Debut Album “For Metal To Battle” Announced By Steel Shock

Dutch/German old school metal act Steel Shock is set to drop the debut release “For Metal to Battle” on September 7th via Alone Records.

The band was formed in 2016 and features ex-Stormwitch guitarist Sasch Machyne on bass and Gloria Victis vocalist Nima MetalHeart.

The track list and cover art can be found here:

1. Shockwave of Steel
2. Under the Sign…
3. Metal Fire
4. Eyes of Fire
5. Night of Steel
6. Stand Tall
7. Break down The Walls
8. Ready to Rock
9. Axe of Hatred
10. All Hail to Metal

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Death Like Mass Premieres Title Track From Upcoming New EP “Jak Zabija Diabel”

Polish black metal band Death Like Mass premieres the title track from the upcoming new EP “Jak Zabija Diabel”, which will arrive in stores in early 2017 on CD and vinyl through Malignant Voices and Under the Sign of Garazel.

Check out now “Jak Zabija Diabel” below.

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Svartanatt Posts New Self-Titled Album Online

The Stockholm-based band Svartanatt holds a classic and timeless sound that can be tracked back in time to the 60’s and 70’s.

Svartanatt’s new self-titled album just drop yesterday (August 26th) through The Sign Records, and the label is now hosting a full stream. Check it out via the Bandcamp player below.

1. Filled up with darkness
2. Times are changing
3. Demon
4. Nightman
5. Thunderbirds whispering wind
6. Dreams
7. Rocket
8. Dead mans alley
9. Secrets of the earth
10. Destination no end

Svartanatt – Svartanatt by the Sign Records

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Stilla Posts “Vårens Sista Onskan” Single

Two winters have passed and now on August 19th, Stilla returns with yet another creation that bears the sign of gloomy, avantgarde, and blackened metal.

Taking up where the band left off with the “Ensamhetens Andar” album from 2014, Stilla once again showscases a unique way of preforming rugged metal interwoven with influences of 70’s horror movie soundtracks such as Suspiria and Phenomena. Check out the new single “Vårens sista önskan” (The Last Wish of Spring)” below.

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Sinner Announces 30th Anniversary Shows With Voodoo Circle

AFM Records has issued the following announcement about Sinner performing special 30th anniversary shows:

“Three decades into the sign of the Sinner – what better reason to celebrate can one imagine? Mat Sinner and his band will play three special concerts in Germany (Sinner + surprise guests). Also joining the ‘Sinfest’ concerts are Voodoo Circle and The New Black.”

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Immortal Empire Comments On Upcoming Album And EP Releases

U.K. act Immortal Empire has issued the following announcement about upcoming releases:

“This new CD ‘Within the Sign of a Bestial Moon’ features a selection of unreleased alternate versions of Immortal Empire tracks. Also for 2012 an new E.P. will be available this spring. Keep an eye out for all of this and live shows across the UK.”

The “Within the Sign of a Bestial Moon” track listing is as follows:

1. Intro
2. Enslaved (Within the Sign of a Bestial Moon)
3. From the Doctrine to Evil Encarnate
4. Nocturne for the Pale King
5. While Carpathia Slept
6. Nocturnal (Cursed Rites)

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