Justice Theory Posts New Single “Welcome To The Family”

Finnish thrash metal band Justice Theory has released a new single titled ”Welcome To The Family.” The song chronicles a citizen who has had enough of this world shackled by foolish standards and limitations, so he builds a family of rebels to riot against all the rules.

Justice Theory’s Valtteri comments: “In the beginning we decided that our next single is going to be cheery, high-powered track. We took few steps back from massiveness and melodiousness that our previous single ‘Unbroken’ was all about. ‘

“‘Welcome To The Family’ is highly inspired by our first single ‘Necessary Evil’ and also has the vibes that Anthrax were been able to bring in their songs – Not too seriously, but convincingly. I think that we managed to get what we wanted in this song, and I’m quite sure that it will be one of the highlights on our upcoming shows. IT ROCKS!

“This song is dedicated to our dearest friends and fans, who are supported and believed in us from the very beginning. We are more than happy to see that you guys are out there! So huge thank you all!”

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Mindsnare Releases First Album In 10 Years “Unholy Rush”

The Australian crew Mindsnare today releases a first album in 10 years. “Unholy Rush” is the band’s 5th album following 2007 release, “Disturb The Hive.” You can pick up your copy here or stream all the songs below.

“Unholy Rush” was engineered by Jason Fuller at Goat Sound, mixed by Kurt Ballou at GodCity, mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, and produced by Jason Fuller and Beltsy. The cover illustration was crafted by Sawblade.

1. Intro 01:11
2. Winter 02:27
3. Lacerate To Exist 02:29
4. Unholy Rush 01:41
5. Into Infinity 02:43
6. Gateway To Madness 02:15
7. The Inquisition 02:17
8. The Holy Bull Rides Fast 02:28
9. Nowhere To Run 02:06
10. Escape The Fallout 02:04
11. Not A Lot Gets Forgiven 03:02
12. Witches With Blood 04:26
13. Buried Alive 01:27

Unholy Rush by Mindsnare

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Incontinence Announces “Prey For Us” Album Release

Spearheaded by four New York death metal veterans – involved in venerable acts such as Skinless, Held Under, Armor Column, Dry Heave and Burial – the appealingly named Incontinence proudly reveal details for the release of debut album, “Prey For Us.”

Scheduled for release on May 15th, 2017 via Ultimate Massacre Productions, Incontinence came up with a record intent on bringing brutality to the metal-minded masses, within a package of strong tracks that hook the listener in and don’t let go.

As a taste of what’s the come, the band just unleashed a track from the album entitled “Cryptofascist” – check it out below.

“The biggest underlying theme of the album is being under control, losing control and misery in lower-to-middle-class America,” comments the band. “For example, ‘Capitalist Martyr’ deals with a lower-level employee of a large corporation being shamed and forced into working longer hours. ‘Phantom Heart,’ ‘The Outrage Machine’ and ‘Inner Psychopath (Believe the Lie)’ all tie into the theme of being under control, being manipulated and losing one’s mind.”

The band goes on to state, “Elsewhere, ‘Escape to the Slaughter’ is a song loosely about a real-life event in which a herd of bison escaped from a buffalo meat farm just south of the Capital Region. They eventually got cornered and slaughtered by marksmen. This was written from the perspective of the bison herd. ‘Cryptofascist’ is without question about the rise of Trumpism/nationalism in the USA, but you could also apply it to other parts of the globe, as nationalism has seemingly become trendy. The song was written in the middle of the ridiculous US presidential campaign, prior to the election, and was never meant to be a prophecy. Several of the songs on the album were written structurally in the vein of what Chuck Shuldinder did on the last four Death albums as well as on the ‘Control Denied’ album. Death was a big time influence on ‘Prey For Us.'”

1. Inner Psychopath
2. The Outrage Machine
3. Capitalist Martyr
4. Phantom Heart
5. Cryptofascist
6. Escape To The Slaughter
7. Prey For Us
8. All That Never Was & All That Will Never Be

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Hukutus Debuts New Single “Metsä ja yö”

Finnish band Hukutus debuts a new song entitled “Metsä ja yö” (meaning “The Forest and the Night”). The cover art for the single was done by Li Virtanen.

Explains the band: “Emotionally, this songs steps into black metal territory, but in ethereal and mid-paced ways. We pursued to capture a feeling of sacredness. The title translates to ‘The Forest and the Night’ and the concept is rather straightforward — on one hand, the song is an ode to our heritage and on the other, it describes a force that is older than our world, from a time before any light was created. Outside laws of nature and beyond all restrictions. And it guides our path through this existence.”

Check out now “Metsä ja yö” below.

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The Wizards Sign With Fighter Records, New Album Details Revealed

Spanish ’70s hard/heavy rock band The Wizards has inked a deal with Fighter Records for the release of the highly anticipated second album “Full Moon in Scorpio,” which will see the light on May 16th internationally.

Formed in Bilbao (Basque Country) back in 2013, these five outcasts decided to form a band after several intense sessions of drug abuse and hard liquor drinking marathons at backyard parties where the records of Black Sabbath, Danzing, The Cult, Blue Oyster Cult, Pentagram, Deep Purple, Dio, Horisont, and Electric Wizard were played so loud, neighbors would call the police sooner than expected.

In January 2014, The Wizards recorded the first demo, “Plagues.” With only four songs recorded and a bunch of covers, the band was able to win the 26th edition of the local pop/rock contest Villa de Bilbao. During 2015, the band released the self-titled debut album through its own label, Witch Records, in collaboration with French label Geea Music.

The band played live in France, Basque Country, and Spain opening for legendary bands and artists such as The Dictators, Iggy Pop, and Turbonegro, sharing the stage with bands like Horisont, Peter Pan Speed Rock, and Hypnos among others. The Wizards was even invited to participate in festivals such as Madrid Stoner Scene Fest, Kriston Fest, and Faan Fest.

During April 2016, The Wizards entered Gaua Studio together with Brooklyn-based produced Dean Rispler, current bass-player for The Dictators. During two weeks, they recorded eight songs that form the upcoming second album. “Full Moon in Scorpio” was engineered by Asier Zubelbu and mixed and mastered by Jesse Cannon (The Cure, The Misfits, The Dillinger Escape Plan) at Cannon Found Soundation in Union City, New Jersey.

The new release contains eight tracks of hard & heavy rock attack, the lyrics dealing with such issues as the destruction of the veils that blind us, the vast concepts of space and time, the search for spiritual enlightenment, and so on. For the band, it truly means a step forward in the quest for world domination. The sound is bigger, the songs are better, and The Wizards is ready to destroy and fuck things up wherever a presence is needed. The western world is collapsing – let’s dance over the fires while we howl at the Scorpio Moon. All in the name of rock ‘n’ roll – all in the name of Lucifer!

“Full Moon in Scorpio” will be released in CD and vinyl LP formats. In the meantime, check out lead off track “Avidya” below. The album artwork and track listing can be found here:

1. Avidya
2. Calliope (Cosmic Revelations)
3. Odinist
4. Stardust
5. Leaving the Past Behind
6. Halftones to Eternity
7. Who are You, Mr. Gurdjieff?
8. When We Were Gods

Check out “Avidya” here:

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Crnkshft Offering Free “Old Habits” Download

Vancouver, BC’s Crnkshft will unleash a new self-titled EP produced by Daren Grahn (Metallica, Hedley, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi) on March 24th, 2017.

The group comments: “We’re not a band that’s going to give you stage props and fake blood and shit, we’re going to give you an emotional rollercoaster, it’s not just straight metal or straight rock, it’s a mixer of everything in between, the songs have tonnes of dynamic, and we push for people to get caught up in it.”

Today Crnkshft has some “Old Habits” to brush off onto fans with an free download of a new single. Grab your copy here or stream the track below.

The wrecking crew adds: “Our new EP is a beast; we are really excited to showcase our melodic side. The four songs should touch a wide demographic of fans, which is what we want. We aren’t looking to be defined as just a heavy metal band, but as a hard knocking punch to get anyone going. We’re accepted by all those who listen to metal and rock. The whole idea of Crnkshfts music is that we’ll be enjoyed by fans across a variety of genres.”

Vocalist Shane Jolie further states about the lyrics: “This EP is pseudo political, but also has songs about heartache and emotions, it’s not a story from start to finish, and each song has its own message. It’s an EP to show the world who we are and what we’re all about. My writing is dark, ideas came from depression and anger, sometimes when I’m happy, but mostly not and it’s still very true to this day. I want people to take whatever they can from the listening experience of our new EP. Music always helped me out of my funks and I want Crnkshft to do the same. Let it be accessible to all people and all feelings.”

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Feral Finishes Writing New Album Due Out This Year

Following the release of the “From The Mortuary” EP back in December, Swedish death metal group Feral is glad to announce today that the writing for the next full-length album is finally finished. Feral issued this statement:

“We have been working hard since the release of ‘Where Dead Dreams Dwell’ to not once again end up with a four year gap between albums, but you can all rest assured that this is not something that has been hastily thrown together in order to meet a deadline.

“On contrary, we have put more time in than ever before to fine-tune the material as much as possible in an early stage. ‘Where Dead Dreams Dwell’ is a though album to follow for us, since we are extremely satisfied with the final results which we landed on. But there is a togetherness in the new material that can only come from playing together for a long time, and doing it often. We are a rehearsing band, and would never write songs in the studio as we record them.

“At the moment we are rehearsing and making the finishing touches to all of the new songs, which are 15 in total. Most of them are already sounding like they should with no further tweaking needed and once all of the material is 100% know by heart and well thought through we will book the studio to record. After recording the songs that fit together the best will but assembled to make out the album. Some fitting album titles have been thrown around, but this will be announced at a later time.

“The new songs range from pure Swedish Death Metal with eerie leads to crushing mid-tempo and slower track as well as some of the fastest and most ‘technical’ songs Feral has ever put out, all with our punk and thrash influences clearly imbued.

“Our hope is to have the new album out during 2017, but have in mind that a lot of the things surrounding a new release are out of the bands hands, such as formats and release dates. So no more precise info can be given at the moment.

“Furthermore we have other plans for 2017 as well; last year’s EP ‘From the Mortuary’ will finally see a vinyl release! More info in this is to be revealed soon, but it will be a really good-looking and sounding piece with a dedicated vinyl mastering. We will also participate on some very promising compilation- and split LPs with other really great bands from Sweden.

“Dead eyes see what the living can only dream.”

From The Mortuary EP by FERAL

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Lyric Video For New Song “The Incredible Machine” Issued BY SynaptiK

Norwich, U.K. progressive metal act SynaptiK is launching the sophomore studio album entitled “Justify & Reason” today via Divebomb Records (Snakes On Fire in the U.K.). The follow-up to the 2014 debut “The Mechanisms of Consequence” can be ordered via the band’s official webstore in various packages. Along with the release of “Justify & Reason,” SynaptiK is premiering a lyric video for the new son “The incredible Machine” in the player below.

The creative process for “Justify & Reason” was a great, positive experience. Singer John Knight commented: “We have honed our skills and built on the knowledge gained from the experiences recording the debut album and channeled these into ‘Justify and Reason.’ The way we wrote and recorded this album seemed to work a hell of a lot better for us this time. A lot more time spent on pre-studio recording and getting everything sounding right, working on guitar harmonies, new drum patterns that fit the riffs and feel of the songs better. So when it came to recording it, it was quite a nice chilled but yet focused time, we got the whole album recorded in just a week.”

With the new album out, SynaptiK’s plans are clear — the idea is to promote the new material live as much as possible. According to Knight, “It’s always tough with the lead up to realizing an album and this is the biggest push we have given an album, it deserves it, it’s a great album, I know everyone says that but I truly believe this and I really hope it goes on to win Synaptik more fans worldwide. It’s a massive world and there are so many metal heads out there that I’m certain will really appreciate the songs on ‘J&R,’ they just need to get a chance to hear them. So the aim is to continue to push the album as hard and as far as we can, we are also looking for festivals outside the UK to give us a chance to play these songs live, so please share our videos and sounds, web pages and let all your friends know about us. Onward.”

“Justify & Reason” ventures into the dark, labyrinthine corridors of the human psyche to examine the relationship between inner emotions and society at large ? universal themes that transcend cultural and national boundaries. Each song has a different feel, they are their own monster, the lyrics reflect these different moods, the effects of anti-psychotic medication, regret, emotional abuse/control, and the human brain and the mysteries it holds.

Check out “The Incredible Machine” here:

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Artwork For New Album “Black Eyed Children” Revealed By Astral Doors

Swedish metal act Astral Doors announced the next chapter in its discography – “Black Eyed Children.” The new album is set to drop on April 28th via Metalville Records.

For two years, Astral Doors has been working on the eighth studio album. “Black Eyed Children” will once and for all will prove that the bans is the king of classic heavy rock.

The music is heavier, the lyrics darker and most important: the songs are stronger than ever. The title “Black Eyed Children” is based on a modern day ghost story. Or is it just a story?

You better beware! Stay tuned for more information. Check out the album artwork, which was created by Felipe Machado Franco, here:

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Ensiferum begins work on seventh full-length

– February 28th, 2017 –

Issues album update

Ensiferum recently entered the Astia studio in Lappeenranta, Finland, where the band recorded a few demo songs for their upcoming seventh full-length, set to be released September 2017 via Metal Blade Records. The quintet will soon return to the Astia studio to begin recording this new album, which will be produced once again by Anssi Kippo (Children Of Bodom, Impaled Nazarene, Entwine etc.).

Sami Hinkka (bass) comments: “Hi Folks! So, as some of you might have already noticed from our social media channels, we are getting ready to go record the next Ensiferum album pretty soon. Just a few weeks ago, we recorded demo versions with Anssi Kippo, who also recorded and produced ‘One Man Army‘. The demo session went smoothly, and working with Anssi is always such a pleasure because he is so full of creative ideas and positive attitude. The goal for the new album will be to capture Ensiferum‘s live energy on the songs, and we also plan to use analog recording as much as possible to guarantee the best possible sound.
The song material will include familiar elements, but like we always love to do, we will also take Ensiferum‘s mighty warship to unexplored seas of musical madness. More info later.”

Before the album’s release, European fans will be able to catch Ensiferum at various festivals this summer. See below for all dates, with more shows to be announced soon!

Ensiferum tour dates:
Mar. 31 – Full Metal Mountain – Troepolach, Austria
Apr. 1 – Rock In Hell – Colmar, France
Apr. 7 – Metal Franconia Festival – Dettelbach, Germany
Apr. 8 – Durbuy Rock Festival – Durbuy, Belgium
June 3 – Metal Open Air Plzen – Plzen, Czech Republic
June 30 – Rockfest Barcelona – Barcelona, Spain
July 1 – Hoernerfest – Brande-Hoernerkirchen, Germany
July 13 – Dong Open Air – Neukirchen – Vlyn, Germany

Ensiferum has been flying the flag of epic, folk-infused death metal high and proud for two decades. Commended for being “their most polished album to-date,” by Metal Hammer, “one of folk metal’s finest acts” by Loudwire.com and “warlike and fiery” by MetalSucks.net, their latest album, One Man Army (2015), can be previewed and purchased at: metalblade.com/ensiferum

Ensiferum online:

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