Conveyer Debuts Title Track From Upcoming New Album “No Future”

Conveyer debuts the title track from the band’s upcoming new album “No Future”, which will arrive in stores on June 23rd through Victory Records.

Check out now “No Future” below.

Comments vocalist Danny Adams :

“‘No Future‘ is the title track for the record because we felt it had to be as straight-forward as the meaning behind it. Human beings are meant to exist in a perfect place, but we’ve somehow deprived ourselves of the desire to venerate perfect things. I’m constantly reminded that I’m unequipped to accept that my existence is limited to this life. It’s also not a typical sounding Conveyer song – we wanted to bleed out some older influences like Buried Alive and Figure Four.”

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Dig Me No Grave Premieres New Self-Titled Track From Upcoming Album “Immemorial Curse”

Vologda, Russia based old-school death metal outfit Dig Me No Grave premieres a new self-titled track, taken from the upcoming new album “Immemorial Curse”, which will arrive in stores on June 15th by Satanath Records (Russia), Sevared Records (U.S.), and Wings of Destruction (also Russia).

Check out now “Dig Me No Grave” below.

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Self Defense Family Posts “Dave Sim” Video

Self Defense Family has a new video online for “Dave Sim,” taken off the “Heaven Is Earth” album due to hit stores on June 30th via Deathwish.

Pre-orders for the album are available at this location. The new video was filmed by Mitchell Wojcik, edited by Jessi Lee Cord, and can be seen below.

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Nothing Releasing “Guilty Of Everything” Rainbow Flag Version

Philadelphia’s Nothing has announced a special vinyl repress of debut album “Guilty of Everything” in honor of LGBT Pride Month.

The new edition, features the original black and white album cover with a rainbow flag in place of the white flag. The special repress will be available in select indie stores on June 2nd while a limited rainbow colored version is available exclusively via Relapse online.

The band and Relapse Records will donate a portion of the proceeds from each sale to the LGBT awareness non-profits, the It Gets Better Project and New Alternatives. Frontman Nicky Palermo commented on the LGBT version of the album:

“We had just finished the fourth pressing of GOE on pink vinyl in collaboration with Insound/Gilda’s Club NYC to support the fight against breast cancer. We were able to donate a portion of the sale and I thought that was a really great idea.

“Relapse and myself discussed options for the fifth pressing when we noticed the release date would end up falling in the middle of LGBT pride month, so we searched for a suitable non profit that we could do the same.

“We decided to split the proceeds among two charities and decided upon the It Gets Better Project and New Alternatives. It Get’s Better focus’ on the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans youth’s struggle of growing up in a society where many do not understand them and in many cases turn to tormenting and torture. In that they show these teens that there is a bright side coming and that they are far from alone. New Alternatives provide support services for homeless LGBT youth.”

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Lyric Video For New Track “Burn” Released By Septicflesh

Greek extreme metal giants Septicflesh released a lyric video for the new track “Burn.” The song appears on the upcoming new release “Titan,” which will hit European stores on June 20th (EU) via Season of Mist and June 23rd (USA) via Prosthetic Records.

The track list for “Titan” is as follows:

1. War In Heaven
2. Burn
3. Order Of Dracul (streaming here)
4. Prototype
5. Dogma
6. Prometheus
7. Titan
8. Confessions Of A Serial Killer
9. Ground Zero
10. The First Immortal

Check out “Burn” here:

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Eths To Reissue Debut Album "Sôma"

Eths’ new album “III” (reviewed here) is out now worldwide, except in North America where it will hit the stores on June 5th. Season of Mist has issued the following announcement about re-issuing the band’s debut album:

“This is the perfect moment to make the band’s debut full-length ‘Sôma’ available for their fast growing fan community once again. When ‘Sôma’ was originally released in 2004, it became an overnight success and catapulted the quintet from Marseilles not only on the covers of nearly every music magazine in France, but also outsold established metal-headliners like Children of Bodom or Cradle of Filth there.

“The pure raw and undiluted energy and anger bursting out from ‘Sôma’ and the stunning vocals of singer Candice make this album a milestone until today. Now re-issued with four previously unreleased exclusive bonus tracks from the 2003 demo sessions, this version of ‘Sôma’ is a must have for old and new fans!”

The track listing is as follows:

1. Méléna
2. Crucifère
3. Détruis-moi
4. Septum Lucidum
5. Le fruit des anges
6. Infini
7. Rutsah
8. Je vous hais
9. L’instant sourd
10. Simiesque
11. Ailleurs c’est ici
12. Elle s’endort
13. Crucifère [demo]
14. Détruis-moi [demo]
15. Aleph [Infini demo]
16. Je vous hais [demo]

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Miss May I Makes "Forbidden" Available For Streaming

American modern metal act Miss May I has posted a new song online for streaming. The track, titled “Forbidden,” is to be included on the band’s reissue of its latest full length “Monument,” which will arrive in stores on June 21, 2011 through Rise Records. You can check out the new song in the player below.

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Entire Track Listing Revealed For Death’s Three-Disc Reissue Of "Human"

The complete track listing has been revealed for the upcoming three-disc reissue of Death’s 1991 seminal album “Human.” The remixed and remastered set is to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the album, which originally saw release in October of 1991. The new set will hit stores on June 21, 2011 in North America through Relapse Records. You can view the track listing below.

Disc 1 – “Human”
1. Flattening Of Emotions
2. Suicide Machine
3. Together As One
4. Secret Face
5. Lack Of Comprehension
6. See Through Dreams
7. Cosmic Sea
8. Vacant Planets
9. God Of Thunder (Bonus Track)

Disc 2
1. Flattening Of Emotions (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
2. Suicide Machine (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
3. Together As One (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
4. Secret Face (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
5. Secret Face – Part 2 (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
6. Lack Of Comprehension (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
7. “Felt Good” – Studio Snippet
8. See Through Dreams (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
9. See Through Dreams – Part 2 (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
10. Vacant Planets (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
11. Cosmic Sea (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
12. Cosmic Sea Part 2 (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
13. God Of Thunder (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
14. Flattening Of Emotions (“Human” Demos)
15. Lack Of Comprehension (“Human” Demos)
16. Suicide Machine (“Human” Demos)
17. Together As One (“Human” Demos)
18. See Through Dreams (“Human” Demos)
19. Secret Face (Instrumental – “Human” Demos)
20. Vacant Planets (Instrumental – “Human” Demos)

Disc 3:
1. See Through Dreams (w/ Paul and Sean) (Rehearsal January, 1991)
2. See Through Dreams (Take 2) (w/ Paul and Sean) (Rehearsal January, 1991)
3. Secret Face (w/o Paul – 1/2 song) (Rehearsal January, 1991)
4. Secret Face (Take 2) (w/o Paul) (Rehearsal January, 1991)
5. Secret Face – Riffs (Rehearsal January, 1991)
6. Flattening Of Emotions (Riffs) (Rehearsal January, 1991)
7. Lack Of Comprehension (Riffs) (Rehearsal January, 1991)
8. Lack Of Comprehension (Take 2) (Riffs) (Rehearsal January, 1991)
9. Cosmic Sea (Riffs w/ Drum Machine) (Rehearsal January, 1991)
10. See Through Dreams (Rehearsal August, 1990)
11. Suicide Machine (Rehearsal August, 1990)
12. Together As One (Rehearsal August, 1990)
13. Suicide Machine (Drum & Bass Tracks)
14. Together As One (Drum & Bass Tracks)
15. Secret Face (Drum & Bass Tracks)
16. Lack Of Comprehension (Drum & Bass Tracks)
17. Vacant Planets (Drum & Bass Tracks)
18. Flattening Of Emotions (Drum & Bass Tracks)
19. See Through Dreams (Drum & Bass Tracks)
20. Cosmic Sea (Drum & Bass Tracks)

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