Cortez Premiere Pre-Release Full-Album Stream Of Upcoming New Album “No More Conqueror”

Swiss Mathcore band CORTEZ are streaming the entirety of their new album No More Conqueror below. The album is highly recommended for fans of Converge, Botch, Meshuggah and The Dillinger Escape Plan.

No More Conqueror by Cortez

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Beyond Creation Premiere Pre-Release Full-Album Stream Of Upcoming New Album “Algorythm”

Beyond Creation premiere the pre-release full-album stream of the band’s upcoming new album “Algorythm”, which will be out in stores later today via Season of Mist.

Check out now “Algorythm” in its entirety below.

Comment the band:

“It is with immense excitement that we are finally able to present you the entirety of ‘Algorythm‘. In this album, you will find yourself traveling through a wide array of diverse sounds, textures and ambiances, meticulously balanced with our classic, signature production of fast-paced and energetic songwriting. ‘Algorythm‘ is our representation of modern, cohesive progressive death metal with an extra touch of dynamic arrangements, vigorous rythmic patterns integrated with tamed, refreshing atmospheres.”

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See: Dischordia’s Josh Fallin Blast Through “Binge/Purge” In New Drum Playthrough Videos

Fresh off their latest tour with Boston natives The Summoned, Dischordia has prepared two dexterous drum playthroughs that cover the entirety of their newly released EP, Binge/Purge which dropped on June 15th. Today the band premiere the two drum playthrough videos for Binge/Purge.

You can check out both drum playthrough videos for the release below:


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Satanize Streaming Full “Death Mass Execution” EP

Portuguese war horde Satanize today streams the entirety of forthcoming EP “Death Mass Execution.” Now set for international release on August 7th via Larval Productions on 7″ vinyl format, stream all of “Death Mass Execution” below.

1. Purge Sacred Blood
2. Doom Conjuration
3. Death Mass Execution

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Kabbalah Streaming Full “Spectral Ascent” Album

Spanish occult doom metal band Kabbalah is now streaming the entirety of new album “Spectral Ascent” ahead of its July 7th, 2017 release via Twin Earth Records. Pre-orders are online for vinyl here and CD or digital formats at this location.

Spectral Ascent by Kabbalah

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Siberian Streaming Full “Through Ages Of Sleep” Album

Swedish blackened sludge metal band Siberian is now streaming the entirety of new album “Through Ages of Sleep,” which will be released worldwide tomorrow.

Check out the full stream below. “Through Ages of Sleep” is Siberian’s second theme-based album in their “Age” trilogy. The album is written and based on the dreams of band members Gus Ring, Linus Marron, and Daniel Eklöw during a two year period.

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Prison Of Mirrors Streaming “Unstinted, Delirious, Convulsive Oaths”

Italian black metal cult Prison of Mirrors is now streaming the entirety of a new two-song EP titled “Unstinted, Delirious, Convulsive Oaths.”

Set for international release on June 30th via Signal Rex on cassette tape format, you can hear “Unstinted, Delirious, Convulsive Oaths” in its entirety below. The track listing is as follows:

1. Wounds of Radical Abnegation
2. Litany of Consecration

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Cult Of Eibon Posts “Lycan Twilight Sorcery”

Greek black metal band Cult of Eibon is now streaming the entirety of debut mini-album, “Lycan Twilight Sorcery,” which can be heard below. The album officially dropped April 28th and features the following track listing:

1. ?he Final Transformation (intro)
2. The Dweller Of The Woods
3. Lycan Twilight Sorcery
4. Wolf Blood Communion
5. Xothic Bloodlines
6. Lykauges (outro)
7. Dominions of the Serpent Moon (bonus track)

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Horn Posts Entire New Album “Turm Am Hang”

Pagan black metal outfit Horn today streams the entirety of seventh album, “Turm am Hang,” which can be heard below. The album is officially set for international release on January 27th via Iron Bonehead Productions for the vinyl LP version and features the following track listing:

1. Alles in einem Schnitt
2. Turm am Hang
3. Verhallend in Landstrichen
4. Die mit dem Bogen auf dem Kreuz
5. Ä(h)renschnitter
6. Totenräumer
7. Lanz und Spieß
8. Bastion, im Seegang tauber Fels
9. The sky has not always been this way

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