Stryper Announces “Fallen” Album

Stryper’s new album “Fallen” is due out in late October, and the band has released a series of brief comments about the coming full-length.

Michael Sweet states: “I look at every album as if it may our last. This keeps me focused on trying to deliver our best and if it is our last (and best), we’ll go out on an up note.

“It takes a lot to get me really excited and the new Stryper album ‘Fallen’ has done it! This is our best in my humble opinion. God is good!”

Timothy Gaines adds: “Listening to the masters of Stryper’s ‘Fallen.’ Coming later this year to a record store near you… Gonna be a good one!”

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Anger As Art Streaming “Hubris Inc.”

“Hubris Inc.,” the newest slab of rage from Cali-based thrashers Anger As Art, is out now on Old School Metal Records. Experience it for yourself with’s full album stream, running now at this location, or below. “Hubris Inc.” features guest appearances from Betsey Bitch, Jim Durkin (Dark Angel), Timothy Gaines (Stryper), Steve Nelson (Evil Dead) and Mark Caro (Abattoir).

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Stryper Heading Out For New Worldwide Tour Dates

The Yellow and Black Attack is back – Stryper is about to embark on a string of select dates worldwide starting May 10th at Tailgaters in Bolingbrook, IL just outside of Chicago. The following press release was issued:

“Stryper is one of the few bands from a decadent era that features ‘All Original Members.’ They continue to tour the world and produce Billboard-charting albums. Brothers Michael Sweet and Robert Sweet, along with Oz Fox and Timothy Gaines, make up the legendary hard rock quartet.

“Looking back over the past 25 years, Stryper is considered to be a groundbreaking act on all accounts. They are one of the first Christian rock bands to achieve unprecedented success in the mainstream. Their 1986 album To Hell With The Devil is listed among CCM’s ‘100 Greatest Albums in Christian Music’ and the band’s popular power ballad ‘Honestly’ became a Billboard Top 20 hit and reached number 1 on MTV. Their pop-rock hit ‘Calling On You,’ also entered MTV’s top 10, simultaneously with ‘Honestly’ being one of the first bands to have two top 10 videos on MTV. Even as recent as 2010 and 2011 Stryper found their way once again on the Billboard Charts with their albums Reborn, Murder by Pride and The Covering.”

“After almost 30 years in this business, we are blessed to be able to continue doing what we love most – making music,” explains Michael Sweet, lead singer/ lead guitarist and songwriter. “God has blessed us with talents and abilities so we plan to continue on this path as long as God calls us to do so.”

5.10.12 Tailgaters Bolingbrook, IL (Chicago)
5.12.12 M3 Festival Columbia, MD
5.17.12 House of blues Dallas, TX
5.18.12 House of blues Houston, TX
5.19.12 Santa Fe Station Las Vegas, NV
5.24.12 BB Kings New York, NY
5.25.12 Showcase Live Foxborough, MA
5.26.12 Rock Junction West Greenwich, RI
7.06.12 Seaside festival Risoya, Norway
7.07.12 Gulbranna Festival Halmstad, Sweden
7.28.12 HalfwayJam Royalton, MN
9.19.12 Indira Gandhi Stadium Kohima, India
9.22.12 DDSC Dimapur, India

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