The Workhorse III Releasing New Album “Closer To Relevance”

Philadelphia power trio The Workhorse III will self-release third album “Closer to Relevance” on December 9th, 2016. The following press release was issued about the impending album:

“Too rock for metal and too metal for rock? More like loud, proud, and hot as Hell! Though The Workhorse III consider themselves a hard rock band, the riff-driven diversity of the music makes them so much more!

“The one certainty is that vocalist/guitarist Lisa Lyne Flynn (aka Lisa Christ Superstar), bassist/vocalist Steve McCarthy, and drummer Eric Perfect (also a world renowned tattoo artist of 26 years) worship at the altar of the mighty riff!

“The members have played in various well-known Philly bands such as Savage 3D, Limecell, and the Pagan Babies and certainly have a punk rock / metal pedigree, but when you put these three veteran musicians together you get a diverse pool of music in which to swim.”

1. War Torn City
2. Soul Crusher
3. Wasted
4. Holy Roller
5. Nothin’ From Me
6. What’s The Point
7. Want You
8. Find My Mind
9. Life of Crime
10. When I’m Gone
11. Closer to Relevance
12. I Can’t Forget

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