Absinthe From Society Releases New EP “The Angels Ignored Us”

First launching on to the Edmonton metal scene in 2006 and releasing debut EP “Project Infection” in 2012, Absinthe From Society returns in 2017 after a short hiatus with next release “The Angels Ignored Us,” which officially drops today.

Comprised of founder Ian “Saint Absinthe” Harper and Adam “The Caveman” Roberts (drums & percussion), along with Lexi “Shitkicker 9000” Graham (bass & vocals), the trio combine an aggressive sound with ethereal texture.

Ian Harper comments: “Existing fans will love it and hopefully other people who hear it for the first time will be impressed. The EP has a lot of raw sound, which was part of the goal for the EP. We didn’t want anything overly produced because that seems to be the trend these days, and we feel that live music is really at the root of any musical renaissance.

“We find our music attracts different people. We have a heavier sound, but we do have softer melodies. My lyrics are emotionally charged and give each track its own personality. In this new EP, my writings deal mainly with relationships and especially toxic ones, which I’m sure many can relate to along with feelings of frustration and anger as well as sadness. Overall, whether you’re a mosher or someone who stands and grooves, we find we’ll appeal to most in the metal spectrum.”

1. Hellbent (3:54)
2. A Man Possessed (4:05)
3. Never (4:49)
4. Worth It (4:04)

The Angels Ignored Us by Absinthe From Society

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Society 1 Announces New Album “Rise From The Dead”

Southern California’s industrial metal group Society 1 has inked a deal with DSN Music to release upcoming album “Rise From The Dead,” scheduled for release this March.

Society 1, which was founded in 1996 by the infamous Lord Zane on lead vocals, also features veteran guitarist Maxxxwell Carlisle, bassist Dirt Von Karloff, and drummer Iorden Mitev.

“It feels good to be back at it again, like an old lover who fucked you better than anyone before or after” said Zane during a decadent signing party at the DSN Music complex in Malibu, CA. “Everyone has those moments when you resurrect and reinvent. This album ‘Rise From The Dead’ is one of those moments.”

The comeback for Zane follows a hiatus during which he established a successful Hollywood career as a music video director, working on projects with such acts as Zakk Wylde, John 5, DMC, Wayne Static, and Orgy. “For me this isn’t so much of a return for the band but more a return of
my understanding of how necessary musical exploration is to my existence,” said Zane.

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Blessed Curse Announces New Album “Beware Of The Night”

Nor Cal’s Blessed Curse is back. It’s been some time since the trio released a full-length, self-titled album in 2012. But on March 31st these thrashers make a comeback with “Beware of the Night.”

Ripping and tearing through five new songs of blistering, aggressive metal, “Beware of the Night” was once again produced by Juan Urteaga (Sadus, Exodus, Testament) at Trident Studios.

“Recording with Juan has been a great experience in the past and this time was no different,” states drummer Derek Bean. “I feel like this whole session was an improvement from the 2012 self-titled album from our playing to the final masters. We worked timely and efficiently on getting these songs recorded to the best of all our abilities, which definitely shows in the final release.”

The album also introduces new bass player Dan Keenan. “The delay of the band also just had to do with finding the correct person who has the same goals and desires as us and wants to improve and push us forward into our own sound and style which took some time,” adds Derek.

Now armed with a new recording, featuring striking cover artwork from Stone Design’s Brian Lewis (DevilDriver, Black Label Society, Cultural Warfare), Blessed Curse has been doing regional shows, including one this week supporting The Mentors at Café Colonial in Sacramento on February 18th. In the meantime, the guys promise there won’t be as much delay between recordings with several new songs already written for a future full album.

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In The Company Of Serpents Streaming New Song “Limitless Light”

“Ain-Soph Aur,” the new studio offering from Denver doom duo In The Company Of Serpents, will see independent release on March 10th, 2017. In advance of its release, today closing track “Limitless Light” comes online and can be heard below.

“‘Limitless Light’ is probably the heaviest thing we’ve written to date,” comments vocalist Grant Netzorg, “and it’s my favorite track off the new record. It’s a very cathartic and often painful song for me to play live. Thematically, this song deals with striving to realize the true version of one’s self, the self that is who we essentially are at the core of our beings when all other baggage we acquire in life is stripped away.”

He goes on to say, “It is that true and beautiful version of ourselves that we must take every effort to honor and act upon, and it is a lifelong pursuit. This song has a strong melancholy to it, because I know that in many ways I have personally failed in this endeavor, whether through personal or professional obligations, or in the simple reality of how our society operates. Nonetheless it is an immense goal worthy of constant and continued effort, regardless of any personal setbacks I have encountered on the path there, and I intend to keep chasing that ideal.”

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Yurodivy Streaming New Album “Aphos”

Yurodivy’s new album “Aphos” is out today – February 2nd – via WOOAAARGH Records and all the tracks can be heard below. The label also comments:

“Like a metaphoric tale, the album trace the story of a fish which decided to leave the cold and dark sea bed to swallow the sun and bring it back into the abyss. The title ‘Children Of The Sun’ captures the division of a people that is facing a system settled by former generations that is now beyond their control.

“In this tale, it is the moment when the sun, brought on the seafloor as something positive, is dividing everyone. Using material from the Battleship Potemkin movie and linking it with the current state of our society seemed for us a good way to represent the analogy of the lyrics of this song, and, by extension, of the whole disc.

“‘In The Violence Of The Ashes’ is the 8th chapter of ‘Aphos.’ It is the key moment in the story told in this album. It illustrates our heroin’s journey towards the earth center, a concious fall towards hell, this moment when it becomes necessary to touch the bottom to become aware of real problems.”

1. Six Feet Under Water 05:57
2. The Way Of The Light 02:23
3. Ascension 04:01
4. 40 Days 08:57
5. Now You Can Feed The Monster (part1) 02:30
6. Now You Can Feed The Monster (part2) 04:15
7. Children Of The Sun 01:30
8. In The Violence Of The Ashes 01:34
9. War Drums 02:10
10. Necessary 03:32
11. Genesis 04:57


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The Vicious Head Society Announces Debut Album “Abject Tomorrow”

The Vicious Head Society, the brainchild of Irish guitar virtuoso Graham Keane, today reveals that debut album “Abject Tomorrow” will be released on the 24th of March, 2017.

Featuring guests such as keyboardist Derek Sherinan of Alice Cooper fame, fellow Irishman and bass player Pat Byrne, and drum machine Kevin Talley, “Abject Tomorrow” is sure to please the ears of progressive metal fans and those with a taste for all things guitar.

As with most progressive records, “Abject Tomorrow” is no different in the sense that it is a concept album. The story is based in a dystopian future in which all humans are required to have emotion inhibiting implants implanted from birth. One man’s implant fails and it chronicles his journey of discovery and reconnection with his humanity.

“It’s a concept album but the more and more I wrote the more it became a strange biographical narration of my own confidence struggle with putting music into the world,” states Keane. “I hope it finds some kind of audience and that people enjoy it. For me, it’s a very emotive album. Even though it’s a concept album on the surface, there’s a lot of personal experience in it and there’s sure to be some people out there who can connect with it on an emotional level.”

1. The Sycophants
2. Abject Tomorrow
3. Downfall
4. Agenda
5. The 11th Hour
6. Psychedelic Torture Trip
7. Gods Of The New Age
8. Analogue Spectre

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Solitary Releasing New Album “The Diseased Heart Of Society”

UKEM Records has revealed that a brand new Solitary full-length album will be unleashed on Friday, March 3rd, 2017.

The album is entitled “The Diseased Heart Of Society” and features sleeve art from Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art, who also created the hard hitting lyric video for the single “Unidentified.”

That track appears on the album along with nine other monster songs that together set new standards for U.K. thrash. The full album track listing is as follows:

1. Blackened Skies
2. Wait
3. Trigger Point Atrocity
4. Anthem Of Regret
5. Architects Of Shame
6. The Diseased Heart Of Society
7. Unidentified
8. The Words Define
9. The Edge Of Violence
10. Humanity’s Decline

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No Turning Back Streams “No Time To Waste” Title Track

No Turning Back is now streaming the title track to new album “No Time To Waste,” which can be heard below, and the band also comments:

Pre-order our new album ‘No Time To Waste’ digitally and you’ll be able to download both songs for free and get the new album a week before it’s released on February 17th!!”

1. I Won’t Fall
2. Hold On Tight
3. Heart Of Stone
4. Sick Society
5. End This War
6. Betrayed
7. Turn The Tide
8. Stand My Ground
9. Together
10. Ashes To Dust
11. True Sorrow
12. No Time To Waste

No Time To Waste by No Turning Back

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New Music Video “Post Society” Issued By Voivod

Canadian avante garde progressive thrash act Voivod released a new music video for the song “Post Society.” Check it out below. The song appears on the 7″ split release with Entombed A.D. that was issued back at the tail end of October. The band recently confirmed that work is underway for a new studio album expected for 2017.

Check out “Post Society” here:

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New Single “Pure Evil” Streaming From Like A Storm

New Zealand hard rock/metal act Like A Storm are returning for the fourth tour of Europe/UK, this time with heavyweights Alter Bridge and support from Volbeat, Gojira and Living Color..

Says bassist Kent Brooks: “From the very first time we came over, we knew that this was a special part of the world to come and play. Rock and Metal are definitely not dead here! People wear their hearts on their sleeves. We’ve never had a bad show here, so we’re very stoked to be back.”

Like A Storm is coming back with a brand new single “Pure Evil” (streaming below), which will be accompanied later this month by a video featuring the band playing in the abandoned Methodist Church in the U.S. “We actually filmed in a place considered to be one of America’s most dangerous cities. We had to hire armed police officers as security – that was a different experience, coming from New Zealand!” says Kent. The song itself is a opus, combining metal drumming and riffage with choirs, electronic music, and of course Like A Storm’s trademark didgeridoo.

Lyrically the song marks a turning point in Like A Storm’s writing, addressing the dark side of religious and political power. Says guitarist Matt Brooks: “Those members of our society who are supposed to be a shining example of morality are so often revealed to be corrupt, immoral, and even dangerous. The cover ups, scandals and exploitation that pervade the highest levels of church and government are just sickening. So ‘Pure Evil’ seemed like the perfect way to sum up this absolute hypocrisy – these people appear so righteous, but at their core they are the worst of the worst.”

“From all of our touring here we got turned onto a lot of heavier music coming out of Europe/Scandanavia like Dimmu Borgir & Gojira,” says Kent. “We’ve always loved writing music that’s layered and epic, and wanted to keep pushing that.”

Check out “Pure Evil” here:

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