Scordatura Signs With Gore House, Working On New Album

Gore House Productions is pleased to welcome Scottish aggressive death metal unit Scordatura to the label’s expanding roster.

Founded in 2007, Scordatura spent years crafting a sound to reach the perfect, bludgeoning experience. In 2013, the band self released a debut album, “Torment of the Weak” which received North American distribution by Blast Heads Records. Today, Scordatura is currently working towards a second album while keeping heavily active live.

“We’re very happy to join the Gore House Production roster,” states vocalist Daryl Boyce. “A label that has already released some excellent albums in the brutal scene, is now giving us their backing for our upcoming album. A good working relationship between band and label is important to producing the best music we can, and we are confident we have found that in Gore House.”

Boyce adds: “We’re about to unleash our 2nd album ‘Self Created Abyss,’ which is currently half way though recording. We felt we’ve written a very honest album, as we kept in mind the basic rules of brutality, aggression, groove & technicality through out the writing process. Modern death metal with a twist of old school.”

For a preview of whats to come, fan can check out the track “Malignant Form Of Inhumanity” from the band’s 2015 demo below.

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Urobilinemia Releasing Debut Album “Wriggling Chrysalis Of Metaphysical Grudge”

The tech death newcomers from Urobilinemia have today revealed full details on their forthcoming debut offering “Wriggling Chrysalis Of Metaphysical Grudge,” due out July 22nd.

“Wriggling Chrysalis Of Metaphysical Grudge’ is our first official recording in which Urobilinemia felt we had found ‘our sound;’ brutal, technical, and even melodic at times”, states vocalist Hideto Shinohara. “I know there are still various stages that we as a band, will eventually go through when it comes down to styles and taste in music. For now, THIS is what we offer to the fans and we are extremely happy to share it with you all!”

Check out first single “Algophobia” below. Shinohara had this to say about the track: “‘Algophobia’ has to be the best example of what we were aiming for. It’s not just “extreme and brutal”, but also melodic and somewhat progressive. We hope you guys enjoy it!”

The features cover artwork by painter Mei Maro. In regards the album cover, Shinohara added: “Maro’s design captured our vision perfectly. The cover represents both our brutal and melodic side. Her art is not only grotesque but also delicate and beautiful.”

1. Endurance
2. Confusion A99
3. Lycoris
4. Algophobia
5. A Shout Of The Deceased
6. ?????????
7. Cerebral Infraction
8. ??
9. Triceratopsy
10. A Shout Of The Deceased

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Brujeria Posts “Viva Presidente Trump!”

The extreme metallers from Brujeria are currently putting the finishing touches on their fourth album release and Nuclear Blast Entertainment debut.

Recently, the band released an exclusive 7″ single for Record Store Day, which sold-out instantly in stores everywhere. Today Brujeria is offering that 7″ release, which includes the songs “Viva Presidente Trump!” and “Pared De Muerte,” for sale digitally.

“The song ‘Viva Presidente Trump!’ was on shelf for years with no idea for vocals,” states vocalist Juan Brujo. “It was gonna be an ‘Anti-Castro’ part II song but nothing came out of it. It just needed proper motivation to go and attach itself to someone… and Trump came thru!

“I see Trump as the white Republican version of Juan Brujo circa ’93. Wanting to start shit for the hell of it! That’s why it’s called ‘Viva Presidente Trump!’ We both want same thing! So much that I want to be his running mate!”

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Despite Posts “Synergi” Album Trailer

Despite has revealed a teaser video featuring four snippets from the upcoming album “Synergi,” which is scheduled for release this s ummer via Eclipse Records.

“Ever since announcing the lyric video for ‘Chaos Trigger,’ fans have been asking us for a taste of the new material,” states vocalist Peter Tuthill. “To be completely honest, we were planning to hold off until we got closer to release date, but after receiving so many requests, we just couldn’t hold this back any longer.”

New album “Synergi” is currently scheduled for worldwide release on July 22, 2016. More details about the album are slated to land soon.

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Incite Releases “No Remorse” Music Video

Incite is set to release bludgeoning new offering, “Oppression,” on April 22nd via Minus Head Records, featuring production from Steve Evetts.

Today Incite offers fans a chance to visualize the brutality with a new music video for “No Remorse.” The video is directed by Robert Sexton (Hellyeah, Death Angel, Soulfly) and stars pin-up model Shonda Mackey-Cavalera as husband Richie’s never-remorseful murderess.

“The video for ‘No Remorse’ will definitely have viewers on the edge of their seats,” states vocalist Richie Cavalera. “We brought back director Robert Sexton, who always tries to push boundaries, and he surely did on this one. We wanted a video that showcased powerful women killing men and doing it with no remorse. Each member of the band is killed a different way. The video ends with a final bloodbath as all four women hold their kill for the world to see. You’ll definitely watch it over and over again trying to catch all the subtle details in each murder.”

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Cold Snap Posts “Monster” Music Video

Cold Snap is mad as hell about child predators – the band’s intent is that this video below for “Monster” will get people talking about this problem, and give someone the courage to step forward and speak out. The video was directed by Tin Majnaric at Alfa Film Studios in Zagreb, Croatia.

“In this video there is a lot of metaphors and symbolism” states vocalist Jan Kerekes. “The video is deliberately uncomfortable to watch. That’s the point, because it’s important to see the horror of what happened. Our intent is that this video will get people talking about this problem, and give someone the courage to step forward and speak out. If this video saves just one child, then we will be proud of what we’ve done here.”

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Deadstar Assembly Announces New Album “Blame It On The Devil”

Industrial Gothic rock outfit Deadstar Assembly has signed with Standby Records and will release 4th studio LP, “Blame It On The Devil,” on February 24th. You can hear the first single “Amulet” below, thanks to

“Blame It On The Devil” was tracked primarily in the band’s new home studio and mixed in Los Angeles, ending up a visceral soundscape that is equal parts 80s metal, 90s industrial, and a truly modern sound.

“We’ve enjoyed the freedom of being independent but there comes a time when you realize working with an established label that gets it could be a game changer,” states vocalist Dearborn. “Standby will instinctively know what to do with our music delivering it to an already rabid fan base worldwide and they will be strategic in helping us reach an entirely new audience. They have a true command of distribution, marketing, press and merchandising, and were looking forward to finally unleashing our overture to fury ‘Blame It on the Devil’ on Standby Records!”

1. Blame It On The Devil
2. Overdose
3. Filth
4. Amulet
5. Into Light
6. Will Not Die
7. Baptized By Fire
8. Dirtier Than Sin
9. Adorned In Thorns
10. Devil’s Reprise

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Voices Of Extreme To Release New Album “Break The Silence” Via Smash-Mouth Records

Hailing from New York, Voices of Extreme is a powerful hard rock ensemble that will appeal to fans of dynamic, harmonic metal and melodic rock.

All of the members have extensive experience in the industry and are now supporting their new album “Break The Silence,” the follow-up to their debut album “Hypocrite.”

“Break The Silence” will be hitting stores on November 1st, 2013 via Smash-Mouth Records.

“Break The Silence,” states vocalist Don Chaffin, “is a culmination of the band’s collective influences and various individual styles, and is a direct outreach to the fans who have come to love and support our music and live performances!”

1. Damned
2. Tell Me What It Takes
3. Apocalypse
4. Break the Silence
5. Numb
6. Did It Again
7. Hollow
8. Made of Stone
9. Blown Away
10. Sorry
11. Pain
12. More than Anything

VOX was created by childhood friends Don Chaffin and Bob Brennan. The two started working on the recordings for their second release in late 2009 when Brennan and Nick Gertsson returned to New York and reunited with Chaffin. VOX debuted in 2005 with “Hypocrite,” a record that was produced by Danny Spitz (Anthrax).

Over the past seven years, VOX. has shared the stage with Godsmack, Disturbed, Alice in Chains, Powerman 5000, Buckcherry, 10 Years, Dope, Dropkick Murphys, and many more.

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Gypsyhawk Announces Release Show For New Album "Revelry & Resilience"

Pasadena, CA’s Gypsyhawk will be celebrating the release of the “Reverly & Resilience” album with an in-store performance at Vacation Vinyl in Los Angeles, CA. The album release party/performance is free and will be held on August 24th at 8:00pm. Additionally, “The Great Food Truck Race”-winning Grill ‘Em All truck will be serving metal themed burgers before the show from 6:00pm-8:00pm. The following press release was also issued by Metal Blade:

“Revisiting the electrifying sounds of bullshit-free 70s rock, Gypsyhawk are a breath of fresh air compared to the endless onslaught of breakdown obsessed bands cluttering up heavy music. Marinating their wares in whiskey and weed, they hurl out blistering riffs and irresistible hooks and grooves, doing their damnedest to ensure that everyone at their shows is having as much fun as they are. With Revelry & Resilience, their second full-length and Metal Blade debut, this vibe bleeds from the speakers from start to finish, determinedly putting a smile on your face and compelling you to throw your hair around, no matter how much or how little you might have.”

“It’s music for girls to shake their asses to and dudes to bang their heads,” states vocalist/bassist Eric Harris. “It’s good-time rock and roll, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously, but at the same time we’re not one-dimensional ‘yeah-dude-let’s-party-all-the-fucking-time!’ guys, and I like to think there’s something for everyone in our music.”

“Reverly & Resilience” will be in stores on August 28th, 2012. Gypsyhawk will be performing as part of the Mayhem Festival Cruise alongside Lamb of God, Anthrax, Machine Head, Hatebreed, and label mates Battlecross, plus many more from December 7th – December 10th. For the complete line up, information, and to book a room, visit this location.

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The 69 Eyes Working On New Full-Length Album

Finland’s The 69 Eyes is currently hard at work on the band’s tenth studio album in Stockholm, Sweden. The new album will reference the band’s trademark “goth’n’roll” sound best exemplified on the albums “Blessed Be” from 2000 and “Paris Kills” from 2002.

“The last album was recorded in Hollywood adding that special L.A. glam flavor to our sound,” states vocalist Jyrki Linnankivi (aka Jyrki69). “Now this time – as this album is our ‘Made in Sweden’ record – our melodic, Scandinavian melancholy side is rising to the top!”

The 69 Eyes has paired up with the Swedish production team On The Verge. The band’s new album will be released worldwide via Nuclear Blast Records this fall and is the follow-up to 2009’s “Back In Blood,” which was produced by American Grammy Award-winning producer/engineer Matt Hyde (Slayer, Hatebreed, Monster Magnet).

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