Silent Leges Inter Arma Posts Teaser Trailer For New Album

Today Silent Leges Inter Arma offers an exclusive teaser trailer for the band’s upcoming self-titled debut album, to see North American release on October 30th through Eisenwald. Check out the clip below. The album’s track listing is:

1. We Are
2. Falcon-Headed One
3. I Will Hunt You Down
4. Beyond The Light
5. Shades
6. For The Dead
7. Wings
8. In Shadows Again

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Behexen Reveals New Album "Nightside Emanations" Details

Behexen has issued the following announcement about releasing the new “Nightside Emanations” album:

“Behexen’s ‘Nightside Emanations’ CD/LP release date will be September 21st by Debemur Morti Productions! More info and samples coming soon… The end of all…the end of all Flesh! Lilith the destroyer, You are the end of all flesh!”

The artwork for “Nightside Emanations” can be viewed at this location and the track listing is as follows:

1. Intro
2. Wrathfull Dragon Hau-Hra
3. Death´s Black light
4. Circle Me…
5. We burn with Serpent fire
6. Luciferian Will
7. Awaken Tiamat
8. Temple of the Silent Curses
9. Shining Death
10. Kiss of Our Dark Mother

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Resurrecting Judas Streaming "The Assault Of The Silent Core"

Resurrecting Judas is streaming a new promo song titled “The Assault of the Silent Core,” which is the second track from its 2012 promo. The Santa Clarita, CA band already has a debut EP to its credit, 2011’s “Vast Realms of Chaos Incarnate,” which came out on Sevared Records. The three song promo tracklisting follows below. Resurrecting Judas was also featured recently on the compilation Guttural Apocalypse Vol. 1 along with several other extreme metal bands.

2012 promo tracklisting:

1. Visionary of Strength
2. The Assault of The Silent Core
3. Nightmare Collector

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