Gateway to Hell Premieres Pre-Release Full-Album Stream Of Upcoming New EP “Clovers”

Maryland doom quintet Gateway to Hell premieres the pre-release full-album stream of the band’s upcoming new EP “Clovers”, which will arrive in stores later today via Unholy Anarchy Records.

Check out now “Clovers” in its entirety below.

Explains the band:

“Most of the songs we write are based around inside jokes that eventually snowball into a twisted story backed by catchy riffs. For instance, the title track started out as a reference to an episode of the show Review, where the main character has to go to jail with their imaginary friend named Clovers. From that joke, the song morphed into a reflection of the masks we wear to impress others, whether that be an uneasy performer onstage or an overwhelmed friend going through the motions of life. Clovers is equally inspired by the the life of Paul Stanley and your average childhood imaginary friend – both burdened to live up to the expectations of others in the face of the grim realities of life. Musically, we wanted to conjure the quiet before the show followed by the rush as the curtains get pulled. By the time the solo rolls around, you’re comfortable in your groove and have finally become the anticipated entertainment of the night. At the end of the song, the show’s over, and you’re left alone with your insecurities.”

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Warbeast Streaming New Song “Punishment For Gluttony”

As Texas thrash group Warbeast prepares for the release of the “Enter The Arena” album through Housecore Records in early August, today molten new track “Punishment For Gluttony” comes online and can be heard below.

Issues Warbeast guitarist Scott Shelby of the new track, “‘Punishment…’ is a power house song that has all the key elements that make thrash what it is. When it was written I knew this was a heavyweight contender for us.”

Adds vocalist Bruce Corbitt, “Thanks to Revolver for the premiere of one of my favorite tracks off our new album! To me this song is vintage Texas thrash and defines what Warbeast is all about… pure aggression and adrenaline from start to finish.

“For the lyrics, I envisioned a guy like Tony Montana, who does everything in life to the extreme. So much so that he becomes his own worst enemy. There are some actual lines in this song directly from the movie Scarface that some of you will probably catch. Luckily before I had to retire we performed this song live several times… and it always got a good reaction from the crowd. So, I’m really excited that the rest of the world is finally able to hear it.”

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New Lyric Video “The Shadow Of The Vampire” Issued By Infestus

Venezuelean gothic metal band Infestus released a new lyric video for the song “The Shadow of the Vampire.” The song is lifted from the recently released new EP “Dresses Of Darkness,” available via Club Inferno.

Check it out here:

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New Lyric Video “Fallen Is The Simulacrum Of Bel” Issued By Aeternam

Canadian death/folk metal act Aeternam posted a new lyric video for the song “Fallen is the Simulacrum of Bel.” The song appears on the latest album “Ruins Of Empires,” which dropped back in February.

Aeternam will perform on the upcoming 8th voyage of 70,000 Tons of Metal in February 2018. For the latest in band announcements, head over to this location.

Check out the clip here:

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Sun Of The Sleepless Premieres New Song “The Owl” From Upcoming New Album “To the Elements”

Black metal unit Sun Of The Sleepless premieres a new song entitled “The Owl”, taken from the upcoming new album “To the Elements”, which will be released by Prophecy Productions in a variety of formats: as a digipak CD (with a 12-page booklet), a gatefold LP (on both black and limited silver vinyl), and as a collector’s 2xCD box (which includes the digipak CD, the out-of-print 1999 MCD Poems To The Wretches Hearts in a cardsleeve, a patch, and an autographed, hand-numbered certificate in a hotfoil-embossed box).

Check out now “The Owl” below.

Explains Sun Of The Sleepless:

“‘The Owl‘ is actually the first song that was written and recorded for the album. The verse riff/main theme of this song was the spark that lit the fire, so to speak. This was also the first song I recorded the drums for and it made me realize that Black Metal drumming is even more exhausting than I remembered it to be from — wait…18 years ago. ‘The Owl‘ is a hymn to the nocturnal self. The Owl as a symbol for individuality (in German we use the word “Kauz” — tawny owl — to describe a pariah) but also wisdom, superiority — the unrelenting spirit of the night. Musically, I really wanted to have this ‘lonesome nighttime atmosphere’ to be the absolute focus of this song. It draws elements from Empyrium (how come?), old The 3rd and the Mortal, Emperor and influences by some of the more melodic Swedish Black Metal Bands too. One of my favorites for sure. Sublime, free, forever at night — The Owl”

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Drap Posts “Ner På Kn” Music Video

Swedish death / crust crew Drap just launched a brand new video clip for the song “Ner På Knä”, taken from recently released 2nd album “Roten Till Allt Ont.”

“Roten Till Allt Ont” was released on the 1st of June through Xtreem Music on CD format. Check out another song off the album right here. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Ner på Knä 02:51
2. Ärrvävnad 04:38
3. Hat för en Livstid 04:24
4. Övervåld 02:24
5. Roten till allt Ont 03:33
6. Yttersta Domen 03:54
7. Eremit 02:38
8. Nederlag 05:48

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New Music Video “In The Night” Released By Vescera

Vescera – featuring Obsession lead vocalist Michael Vescera (ex-Loudness/ex-Yingwie Malmsteen) and ex-members of Nitehawks – released a video clip for the song “In the Night.” The song appears on the debut record “Beyond the Fight,” which is available now via Pure Steel Records.

Check out the clip here:

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Infestatio Streaming New Music Video “Jeff”

Brazil’s thrash metal outfit Infestatio is streaming a new music video entitled “Jeff” – paying tribute to the late Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman. The video was edited by guitarist Renato Jafet and the song was recorded at Wink studio and produced by Rafael Neves and Caio Picolotto. Mastering was carried out at Sterling Sound Studio (Lamb Of God, Paradise Lost and Gojira).

Check out now “Jeff” below.

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New Lyric Video “Chaos Undivided” Available From Necrophor

Swedish death/thrash act Necrophor issued a new lyric video for the song “Chaos Undivided.” The track is lifted from the band’s latest release “Reborn,” which is available now through Sliptrick Records.

Check out the clip here:

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Horcrux Streaming New Single “The Dark Mark”

Ottawa, Canada based metalcore/deathcore outfit Horcrux debuts a new single titled “The Dark Mark”, which is available through all major digital distributors, including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and Tidal. Comments the band on the song:

“The lyrics for this song go hand in hand with the first song we’ve put out, ‘The Outsider.’ The lyrics are about accepting your fate and moving on with life no matter what the conditions are.”

Check out now “The Dark Mark” below.

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