Teloch Vovin Streaming New Song “Vena Cava”

A devastating new hymn from NYC black metal coven Teloch Vovin and the “Further Down The Tunnel” EP has been launched online as the record nears release on the Fall Equinox.

Check out the song “Vena Cava” below. Teloch Vovin, a band that doesn’t understand how capitalization works in the slightest, also comments:

“When the Torrential wave of Hell Slams, Hammering thru the Absurdity. Down thru the Flesh, Down thru the Spirit. Vena Cava–OverFlowing Life’s Ink… These Lines speak volumes about the Inspiration behind the song. The Flesh as a Prison for the Spirit, the Absurdity of Life itself and the Anxiety, Depression, Rage and Hopelessness Experienced thru this Absurdity. It also relates to the Death Worship behind the Band. The Desire for Death’s Embrace and the Negation of Being.”

To hear more from the grammar challenged outfit, check out the “Adoration/Vexation” track at this location.

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