattle Decapitation album will be released on May 20th! They will include:

*New Track Debut
*Album Title
*Album Cover
*Song Titles
*Pre-Order Info
*Guest Appearances

New Logo Revision: Adam Nevler @ Gruesome Graphx​
Flyer: Alexander Eastman @ Consume​


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StarOfAsh Streaming Three New Tracks

StarOfAsh, the solo project from Heidi S. Tveitan of Peccatum, has now released three new track online for streaming. Check them out below or at the StarOfAsh website here. She also comments:

“After a rather long pause in my 2013 project, I am back with no less than three songs. My summer songs are called ‘Meteors in June,’ ‘Shimmer,’ and ‘Draum,’ and they are as diverse as their titles indicate.

“They have two main elements in common, and that is clean chord progressions and live samples. I love working with sampling, albeit I think I have startled a couple of people in the process. It is perhaps not obvious for everyone that people who slam post boxes in rhythmic patterns multiple times on mountain tops, are sampling. Taking away that element, it is perhaps understandable that some people turn and run (which they did)!

“I will soon be back with more music, and in the meantime I hope you’ll enjoy my summer songs.”

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Scent Of Death Streaming Song From Third Album

Eight years have passed since Spanish death metal band Scent Of Death released its second album “Woven in the Book of Hate.” The Ourense quintet has finally unleashed its new one “Of Martyr’s Agony and Hate” via P.E.R./Sevared Records, in keeping with the tradition of ending the titles of each of its releases with ‘hate.’ Scent of Death is streaming one new track from the album, “Awakening of the Liar,” over on bandcamp, or below in the widget. You can also listen to selections from the two previous albums over at that link.


RAM Announces Details For Upcoming "Death" Album

Gothenburg, Sweden metal act RAM has revealed the track listing for its upcoming new album. The album, simply titled “Death,” will feature ten all new tracks of which the titles can be found below.

1. Death…
2. …Comes From The Mouth Beyond
3. I Am The End
4. Release Me
5. Defiant
6. Frozen
7. Under The Scythe
8. Hypnos
9. Flame Of The Tyrants
10. 1 7 7 1

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