El Caco Reveals Details On New Album “7”

With 15 years of experience and a clenched fist, El Caco’s latest album simply titled “7” will hit the streets on January 15, 2016.

The band, which has remained a trio since beginning in 1998, has released almost a full shelf of records, with exponentially more successful results each time. About “7” the group can confidently share that “this is a record that will take you through an eclectic landscape and draw out a hunger in you never felt before.”

On this album, El Caco has whipped a creamy cream of both rock & roll, grunge, and stoner rock in a manner worthy of the band’s name. The recording was done in Bergen, more specifically in Earshot Studios mixed by Herbrand Larsen (Enslaved). All recording was done with live accompaniment to give it an extra authentic vibe. “Everything to make the mix closer to a live performance,” the band states.

1. Curious
2. Sickness
3. Ambivalent
4. Reach Out
5. The Silver Light
6. In Limbo
7. In Space All Huge Beasts Just Seem Tiny
8. Those Possessed

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