Ruach Raah Posts Full “Hate Fanaticism” Album Online

The black metal primitivists from Ruach Raah today stream the entirety of their debut album, “Hate Fanaticism,” which is out now via War Arts Productions.

Hailing from Portugal, this mysterious trio has been brewing in the underground for the last three years, releasing a debut demo and two successive splits. With “Hate Fanaticism,” Ruach Raah stakes a claim as an austere new horde worth worshiping. The new album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Arsonist
2. Absolute Occült
3. Guided by Death, Driven by Hate
4. Convulsions
5. In Hell Baptized
6. Kiss the Ring of the Baron
7. Hate Fanaticism
8. Womb Overture
9. Emperor of the Black Abyss
10. Black Plague of Satan

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Cemetery Lust Streaming “Screams Of The Violated” Re-Issue

Cemetery Lust – which will play the Hells Headbash festival early next month – today streams the entirety of the “Screams Of The Violated” debut. The album was just re-released by Hells Headbangers and can be heard below.

Hailing from the fertile Portland, Oregon scene, Cemetery Lust perfected a style of ’80s-leaning thrash/speed/death metal over the course of four demos, and then dropped the bomb that is “Screams of the Violated” as a debut album in 2012. The full track listing is:

1. Throw the Switch
2. Perverted Aggressor
3. Sexual Maniac
4. Resurected Whore
5. Black Angels of Hell
6. Demonic Dementia
7. Possessed Confessions
8. Night of the Creep

Screams of the Violated by CEMETERY LUST

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Cianide Streaming Full “Death, Doom and Destruction” Album

The death metal doomlords from Cianide are streaming the entirety of “Death, Doom and Destruction” online – listen in below, and you can pick up your copy via Hells Headbangers on CD and double-LP this Friday, August 7.

Cianide has stuck to its guns for over 25 years now, patiently building a canon that’s unrivaled in its consistency and trend-free philosophy. The “Death, Doom and Destruction” track listing is as follows:

1. Rage War
2. This World Will Burn
3. Metal Never Bends
4. Envy And Hatred
5. The Power To Destroy
6. Salvation
7. Deadly Spawn
8. The Truth (Master cover)
9. The Dying Truth ’96
10. Rage War (demo)
11. Metal Never Bends (demo)
12. Envy And Hatred (demo)
13. Deadly Spawn (demo)
14. (We Are The) Doomed (demo)

Death, Doom And Destruction by CIANIDE

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Malthusian Streaming “Below The Hengiform” EP

The maverick death metal cult Malthusian today streams the entirety of debut EP, “Below the Hengiform,” which is out now on Invictus Productions on CD, 12″ vinyl, and cassette tape formats.

Listen in below, thanks to The “Below The Hangiform” track listing is as follows:

1. The Gasless Billows
2. Slouching Equinox
3. Forms Become Vapor

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Legion Of Andromeda Streams Full “Iron Scorn” Album

The cross-continental crushers from Legion of Andromeda today stream the entirety of “Iron Scorn” – released internationally today via At War With False Noise and Unholy Anarchy. Listen in below, courtesy of The track listing is as follows:

1. Transuranic Ejaculation (05:43)
2. Cosmo Hammer (06:21)
3. Overlord Of Thunder (06:01)
4. Scourge Of Pestilence (04:04)
5. Sociopathic Infestation (07:30)
6. Aim At The Starless Sky (06:13)
7. Fist Of Hammurabi (07:03)

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The Deathtrip Streaming Full New Album “Deep Drone Master”

The Deathtrip is currently streaming the entirety of debut album, “Deep Drone Master,” which is set for international release on November 14th via Svart Records. Listen in below, courtesy of Metal Hammer.

“Deep Drone Master” is early ’90s-era minimalist black metal mixed and brought back from the dead by scene originator Snorre Ruch, from the legendary Thorns. The album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Intro
2. Flag Of Betrayal
3. Dynamic Underworld
4. Cocoons
5. Sewer Heart
6. Making Me
7. Cosmic Verdict
8. Something Growing in the Trees
9. A Foot In Each Hell
10. Syndebukken

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Kuolemanlaakso Posts Full “Tulijoutsen” Album Online

Finnish doom-death heavyweights Kuolemanlaakso today stream the entirety of forthcoming second album, “Tulijoutsen” (reviewed here).

Hear all the tracks below, courtesy of “Tulijoutsen” (“The Fire Swan”) is set for international release on February 28th through Svart Records.

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Valkyrja Streaming Full New Album “The Antagonist’s Fire”

Swedish black metal kings Valkyrja today stream the entirety of their new album, “The Antagonist’s Fire” (reviewed here). Give the full album a listen at Zero Tolerance here.

Released last week by new label home World Terror Committee, “The Antagonist’s Fire” follows Valkyrja’s second album, “Contamination,” released in 2010 by Metal Blade. The new album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Betrayal Incarnate
2. The Cremating Fire
3. Madness Redeemer
4. Yearn to Burn
5. Eulogy (Poisoned, Ill and Wounded)
6. Season of Rot
7. Treading the Path of the Predator

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Zemial Streaming Full “Nykta” Album

Zemial is now streaming the entirety of the new “Nykta” album online (reviewed here). Check it out at the Zero Tolerance website here.

“Nykta” is set for international release on October 31st through Hells Headbangers on CD and LP formats. The track listing is as follows:

1. Ancient Arcane Scrolls
2. Eclipse
3. Under Scythian Command
4. In the Arms of Hades
5. Breath of Pestilence
6. Deathspell
7. The Small
8. Pharos (i – Dreamer Lost, ii – The Great Dark, iii – Alone, iv – Jewels in the Dust)
9. Out of the Cage – (3:33 for Drumset and Mechanical Reproduction)

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Denouncement Pyre Streaming Full New Album "Almighty Arcanum"

Denouncement Pyre is now streaming the entirety of the band’s forthcoming “Almighty Arcanum,” set for international release on January 22nd through Hells Headbangers. The album can be heard via Decibel Magazine here. The following press release was issued about the album:

“After 10 years of underground darkness, Denouncement Pyre continue their ascent up the throne of Luciferian supremacy with Almighty Arcanum. The Aussie veterans’ second full-length after their lauded World Cremation debut (also released by Hells Headbangers), Denouncement Pyre’s ‘Almighty Arcanum’ is a veritable abyss of fiery, blackened death metal, but now sharper and more focused than ever. Total Darkness. Total Death. The unification of all that was, is, and will be: await Almighty Arcanum…”

The track listing is as follows:

1. Intro: Breath of Tehom
2. An Extension of the Void
3. Almighty Arcanum
4. He Who Conquers All
5. The Deceiver
6. Drakon: All Is One
7. Circle of Serpents
8. Darkness Manifest
9. The Redeemer

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