Dorothy Polonium Releases “Secrets Of The Deep” Music Video

Finnish group Dorothy Polonium just released a second single and accompanying music video “Secrets of the Deep,” following previous single release “Dystopia.” These two songs are paving the way for an upcoming debut album.

Dorothy Polonium will also embark on a European tour with fellow Finnish band Escalane, which commences in Prague on May 24th – full details can be found at Facebook here or by following the band’s official blog here.

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Loudguns Posts New Lyric Video Singles

The wait is finally over for 80’s hard rock fans: after a year of hiatus the thunderous Fnnish group Loudguns is back with a new double single release including two new tracks: “Billie The Queen” & “These Dreams.”

These two tracks are culled from upcoming 3rd album “Revolution Days.” Loaded with a new singer Olli Kärki, Loudguns launches this new era with a bang. Both songs have now come online via YouTube in the form of lyric videos – check ’em out below!

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Preview For New EP “Symptoms” Issued By Maladie

After issuing the albums “Plaque Within” and “Still,” German extreme metal act Maladie is unveiling the first ever EP on December 2nd, 2016. But “Symptoms” is not trying to shorten the incubation period. Instead, the plague continues to blaze a complex trail. Check out the teaser below to gain insight.

Different. A seemingly simple attribute, that gets new depths with every single release of Maladie. The EP “… symptoms…” reveals a further facet of differentness. Its running-time of nearly 42 minutes and the fact that there’s only one song on it don’t really correlate with the expectations on this format. The contained song “Divinitas – A Journey” also crushes conventions with its combination of unleashed extreme metal fury, mellow passages with pianos, saxophones, oboes and strings as well as polyphonic vocals and choirs. Their musical journey never unveils the next step to the listener which is perfectly shown on the atmospheric artwork (once again created by Remy of Headsplit Design). Maladie are different…”

Check out the teaser here:

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Arise The Titan Recruits New Gutiarist Clay Hughes

Colombus, Ohio outfit Arise The Titan just issued this announcement about a new guitarist and upcoming single release:

“Whats up everyone! I know things have been quiet over in the ATT camp, but here’s what we got going on. First, we would like to welcome Clay Hughes to the band on guitar!

“We are stoked to have him and are excited to get some new material together with his influence. He’s written some amazing tracks in one of his other projects called Ryng so go check that shit out!

“Second, we are currently shopping around for places to a get a new single out to you guys. If you have been to any of our shows you have heard the track, but more on that once we have details worked out. In the mean time, keep checking back on our page as we hope 2016 is going to be a solid year for all things ATT.”

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Marc Vanderberg Covers “The Sisters of Mercy” ballad “Something Fast”

“Something Fast” Featuring Lia Hide to Release January 22. German guitarist and songwriter Marc Vanderberg released a cover version of the song “Something Fast” originally written and released by “The Sisters Of Mercy” on their 1990s hard rocking album “Vision Thing.” “To me, ‘Something Fast’ is one of the most powerful songs on the ‘Vision […]

more metal news here:
Marc Vanderberg Covers “The Sisters of Mercy” ballad “Something Fast”

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Acid Tree Posts “Righteous Violence” Vocal Clip

Brazilian prog rock/metal band Acid Tree has released its first single, titled “Righteous Violence.” Along with the single release, Acid Tree has posted a video clip showing the vocal recording process and featuring the full song.

Check out the video clip below, and look out for Acid Tree to release a debut full-length album in the second half of 2014.

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Graveyard To Release New Single "Goliath"

Graveyard has announced details about an upcoming new single release, titled “Goliath.” The track comes off Graveyard’s next album, “Light’s Out,” due October 26th (EU) and November 6th, 2012 (NA) via Nuclear Blast Records.

The “Goliath” single will be released September 21st, 2012 as a digital download and on 7“ vinyl. The release will include a special non-album track, “Leaving You.” The 7“ vinyl version will be issued in four different colors, featuring four different cover artworks!

Commented the band: “The lyrics deal with the feeling that everyday life is a constant David vs. Goliath scene. You all know the story and the scene. You look around, get pissed off and want to ‘stick it to the man.’ Musically it has many influences. And as usual we’ve tried to get it both heavy and swinging at the same time. So why don’t you just shake your record collecting old ass to the beat of the new tune from your favourite Swedish numbskulls?“

The band also commented on the new album’s upcoming, currently unreleased, artwork: “The cover is something completely different than the last cover. It has a lot to do with the title, Light’s Out. Our goal was that both the title and the cover would sum up the feeling of the album. And just to make things clear, Light’s Out is not a reference to either UFO or ENTOMBED. Even though both are excellent bands.“

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