Kampfar Reviews A Momentous 2016

Kampfar just checked in with the following “year in review” message to fans about what went down in 2016:

“2016 has been a roller coaster with ups and downs for Us. But what we did together and what we achieved in 2016 have still reached the highest peak in our 22 years of existence. Starting the year with winning a Spellemann (Norwegian Grammy) in metal. Who could have thought that 22 years ago.

“In a year when we as a band has been put on the toughest tests personally we still managed to do 4 tours in one year together+ festivals. There is still some fire left burning inside of us. And we can tell you for sure that without all of you. This band would have most likely faded away this year. Cause the personal life and emotions behind the scene this year has been tough!

“This can be said without being too dramatic. It has been a battle. A battle we won because of the amazing support from all of you and because of the strong bloodline in our band itself. The brotherhood Dolk, Ask, Ole and Jon its just to strong to go to pieces. Its the 4 of us or no band. End of story!

“Going though the year with short words like this can not be done actually. But to think about one special moment this year it can not go without mention our late night show at Wacken. The band has never been this destroyed ever on the personal level. It was a band on the edge of the cliff.

“But just thinking about all of the strength you guys in that tent gave us when we entered that stage it just make Us speechless. Thank you so much. It pretty much sums up the massive support this year from all of you. Thank you again!

“We are looking forward to 2017 and a new year with all of you and we promise some more news will come pretty soon in 2017 for you. Have a great new year people! Without you we are nothing!
Respect. (Below are 2 photos I think sums up 2016. One photo is private taken by Ask without me knowing it. The band photo is from the Grammy Awards in Norway).”

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