Ecnephias Releases “Lord Of The Stars” Music Video

Ecnephias just released a new music video for “Lord of the Stars,” taken off the band’s self-titled album that dropped earlier this year. Avoiding the censorship frequently imposed by YouTube, the band went with Vimeo this time around. The “Ecnephias” track listing is as follows:

1. Here Begins the Chaos
2. The Firewalker
3. A Field of Flowers
4. Born to Kill and Suffer
5. Chimera
6. The Criminal
7. Tonight
8. Lord of the Stars
9. Wind of Doom
10. Nyctophilia
11. Nia Nia Nia
12. Vipra Negra
13. Satiriasi

ECNEPHIAS – Lord of the Stars (Official Videoclip) from Mancan Ecnephias on Vimeo.

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