Soulrot Streaming Full New Album “Nameless Hideous Manifestations”

In an endless quest to push and support current underground acts that perpetuate the odor of vintage death metal, on April 24th, Memento Mori is proud to present the debut full-length of Chile’s Soulrot, titled “Nameless Hideous Manifestations.” Today the full album has come online and can be heard below.

Hailing from the city of Valparaíso, Soulrot was formed by guitar player JL Olmos (Betrayed, ex-Micosis, ex-Gangrenous) circa 1993-1994 but was put to rest due to JL being involved in several other projects at the time.

It wasn’t until 2013 that JL joined bass player/vocalist JH Wilschrey (Sadistic Murder, Acero Letal) and they both resuscitated Soulrot, manifesting their unquestionable inclination towards the death metal of yore.

1. Desde el Arrecife del Diablo…
2. Those Who Dwell in the Abyss
3. From My Grave
4. Ectoplasmic Revelations
5. Infertile Anti-Womb
6. This Putrid Canvas
7. Majestic Rot
8. Incorporeal Autopsy
9. Blackstone
10. Transfigured Through the Void

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Exxiles Sends Out Open Call For Guest Vocalist Submissions

Symphonic prog metal band Exxiles just issued the following announcement about seeking a new guest vocalist to appear on upcoming material:

“Hello dear friends!! We are happy to announce that we are opening our second contest (second from the trilogy) only this time we are looking for a vocal guest.

“In the first one, we were looking for a guitar player guest, we received very interesting ideas from musicians of different countries, and after listening to all these talented musicians, we found what the band was looking for, this is how we met Antonio Rivera, who is now an oficial member of this family.

“There are amazing musicians out there with great ideas and, if it is possible, we would love if you share this journey with us! The contest will be open till the 20th of May 2017 starting NOW! It is open for male and female vocalists.

“If you are interested please contact us at the inbox in the official Facebook page and we’ll send you the track. So, if you have a vocalist friend please share this post! All the best for all of you!!”

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Scandelion Releasing New Album “When Everything Turns Black”

Scandelion just issued this update about gearing up to release new album “When Everything Turns Black” later on this month:

“It’s been a while since the last update and we apologize for it. However, this time is for a good reason. It has been a long and hard process with endless difficulties but finally we can announce that the new album is ready.

“‘When Everything Turns Black’ tells an intricate story that takes us from the Middle Ages to a distant future, where Dualism and Transmigration of Souls play a decisive role.

“The album will be available to listen through our Bandcamp profile from the 23rd of April. Stay tuned for the upcoming news regarding the physical release, very soon!

“Meanwhile, as a preview, you can listen one of the tracks of the album. We hope you enjoy it! Thanks for your patience and support.”

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Eyes Of The Dead Parting With Guitar Player Rob “Hobbit” Moore

Connecticut-based group Eyes Of The Dead just issued the following statement about parting ways with the band’s guitarist after one final show at the end of April:

“If you hadn’t already heard, our guitarist Rob ‘Hobbit’ Moore is expecting another child this summer, and with that comes all the family responsibilities that need to take top priority in life. With that Hobbit has made the difficult decision to step down as our guitarist in order to put all his focus into his growing family.

“It’s been a year since Hobbit first came back into EOTD, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the time and work he has put in with us, and thank him for that. It will be sad to have him leave our ranks, but everyone understands that it’s what’s best for him in his life right now, and wish him the best for everything he has coming.

“Keep an eye out for some more news on who he will be passing the torch to as our new guitarist, that will all be announced soon enough. In the mean time, follow the link here to Nasty Fest at Cherry St in Wallingford on the 29th. This will not only be Hermon VonRolls last show with Nasty Disaster, but also Hobbits very last show with Eyes of the Dead. It’s truly a night you will not want to miss out on!”

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New Video “Born In Flames” Issued By Athorn

German melodic death metal act Athorn issued a new video clip for the song “Born in Flames.” The song appears on the latest album “Necropolis” – a post-apocalyptic concept album.

With “Born In Flames” the Germans open another chapter of the space western and this time the band reveals a soft side, as the tune is a genuine heavy metal ballad. The video shows singer Carsten Frank and in proper style Björn Spier on the acoustic guitar as comic characters which take turns with filigrane designed image sequences that reflect the topic of the epic concept album, including zombies, space cowboys, priests and not to forget the fine portion of end time romantic which is essential for a true ballad.

Check out the clip here:

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Nuclear Announces New Tour Dates With Conflicted

Chilean thrashers Nuclear today announce a new European tour slated for June and July 2017. For nearly half of the dates, Nuclear will be accompanied by Conflicted, a young promising thrash metal band also from Chile.

This tour will mark the end of the promotion of Nuclear’s most recent release “Formula For Anarchy” (Candlelight Records, 2015) as it is expected that the follow-up album will see the light in early 2018.

The band comments: “It is always a pleasure to come back to the EU to show our music. Metal heads there have always received the band with enthusiasm and energy – we are sure this time won’t be any different.”

This Eurotour will also be the very first for Conflicted, promoting 2015 album “Under Bio-Lence” (Sick Bangers). “We are extremely happy to do this for the first time. We have played a lot of shows with Nuclear and the combination is lethal. We cannot wait to start this and show the people in Europe what the band is all about.”

09/06 – B52 Music Club – Eernegem Belgium
10/06 – Loco Loco Festival – Opwijk Belgium
11/06 – Ebrietas Metal Bar – Zurich Switzerland
13/06 – S8 Under Club – Budapest Hungary
14/06 – Escape Metalcorner – Vienna Austria
15/06 – Metalgate Czech Death Fest – Czech Republic
16/06 – Mise Open Air Festival – Germany
17/06 – Rage Against Racism Fest – Germany
18/06 – Tba – Holland
19/06 – Tba – Holland
20/06 – Tba – Holland
22/06 – Bar 227 – Hamburg Germany*
23/06 – Zuckerfabrik – Rostock Germany*
24/06 – Mtc Club – Cologne Germany*
25/06 – Tommy Haus – Berlin Germany*
26/06 – Protokultura – Gdansk Poland*
27/06 – Tba – Poland*
28/06 – Tba – Poland*
29/06 – Tba – Poland*
30/06 – Estrada Stagebar – Bydgoszcz Poland*
01/07 – Rudeboy Club – Bielsko Biala Poland*

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Loathe Releases “East Of Eden” Music Video

Liverpool experimental collective Loathe today releases debut full-length album, “The Cold Sun,” today on SharpTone Records. The album is available for purchase here.

In conjunction with today’s release, Loathe has also premiered a brand new video for the song “East of Eden,” which can be viewed below. Talking about the new record’s debut, guitarist Erik Bickerstaffe says:

“Viewing the release of ‘The Cold Sun’ is something that at one point seemed a lifetime away. Now that the time has come, we have never been more infatuated or enthusiastic about our collective effort before. We hope you thoroughly enjoy what we 5 have worked ever so tirelessly on.”

A concept record, “The Cold Sun” features a compelling 35 minute long meandering into the depths of a dark, post-apocalyptic tale. The record follows the adjacent timeline of two protagonists, who exist during a dystopian future stricken by tragedy. The record was recorded at Glow In The Dark Studios in Atlanta, Georgia under the watchful eye of producer Matt McClellan.

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Helfir Re-Signs With My Kingdom Music To Release “The Human Defeat”

My Kingdom Music has renewed a record deal with Helfir, and now a new album titled “The Human Defeat” is scheduled for a June 2017 release.

Described as a new interpreter of decadence, after the release of “Still Bleeding” in 2015 and a tour together with Orphand Land, the band led by Luca Mazzotta took a break to concentrate on the song-writing process for this upcoming new release.

“This record bares completely my artistic influences,” said Luca Mazzotta, “and gathers all the musical facets of my influences from the most obscure Metal side to the melodic and acoustic one. This time the themes will focus on ambient and, through memories, it tells about the battle between man and nature. When this battle is over what remains will be only a regret and a memory. I am really looking forward to sharing it with you.”

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Demon Hunter Has Best 1st Week Sales Of Career With “Outlive”

Many bands are used to experiencing the reality of the downward sales trend by the time they get to an eighth album. However, Demon Hunter’s eighth opus “Outlive” is defying those very music industry sales trends.

The album, released by Solid State Records, marks the band’s biggest first-week sales numbers of its entire career, with nearly 19,000 copies sold, along with its highest chart positions. Below are the album’s first week statistics:

#25 — Top 200
#8 — Top Current Albums
#1 — Indie
#2 — Hard Music
#2 — Rock
#2 — Christian
#7 — Physical
#11 — Digital
#11 — Vinyl

The band also released a series of videos from the album. Check out the clips for “Half As Dead” and “Died In My Sleep.”

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Jorn Releasing New Album “Life On Death Road”

Frontiers Music Srl is delighted to announce the release of Jorn’s brand new studio album, entitled “Life on Death Road,” this coming June 2nd, 2017.

“Life On Death Road” took several months of hard work for the songwriting vision to come together. The result is a record that is deep, strong, full of groove and powerful with anthemic songs aplenty.

Jorn says, “It’s easily one of the best albums I’ve ever recorded. This was all about putting the right people together for the right result, and about taking the necessary time to work more thoroughly and in depth with the material we chose for the album. The older I get, the more I feel it is necessary to listen to my heart and look for that genuine and honest feeling that made me take interest in music in the first place. Back in the 70’s and early 80’s when I grew up, people and music were more free and so the presence of feeling and soul came more naturally and was expected from an artist or a band.

“This is the energy and craftmanship we’ve been looking for, but still keeping a pulse on the modern times we live in. ‘Life On Death Road’ is an original album that is pretty much summing up the last 40-50 years of rock and metal and has become a hybrid modern heavy rock album without losing those tasty elements of a good aged wine. Regardless, we’re all products of our time, and the feeling, soul and symbioses we’ve achieved for this album is a rarity in today’s music world, so in that sense this album is a true old school sailors’ ‘tall ship adventure.’ From start to finish it took us nearly three years to finalize and I’m really proud to say that this album is the proof that classic albums can still be made.”

The album also marks the debut of a new lineup around the Norwegian singer. On bass is Mat Sinner (Primal Fear, Sinner, Kiske/Somerville). On keyboards and production is Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, Revolution Saints), who already joined Jorn for the recording of his last covers album, “Heavy Rock Radio. Francesco Iovino (Primal Fear) is on drums and Alex Beyrodt (Primal Fear, Voodoo Circle) handles guitar.

1. Life On Death Road
2. Hammered To The Cross (The Business)
3. Love Is The Remedy
4. Dreamwalker
5. Fire To The Sun
6. Insoluble Maze (Dreams In The Blindness)
7. I Walked Away
8. The Slippery Slope (Hangman’s Rope)
9. Devil You Can Drive
10. The Optimist
11. Man Of The 80’s
12. Blackbirds

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