New Song “Restore Chaos” Streaming From Destructor

U.S. metal veterans Destructor released the first new song from the new album “Decibel Casualties.” Check out “Restore Chaos” in the player below.

“Decibel Casualties” drops June 9th via Pure Steel Records and features the following track listing:

1. Restore Chaos
2. Keep the Faith
3. Metal Spike Deep
4. We Are Ready
5. The Last Days
6. Fiery Winds
7. Metal ‘Till Death
8. In Hell

Check out “Restore Chaos” here:

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New Song “Snow White” Available From Custard

German power metal act Custard released the second new song from the new album “A Realm of Tales.” Check out “Snow White” in the player below. “A Realm of Tales” is scheduled to launch on May 19th via Pure Steel Records.

The track listing and album artwork for “A Realm of Tales” can be found here:

1. Icy Stare
2. Queen of Snow
3. The Pied Piper (song streaming here)
4. Arabian Nights
5. Snow White
6. Snow Away (Intro)
7. The Little Match Girl
8. Daughter of the Sea
9. Witch Hunter
10. Sign of Evil
11. Bluebeard
12. Forged in Fantasy

Check out “Snow White” here:

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Video Clip For New Single “My Hell” Posted By Black Dreams

Finnish act Black Dreams released a video clip for the new single “My Hell.” Check it out in the player below.

Black Dreams plays blues-driven heavy metal with some gothic and doom metal influences. The track listing for the “My Hell” single is:

1. My Hell
2. You Are So Beautiful (When You Are Dead And Cold)

Check out the clip here:

The band is heading on an Eastern European tour next week. Dates can be seen on a poster below:

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New Song “Delusion Of Negation” Available From Totengott

Spanish dark metal act Totengott is streaming the new song “Delusion of Negation.” Check it out in the player below. The song will be featured on the debut album “Doppelgänger,” which will be released on July 11th via Xtreem Music. Dutch label Burning World will be handling the digital and vinyl releases.

More information on the album is expected soon. Check out “Delusion of Negation” here:

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New Song “Trollgott” Streaming From Nocte Obducta As Details Of New Album Surface

German black metal act Nocte Obducta is streaming the new song “Trollgott,” which you can check out in the player at the bottom. The song is lifted from the new album “Totholz (Ein Raunen aus dem Klammwald),” which drops via MDD Records on May 26th. Pre-orders for the album can be made at this location.

The track listing and cover artwork can be found here:

1. Innsmouth Hotel
2. Die Kirche der wachenden Kinder
3. Trollgott
4. Totholz
5. Ein stählernes Lied
6. Liebster
7. Wiedergänger Blues

Check out “Trollgott” here:

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New Song “Faith” Streaming From Secret Sphere

Secret Sphere is streaming the new song “Faith,” which you can check out in the player below. The song is lifted from the new album “The Nature of Time” – the band’s ninth studio album – which drops on June 2nd via Frontiers Music srl.

The album’s track listing is as follows:

Chapter I – Genesis
1. Intermission
2. The Calling (see video clip here)

Chapter II – The Seven Virtues
3. Love
4. Courage
5. Kindness
6. Honesty
7. Faith
8. Reliance
9. Commitment

Chapter III – The New Dawn
10. The Awakening

Chapter IV – The Way
11. The New Beginning

Check out “Faith” here:

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Temple Of Void Attends “Wretched Banquet” With New Song Stream

Shadow Kingdom Records has set July 28th as the international release date for Temple of Void’s second album, “Lords of Death,” featuring appropriately morbid artwork by Paolo Girardi.

You can check out the new track “Wretched Banquet” via Shadow Kingdom’s Bandcamp page or in the player below. The new album’s full track listing is as follows:

1. The Charnel Unearthing
2. Wretched Banquet
3. A Watery Internment
4. The Hidden Fiend
5. An Ominous Journey
6. The Gift
7. Graven Desires
8. Deceiver in the Shadows

Lords Of Death by Temple Of Void

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Soulskinner Streaming “A Spectral Vision” From New Album “Descent to Abaddon”

Hailing from Athens, Greece old-school death metal band Soulskinner is back with its fourth studio album titled “Descent to Abaddon”, out now via Xtreem Music. The band’s second single “A Spectral Vision” is now available for streaming in the player below.

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Distant Landscape Posts “The Desire” Lyric Video

Distant Landscape just released a lyric video for “The Desire,” taken from the “Insights” album due for release on May 23rd via Sliptrick Records. The clip was created by Adhiira Art and can be seen in the player below, with Sliptrick Records commenting:

“It’s a beautiful, melodic, sweeping track full of discordant guitar, layered vocals and simple harmony. The ever-moving images within the video represent distorted memories and the rushing of time. While outside everything changes, inside ‘the desire is still the same.'”

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Diarchy Streaming Full “Here Lost We Lie” Album

India-based stoner metal group Diarchy recently released debut full-length album “Here Lost We Lie,” which is now available at Bandcamp here or can be streamed in the player below. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Love 03:04
2. Bulldoper 05:35
3. Gunpowder 05:52
4. Rorschach 07:36
5. Here Lost We Lie 05:01
6. Joy & Sorrow 03:42
7. Wallflower 04:05

Here Lost We Lie by Diarchy

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