La Chinga Debut New Song & Video “Killer Wizard” From Upcoming New Album “Beyond The Sky”

“Beyond The Sky” the forthcoming full-length from LA CHINGA will see release in September via Small Stone. Watch the video for a first single from it ‘Killer Wizard’ below:

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Torii Premiere Pre-Release Full-Album Stream Of Upcoming New Album “A Judgement Divine”

“A Judgement Divine”, the forthcoming new album from black/death metal duo TORII, is now streaming in its entirety below. The album will be released on June 8.

A Judgement Divine by Torii

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Northwoods Premiere New Single “City 40”

Italian hardcore act NORTHWOODS debut their new single “City 40”. The song is taken from the forthcoming debut full-length album “Wasteland”, out soon via Shove, Brigante and Mothership Records.

Listen to “City 40” below:

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Monsterworks Debut Pre-Release Full-Album Stream Of Upcoming New Album “Scale and Probability”

Scale and Probability, the forthcoming metal opus (and 16th album) from Anglo-Antipodean MONSTERWORKS is now streaming its entirety. Check it out ahaead of its Maqy 4th release below:

Scale and Probability by Monsterworks

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Bullet Debut New Single & Video For “Ain’t Enough”

Swedish Metal band Bullet have released a new digital single and video today. The new song “Ain’t Enough” is taken from the forthcoming studio album “Dust To Gold”.

Watch the video below:

The new album “Dust To Gold” will be released through Steamhammer/SPV on April 20th 2018 as CD digi (incl. poster) / 2LP gatefold (golden vinyl) / download / stream.

BULLET Live 2018:

03.05. DE-Berlin – Musik&Frieden
04.05. DE-Leipzig – Hellraiser
05.05. DE-Markneukirchen – Framus&Warwick Music Hall
06.05. DE-Bochum – Matrix
07.05. BE-Genk – Colosseum
09.05. ES-Vitoria – Jimmy Jazz
10.05. PT-Lisbon – RCA Club
11.05. ES-Madrid – Caracol
12.05. ES-Barcelona – Razzmatazz 3
13.05. ES-Valencia – Paberse Club
15.05. FR-Paris – Le Klub
16.05. UK-London – Islington o2 Academy 2
17.05. DE-Siegburg – Kubana
18.05. CH-Pratteln – Z7
19.05. DE-Mannheim – MS Connexion Complex
20.05. AT-Vienna – Escape
21.05. HU-Budapest – Dürer Kert
22.05. CZ-Ostrava – Barrack Music Club
23.05. DE-Munich – Backstage
24.05. DE-Nürnberg – Der Cult
25.05. DE-Kassel – K19
26.05. DE-Osnabrück – Bastard Club
27.05. DE-Hamburg – Logo
01.06. SE-Bladinge – Muskelrock
06.06. SE-Sölvesborg – Sweden Rock Festival
15.06. SE-Norköping – Metallsvenskan

08.12. DE-Balingen – Volksbankmesse (BYH Christmas Party)

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Metallica Obviously “Have No Desire” To Re-Mix “…And Justice For All” For Its Deluxe Edition

Metallica‘s 1988 effort “…And Justice For All” is the next effort in line for Metallica to re-release a deluxe edition for and it doesn’t look like the – according to many fans’ opinion – album’s biggest defects will be righted with the release. Since its publication, fans have decried the drum sound being weird and bassist Jason Newsted‘s bass parts being buried in the mix.

Steve Thompson, who originally mixed the album alongside Michael Barbiero, has stated that he recently contributed some material to the forthcoming deluxe edition and got the impression that Metallica won’t be re-mixing “…And Justice For All”.

Appearing on the Talk Toomey Podcast, Thompson spoke about the original mixing sessions and how the bass came to be buried.

States Steve Thompson:

“The first day Lars would come in with pictures of an EQ setup of how he wanted his drums to sound, every drum. So I said to Barbiero, ‘Michael, why don’t you work with Lars and get the drums sounding the way he wants them and once you got that let me know.’

So he gets the sound that Lars wanted and I listened to ’em myself and said ‘Man, this sounds like shit.’ …And so I chased everybody out of the room, I started putting everything up, re-EQing drums, bringing the guitars up, bringing the bass up, because the bass was a great part because it was a perfect marriage with Hetfield‘s rhythm guitars, it just was great. And I’m blowing up the band and everything like that and Hetfield comes in and he thumbs up, everybody, he’s happy.

So when I was ready for playback, Lars comes walking in, listens to about 15 seconds and he says ‘turn it off.’ And he goes to me ‘Uhh, what happens to my drum sound?’ So I think I just probably said ‘You were serious?”

So I had to get the drum sound back to where Lars was happy and I wasn’t… And then he said ‘See the bass?’ I said ‘Yeah,’ he said, ‘I want you to bring it down about 5 or 6db. I said ‘Why,’ [he said] ‘Just bring it down.’ So I brought it down where you barely audibly could hear it. And he goes now ‘drop it down a little more’.

And I remember I think I turned around to James and James just put his hands up and I said ‘Really, why would you do that?’”

Speaking of the forthcoming deluxe edition of the album, he adds:

“I just contributed to the anniversary album of ‘…And Justice [For All‘]. I just sent them a bunch of pictures and some outtakes, but they have no desire to re-mix the record. They want to keep it the way it is.

They might remaster it or something like that, but there is only so much mastering you can do. And I’ll tell you the truth, I don’t even know if those original multitracks could be saved. Because there are like 5 million edits in them from Lars‘ drums alone. So if you have the box and open it up there probably be about 50 million pieces of tape all over the place.”

“They’ve lived with it this long. I’ve lived with most of the criticism, ’cause everybody assumes it’s my fault. And I guess I have to take blame cause it says my name says mixed by me and Barbiero.

But I remember when Metallica got elected to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, they flew us in there to be a part of it—which I thought was great—and I remember hanging out with Lars and Lars basically came up to me and said ‘Steve, what happened to the bass on the record?’ He actually asked me that and I just said ‘Ok, I give up, I give up’ [laughs].”

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Besvärjelsen Premiere New Music Video “Under en Svart Himmel”

Vallmo is the forthcoming debut from Swedish psychedelic stoner doom unit BESVÄRJELSEN. Featuring within its ranks past members of Dozer, Greenleaf, Afgrund, Lastkaj, and V, BESVÄRJELSEN will release Vallmo this March via Suicide Records.

Today the group deliver a preview of their record in the form of the band’s video for “Under En Svart Himmel” (“under a black cloud”), streaming below.

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Green Druid Premiere New Song “Pale Blood Sky” From Upcoming New Album “Ashen Blood”

Ashen Blood is the forthcoming full-length from Denver-based psychedelic stoner doom unit Green Druid. Set for release this March via Earache Records, Ashen Blood is at once brooding, atmospheric, and isolationist, with weighty riffs summoning the Lovecraftian horrors of the cosmos.

Listen to “Pale Blood Sky,” streaming now at the official Green Druid Bandcamp page below:

Ashen Blood by Green Druid

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Revenger Premiere New Song “We Want Blood” From Upcoming New Album “The New Mythology Vol. 1”

Vancouver-based groove thrashers Revenger are proud to announce the forthcoming release of The New Mythology Vol. 1 on February 17, 2018. A first track from it – “We Want Blood” – is now streaming below:

The New Mythology Vol.1, Revenger’s second studio release, is a five-song EP that expands on the band’s aggressive thrash style with tracks that are more technical, visceral and direct than debut album To The Wolves. Formed in 2012, the band introduces some key members that shape the sound and vibe of this EP, which is more calculated and driven than before. Heavy guitar rhythms punctuated by a consistent thrash pulse breaks only when the groove requires and marks Revenger’s particular style. The lyrics and gritty death
vocals also bring out the rage and bitterness of the subject matter which, for this EP, is slightly more conceptual and inspired by comic books and how today’s mythology could become tomorrow’s dogma.

Drummer Julia Geaman had this to say about the forthcoming EP:

“I think the particular style that we are creating is pretty exciting. It’s straight up thrash that can get catchy sometimes or more death metal other times but over all it’s pretty straight forward, but that’s where I find the freedom in it. We can be unpredictable and come up with two riffs that don’t seem to go together at first but somehow work and then lead back into something more traditional. We play the music we grew up listening to but with our own filter on it. We don’t try to sound like anyone, but our influences definitely come out. Bringing this EP to as many people as we can is something that is getting me really excited and I’m super stoked for this next year. A lot of hard work has gone into this as with any musical project and it’s incredible to bring it into reality.”

Track List

1. Hex
2. Anti Life
3. We Want Blood
4. The Man Who Shot God
5. The Watcher

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Atrocity Premiere Title Track Of Upcoming “Masters Of Darkness” EP

German metal pioneers Atrocity will release a new EP, “Masters Of Darkness”, on December 8 through Massacre Records. The EP is the perfect harbinger of the forthcoming album “Okkult II”, which will be out in 2018 via Massacre.

The “Masters Of Darkness” title track can now be streamed below.

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