Asking Alexandria Debut New Music Video “Alone In A Room”

Asking Alexandria premiere an official music video for their track , “Alone In A Room“. The video serves as a prequel to their “Into The Fire” music video. Both tracks appear on the group’s latest self-titled effort.

The group commented of this latest clip:

“‘Alone In A Room‘ is one of our favourite songs we’ve ever written! We are so excited to finally be able to share with you, the long awaited prequel to ‘Into The Fire‘! The story continues ladies and gentlemen, thank you all so much for helping our new album continue to grow into what we feel is our most exciting and daring record to date!”

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Realms of Odoric Announces New Album “Second Age”

The Realms of Odoric story continues as Arcadius Antonik (Suidakra, Fall Of Carthage) and graphic artist Kris Verwimp (Hammer Horde, Manegarm, Hordak, Suidakra, Arkona) will release new album “Second Age” through MDD Records in December.

The album was recorded with several guest musicians from all over Europe. The orchestral recordings were taken together with the Brandenburg State Philharmonic and a video clip with the orchestral recordings is currently in preparation. Stay tuned for full info soon.

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Trollfest Checks In From The Recording Studio

Norwegian act Trollfest recently announced the band has begun recording a new album. The trolls have now checked in with the following update from the studio:

“Day two, and TrollBANK has proven to be super efficient. We are looking at at least six songs with drums recorded in just two days. This is not only according to schedule, but slightly ahead, even. It will probably prove useful later on. Of course, that TrollBANK is recording fast is not the only thing. He is also precise and laying down some really heavy stuff mixed with funk, blast beats, and whatchacallit.

“To listen to how the songs shape up just by getting proper drum-tracks is really rewarding. The drumsound we got kicks so much ass that we can’t help ourselves from being superpsyched about laying down more stuff already!

“For now: Pats on the back to TrollBANK, our eminent superman behind the drums, fellow trolls! Stay tuned! The story continues tomorrow!”

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