Drummer Sean Reinert Exits Cynic – Settlement Over Use Of Band Name Reached

Cynic haven’t been too active since 2015 when a a dispute emerged between frontman/guitarist Paul Masvidal and drummer Sean Reinert. At the time Reinert parted ways with the band, citing growing tensions and a general unhappiness with what he felt were suboptimal performances from Paul Masvidal.

He also mentioned that in order for Masvidal to legally continue performing under the Cynic name, they would need to come to a signed agreement. Drummer Sean Reinert has now announced that such an agreement has reached and it comes with his official exit. States Reinert via Facebook:

“Today I post with a heavy heart, but also a lightened spirit. A settlement has been reached between Paul and I in regards to CYNIC. I am unable to disclose any of the details regarding this agreement but I am at peace with the arrangement. I am going to step aside from CYNIC and continue with my personal projects – Paul is going to continue with CYNIC and his.

I want to take this last Facebook post as an opportunity to humbly thank all of the musicians, engineers, technicians, companies, booking agents, managers, crew, press, labels and friends that I’ve worked with (and will likely continue to) over this past 30-year span.

Most of all – I would like to thank the fans, who to this day still blow me away with their loyalty and love. You’ve always been the inspiration and the fuel for the machine!

To Paul, I sincerely wish him and the musicians he hires nothing but the best.

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Prosthetic Records Inks Deal With Sorxe, New Album Details And First Single Released

Phoenix, AZ-based experimental sludge/post metal band Sorxe has announced the band’s signing to Prosthetic Records. The band will release its second full-length album “Matter & Void” on November 24th.

“Matter & Void” was recorded, mixed and co-produced by Matt Bayles (Russian Circles, Botch, Isis). The album will be available via CD, limited edition violet and black swirl LP and all digital outlets. Pre-orders are available now at this location.

The four-piece relies heavily on improvisation, pulling ideas from an eclectic well of inspiration ranging from Neurosis, Swans, Melvins and Pink Floyd. SORXE consists of guitarist/vocalist Tanner Crace, drummer Shane Ocell, and two bassists – Christopher Coons and Jonathan Portnoy, who tread new psychedelic ground into the unknown.

Crace comments on the signing: “Sorxe is humbled and honored to join the Prosthetic family! We have much music to share with everyone and we are truly excited to have this platform and support of the label to be able to extend our reach. We are greatly looking forward to the ‘Matter & Void’ album release, touring, and bringing the music to a wider audience of people all over the world. Thank you!”

The first single “Hypnotizer,” can be streamed via Metal Injection either at this location, or just below in the player provided.

Crace says about the track: “Lyrically there’s a lot of intertwining themes about the cold calculating and unforgiving nature of existence. The song ‘Hypnotizer’ deals with the allure and seduction of new technologies and how it’s all sold to all of us to make life easier, but the double edge sword of the matter is we are becoming even more distant and distracted. Life is getting more chaotic and moving faster than we can keep up.

“Musically we feel the album as a whole is more advanced structurally than our self-released debut Surrounded by Shadows, while at the same time it feels simpler. We really wanted to build on certain themes and let them grow and contort to suck you in, grab your attention and then take you on a journey with us. A lot of the inspiration comes from visual cues, certain vibes in movies we like, etc.”

The artwork and track listing for the album is:

1. Hypnotizer
2. Distraction Party
3. Never To See
4. Black Water
5. Eastern Transmission
6. The Endless Chasm

Check out “Hypnotizer” here:

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Lyric Video For New Song “Children Of The Sounds” Posted By Kaipa

Legendary Swedish progressive rockers Kaipa, led by mastermind Hans Lundin, recently announced the release of their new studio album “Children of the Sounds” for September 22nd via InsideOut Music.

Now, the band is pleased to reveal the lyric video for the album’s title track which you can see in the player at the bottom.

On the song, Hans comments: “I’ve often wondered where all those notes are coming from when the inspiration suddenly hits me in one of those magical moments when I just have to start writing a new song. Maybe I have a huge library of notes that I’ve collected during all my life, hidden somewhere in my sub-consciousness.

“Maybe these notes have been played before and then they just vanish in the air. After slumbering for many years, they suddenly wake up eager to start a new life and to form new combinations, and so they guide me through the writing process.”

The track listing for the album is as follows:

1. Children of the Sounds 11:31
2. On The Edge of New Horizons 17:10
3. Like A Serpentine 12:52
4. The Shadowy Sunlight 6:57
5. What’s Behind The Fields 9:31

Check out “Children of the Sounds” here:

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Video Clip For “Totalitarian Terror” And Second Track-By-Track Video Issued By Kreator

German legends Kreator issued a video clip for the song “Totalitarian Terror.” In addition, the band issued the second in a series of track-by-track videos for the new album “Gods of Violence”, which drops today (January 27th) via Nuclear Blast Records. Check out our review for the album at this location.

The album’s track listing is:

1. Apocalypticon
2. World War Now
3. Satan Is Real (see video clip here)
4. Totalitarian Terror
5. Gods Of Violence (see music video here)
6. Army Of Storms
7. Hail To The Hordes
8. Lion With Eagle Wings
9. Fallen Brother
10. Side By Side
11. Death Becomes My Light

Check out “Totalitarian Terror” here:

Check out the clip, where vocalist/guitarist Mille talks about the inspiration for “Totalitarian Terror,” “Gods of Violence” and “Army of Storms,” here:

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Serial Butcher Track Appearing In New “Nuke ‘Em High” Movie

Track selections from “Brute Force Lobotomy,” the latest full-length from Belgian death metal horde Serial Butcher, will be included in the soundtrack for Troma Entertainment’s upcoming “Return To Return To Nuke ‘Em High Volume 2” by Lloyd Kaufman (creator of The Toxic Avenger).

In a collective description of the inspiration behind “Brute Force Lobotomy,” the band notes: “Sometimes you just want to stab Uncle Lloydie in the eye with a blunt, rusty knife. Until he’s dead. And then you stab some more… just to be sure…”

It’s a fitting theme for “Return To Return To Nuke ‘Em High Volume 2” which, keeping in the Troma tradition, is sure to relentlessly assault the audience with scenes of graphic horror hilarity.

“Return To Return To Nuke ‘Em High Volume 2” is the long-awaited (LOL!) sequel to “Return To Nuke ‘Em High Volume 1,” and it is currently in the post-production stage, scheduled to be released in the summer of 2016.

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Ana Sapphira Streams Full “Edge Walker” Album

There’s an ear-catching new sound resonating out of New Hampshire’s burgeoning underground music scene compliments of metal/hardcore outfit, Ana Sapphira.

The New England-based quintet has been hard at work preparing for the release of new album “Edge Walker,” due out tomorrow, June 30th. Today the full album comes online and can be streamed below.

When asked about the inspiration behind the record lead vocalist and lyricist, Jonathan Lamper, shared, “‘Edge Walker’ is about no longer settling for what I’ve always known. It’s about taking the risk on a purpose in life that’s much bigger than me and what’s always been comfortable.”

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Extol Posts New Lyric Video For “Betrayal”

Extol has released a lyric video for “Betrayal,” taken from the band’s new self-titled album, along with an exclusive T-shirt based on the song.

The T-shirt artwork was done by Dave Quiggle and all proceeds will benefit “New Life Mission Aid,” which works with street children in Kenya and was the inspiration for the lyrics of the song. Check out the clip below.

You can also watch Extol’s previously released music video for “A Gift Beyond Human Reach” at this location.

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Delain Announces First Single For New LP "We Are The Others"

Dutch symphonic metal band Delain announced that the first single from the forthcoming LP will the the title track “We Are The Others.” No release date for the single was announced, however, the full album is due for a Spring 2012 release through Roadrunner Records. The album will follow the band’s successful sophomore release “April Rain” in 2009.

Singer Charlotte Wessels noted that the inspiration for the title track is based on the 2007 hate crime against British girl Sophie Lancaster, who was beaten along with her boyfriend by a gang of youths because of their goth looks. Lancaster later died from those injuries.

“Sophie’s story hit close to home for us, being part of a subculture ourselves but it’s in no way an individual case; people are discriminated against -all the time- to the point of violence – based on their cultural or ethnic background everywhere. We Are The Others is our own ‘outsiders anthem’ for everybody who, deliberately or not, diverts from the norm. Whether it’s by looking different, acting different, or choosing a different path in life then is expected from you.”

More information on the single and full album is expected soon.

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Haeresiarchs Of Dis Issues "Sermon 31" Recording Update

Cernunnos of U.S. black metal act Haeresiarchs of Dis announced last week that he will be re-recording the scratch demo tracks created for the upcoming “Sermon 31” release this winter.

Of the re-recording Cenunnos states: “The preview provided on mySpace is a demo version. I had always planned to re-record the instrumentation and re-structure song components from the onset, and have recently come upon a means I feel better translates my endeavor.”

Cernunnos also added that “dubbing-over” the demo tracks with a more accurate sound was always part of the initial process that started in Spring 2011. “I’ve come upon equipment and production means that better suit my intent,” he stated.

When asked about the delay, Cernunnos said, “I act instinctively with this music. When something feels right, I record it. When I do not feel the inspiration, I wait. In the summer I estimated the end of 2011 for completion and release with Moribund, but have not felt inspired by my current production set up, thus the delay. I have been using the same set up for several years now, and wanted something more for my instrumentation.” He also pointed out that “I get bored doing the same sound and process repeatedly.”

When asked for a revised release date, Cernunnos could not supply accuracy, but eluded to Spring 2012.

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