Opeth Announces NY, London, and Sydney Live Shows

Opeth will release 12th studio album, “Sorceress,” on September 30th via the band’s imprint label Moderbolaget Records alongside Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

In celebration of this release, the band has planned special shows at historic venues around the world, including Radio City Music Hall in New York on October 1st, Wembley Arena in London on November 19th and the famed Sydney Opera House on February 6th, 2017.

These memorable performances also celebrate the recent release of Opeth’s “Deliverance & Damnation” box set, featuring the classic 2002 and 2003 records as one complete work as originally intended.

Opeth will be performing music from the upcoming album as well as fan favorite cuts from the band’s celebrated catalog and closing the shows with a special set featuring material from “Deliverance & Damnation.” Mikael Akerfeldt comments:

“We’re getting pumped up for the coming ‘Sorceress’ world tour. We have 3 shows scheduled that are quite out of the ordinary due to their legendary status and location. The SSE Wembley Arena in London/UK. Radio City Music Hall in New York/USA, and the famous Sydney Opera House/Australia.

“These three shows will be completely unique in terms of songs, spanning over 2 separate set lists. We’ll pull out songs from our back catalogue and mix it up with newer stuff during the first set. The 2nd set will consist of songs exclusively from the ‘Deliverance/Damnation’ records, that was just celebrated with a re-release combo package by the newly revived Music For Nations label.

“So it’s a little bit of a celebration indeed! We’ll only play this set list 3 times on the whole world tour, so if you miss it, you’ll have missed it. Of course all other shows will be treated with the same amount of respect and we’ll chisel out a nice diverse set list spanning over our entire career for every single show during the tours. We very much hope to see you there!”

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