Video Clip For New Song “Serotonin” Issued By Angel Vivaldi, North American Tour Dates Announced

World renowned guitar prodigy Angel Vivaldi is a phenom that takes the term “guitar virtuoso” to another stratosphere. If you are unfamiliar, then welcome to the party, as Vivaldi now gears up to release his new conceptual album “Synapse” which is set for an Oct 6th release.

A very eye-catching and innovative, new music video for the track, “Serotonin,” is now live at the link below. Nita Strauss (Alice Copper) dances off in her cameo in the clip as well. It’s a MUST SEE ASAP, so check it out:

Vivaldi is also going to embark on a massive North American tour with Scale The Summit and Andy James (starting Nov 2nd). All dates can be found at this location.

Vivaldi states: “There’s a huge contrast between the video release for ‘Dopamine’ and this one for ‘Serotonin.’ My videos are another piece of the concept album that allow me to express what each song is about cinematically. Dancing is one of the best examples of ‘Serotonin’ working its magic – you feel good, you’re confident and the vibes are just right.

“Out of all of my music videos, this was the one that required the most amount of effort to pull off. I really thought it was going to be easier… turned out to be 6 months of constant choreography practice while playing. Even though it’s not a live performance I strived to make sure I put the work in to be authentic, not just some bozo miming sloppy guitar playing while dancing. This is where my Michael Jackson influence undoubtedly shows.”

“I’m going to be performing quite a bit of the new record in addition to all the fan favorites. Every time I head out for a tour, I always up the antics and bring something fresh and new that people haven’t yet experienced. To share the stage with Scale the Summit and the amazing Andy James is going to be an unforgettable and inspirational tour for myself and our audiences. This is a long-time coming and look forward to seeing all of you soon!

“‘Synapse’ was written about what I know best, which is life in my own human experience. The idea for the concept came to me some years ago during a period of extreme highs and lows. I noticed how this reflected in the music I was writing, so I decided to ride the waves and focus each song to a different brain chemical/emotion. Painting my studio 9 colors for each song might’ve been extreme, but I could think of no other way to immerse myself in a particular energy more so. I’ve always been relentlessly goal-oriented, this time I wanted to be process oriented.”

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Broken Hope Unveils New Album “Mutilated And Assimilated”

Chicago’s very own conductors of death metal brutality forming Broken Hope are pleased to announce details of their forthcoming full-length album, “Mutilated And Assimilated,” which will see the light of day on Friday, June 23rd via Century Media Records.

Regarding the new album, guitarist / lyricist / founding father Jeremy Wagner says: “Broken Hope studio album number SEVEN?! Un-fucking-believable! I’m floored at how amazing our new album turned out. The songs are relentless and violent and dark and heavy–and ALL from a fresh and ferocious place we haven’t shared before. Moreover, thanks to my new studio and the stellar work of engineering/producing Jedi – Scott Creekmore – the production is on a sonic level like we’ve never had in our career.

“Thanks to my brothers: Damian, Mike, Matt, Diego and Scott, all of whom brought their amazing talent and skills not just to the table, but kicked it into the stratosphere! Thank you to Wes Benscotter for collaborating with us to create the epic, sick, Thing-inspired album artwork, and a huge thanks to Century Media worldwide for being in our corner with this new album.

“For me personally, I feel ‘Mutilated and Assimilated’ is my own finest hour as a guitarist and lyricist since I formed this band as teenager. I ‘ve never felt this inspired before. The album has my strongest riffage to date, it also has Leski riffage on a few songs, it has my best friends on it, and in a crazy twist, I used Jeff Hanneman’s guitars to write the album with and used them to track with in honor of his influence on myself AND the world of metal.

“There’s a LOT going on with this new BH album! I can’t wait for you all to hear ‘Mutilated and Assimilated.’ Death metal forever!”

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Opul Posts Full “Levels” EP Online

“Levels,” the fourth solo recording from Opul — a.k.a. Matt Lupo of East Of The Wall — is now streaming below courtesy of, as Nefarious Industries releases the layered three-song EP today.

The fourth chapter under the Opul banner to see release in three years, “Levels” takes the multi-instrumentalists’ work to new realms, the EP full of guitar-driven, super-melodious, heavy rock riffage that aims for the stratosphere.

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Opul Streaming New Track “Presence”

Next week, East Of The Wall guitarist Matt Lupo will release the most ambitious recordings to date from his solo outfit, Opul, through latest EP “Levels.” In advance, has released the track “Presence.” Listen in at this location.

The fourth chapter Lupo will release under the Opul banner in less than three years, “Levels” takes the multi-instrumentalists’ work to new realms, both in exploration and delivery. The EP is full of guitar-driven, super-melodious, heavy rock riffage that aims for the stratosphere. The track listing is as follows:

1. Presence
2. Velocity & Saturation
3. Clarity

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