Suicide Forest Releasing “Descend Into Despair” On Cassette

On July 7th, 2017 Folkvangr Records will release the cassette version of “Descend Into Despair” by USBM band Suicide Forest.

The album contains eight tracks of depressive black metal that will serve as a reminder that your existence is meaningless and we are all worthless. If that sounds like a hell of a good time to you, pick up your copy here or stream all the tracks below.

1. A Declaration of Misanthropy
2. The Embrace of Solitude
3. This Silence
4. A Sobering Reflection
5. Not for a lack of trying…
6. Woods of Indifference
7. The Pain of Existence
8. Sea of Glass

Descend into Despair by Suicide Forest

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Chiral Releasing “Gazing Light Eternity” On Cassette Tape

On June 16th, 2017 Folkvangr Records will release the cassette version of Chiral’s black metal masterpiece “Gazing Light Eternity.”

The album will contain one previously unreleased track and be available in extremely limited quantities. Pre-order yours here and you can stream the original tracks below.

Chiral is an Italian one-man band from the countryside near Piacenza that incorporates traditional Cascadian black metal into a more raw sound and with a special taste for acoustic instruments.

1. Part I (The Gazer)
2. Part II (The Haze)
3. Part III (The Crown)
4. Part IV (The Hourglass)
5. Part V (The Gazer’s Throne)

Gazing Light Eternity by Chiral

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Insanis Streaming Cassette Tracks Online

Russian black/death metal band Insanis has made two tracks available for streaming from the cassette release “Through The Flesh To The Eternal Dream.”

Check out “Alone With The Universe” and “Bloody Crucifixion” below. The demo’s full track listing is as follows:

1. Intro (Hail Satan)
2. Embrace Ov Death
3. Alone With The Universe
4. Bloody Crucifixion
5. Djavulens Ande (Ondskapt Cover)

Through The Flesh To The Eternal Dream (Demo) by Insanis

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Twingiant Announces “Devil Down” Cassette Release

Phoenix Arizona’s Twingiant is pleased to announce the band will release a cassette version of new album “Devil Down” via Canada’s Medusa Crush Records.

While the album is still set to be released digitally on December 2nd, 2014, the cassette (and a self-released vinyl edition) will be released on February 7th, 2015. You can hear the first single from “Devil Down,” titled “Daisy Cutter,” in the player below.

Devil Down by TWINGIANT

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