Dead Shape Figure Premiere New Video “The Last Of The Bearing Beats” From Upcoming New Album “Cacoëthes”

Finnish, Helsinki-based metal band Dead Shape Figure will release their fourth album ‘Cacoëthes’ on June 8th 2018 via Inverse Records. It’s been five years since their latest studio album ‘Opus Victoria’ was released. The first single ‘The Last Of The Bearing Beats’ can watched below:

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The Hypothesis Posts “Eye For An Eye” Music Video

Finnish modern metal band The Hypothesis just released a new music video taken off the group’s upcoming debut album.

“Eye For An Eye” was shot & edited by Valtteri Hirvonen and introduces the members of The Hypothesis, who are or have previously played in other bands such as Paradise Lost, Vallenfyre, Red Moon Architect, Dimebag Beyond Forever, Dead Shape Figure and Naildown.

The band consists of:

Antti Seppälä (vocals)
Juuso Turkki (guitar)
Asko Sartanen (guitar)
Markku “Neissu” Ruuskanen (bass)
Waltteri Väyrynen (drums)

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Dead Shape Figure Signs With Eternal Sound To Release “Opus Victoria”

Dead Shape Figure, which recorded a cover of “Dead Again” for our Peter Steele Tribute back in 2011, has now checked in with the following announcement about inking a record deal:

“We are really happy to announce that Dead Shape Figure has signed a deal with Eternal Sound Records and they are releasing ‘Opus Victoria’ in Europe for real! More details coming soon!

“We have also signed a management deal with Heavy Space Agency and they will be our booking agency from now on.”

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Dead Shape Figure Posts New Album “Opus Victoria” Teaser

Finnish act Dead Shape Figure will be releasing “Opus Victoria” in digital format this coming April 26th, 2013. The band has now released a teaser trailer for the impending album, which can be heard below. To hear more from Dead Shape Figure, check out the band’s Facebook profile here.

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Dead Shape Figure Posts Chinese Tour Footage

Dead Shape Figure has posted a video report online featuring clips of the band’s time in China last month, which can be viewed below. The band also commented on the progress of a new album:

“Okay some major news: Our third-yet-untitled-album is not gonna be out during this year… It has not yet been mixed and the deadline is now till the end of next month. It’s kind of sad cause we really really wanted the album to be out before we go on tour with Iced Earth, Evergrey, and Steel Engraved on December but no can do. We are definitely gonna release some stuff during December but the actual album will be out later next year…”

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Dead Shape Figure Checks In From The Recording Studio

Helsinki-based metallers Dead Shape Figure entered D-Studio in Nurmijärvi, Finland to record their third album. The production for the album is being handled by Xy from Swiss act Samael. The band commented:

“This is the first time ever Dead Shape Figure has used a real producer and done a proper preproduction. It is a fact you can really hear when the album is ready. We are super psyched about Mr Xy’s dedication for these new songs.

“The preproduction-stage took a week, 12 hours a day. That period with Mr. Xy was mentally really interesting yet challenging. He made us push ourselves as a band further and deeper than we would normally go. Xy made us act as a band and not as a mob.”

While recording the new album, Dead Shape Figure will also play selected festival shows during the summer. The band added, “We were not suppose to play any shows before the release of the next album but we got offered a few summer shows so we thought why not?”

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Dead Shape Figure Posts "Strangle The Hero" Video Clip

Finland’s Dead Shape Figure has posted a video clip online for the song “Strangle The Hero,” which is taken from the 2011 MCD “Deville Ride.” Check out the video below. The “Strangle The Hero” video features a series of photos taken throughout the year, with all live photos by Toni Salminen & Mika Ringman. You can also find the previously posted “And They Adore the Replacement” video at this location.

The “Deville Ride” track listing is as follows:

1. Strangle the Hero
2. And They Adore the Replacement
3. Leave Your Buildings
4. Dead Again

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Dead Shape Figure Posts "And They Adore The Replacement" Video Clip

Dead Shape Figure has posted a video clip online for the song “And They Adore The Replacement,” which is taken from the new release “Deville Ride.” The clip was filmed during the Lux Mundi European tour with Samael and Keep of Kalessin.

The “Deville Ride” track listing is as follows:

1. Strangle the Hero
2. And They Adore the Replacement
3. Leave Your Buildings
4. Dead Again

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Melechesh Wraps Up Tour, Appears In Comic Strip

Sumerian black/thrash metallers Melechesh have just returned from their European tour as special guests of label mates Samael. Mastermind, vocalist and guitarist Ashmedi offers the following summary:

“So far we have completed our fourth tour, plus a festival run in support of The ‘Epigenesis’ album. Yet we still have some more gigs to announce.

“Lux Mundi tour was a great experience for one thing the weather was great so that things like the flu, ice and floods were kept at bay, but more importantly touring with talented bands like Keep of Kalessin and Samael was a pleasure, both on a professional and personal level as well . Massive Music did a very good job as always – a professional crew which is more like family than anything else. The opening acts Minkus, Dark End, Fluxious, Dead Shape Figure, Noctem, Six Reasons to Kill, and Inferi all had something different to offer, which added spice and diversity to each night of the tour, plus the guys and gals in those bands were just superb to have around. Now it is time to sit and compose!”

Furthermore, French comic artist Fabrice Gagos has included a tribute to both Melechesh members Ashmedi and Moloch to his weekly updated web comic by dedicating one of the main characters – Sayid – to the two. Here’s what the creator says about it:

“‘Ghouls of Nineveh’ is an ongoing web-comic featuring a pack of super-cool metal-heads fighting bloodthirsty Mesopotamian zombies for their lives after they’ve been awakened by mistake by a bunch of ultra-conservative Christians praying in their church. All of the above based upon some Mesopotamian legends, including goddess Ereshkigal and her long lost beloved, Nergal, god of plague…

“Mesopotamia, ghouls, metal-heads and mysticism – I couldn’t help but find that particular Melechesh’s title fitted perfectly. Most of all, I don’t want to spoil you the fun, but I can tell you that Sayid, guitar player and PhD in archeology owner (character-tribute to Moloch and Ashmedi), will take part in the rescuing of his friends. Metal, friendship and fun to save the world – with a bit of gore!”

Ashmedi adds: “Seeing how our music, song titles, lyrics, concepts, no matter how loosely related, inspire different artistic endeavours such as on this comic is satisfying and flattering to say the least! Plus I found it to be very entertaining and well done.”

Check out the English version of the comic by navigating your browser over to this location.

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Dead Shape Figure Posts Recording Studio Video Clip

Finland’s Dead Shape Figure has been recording the follow-up to the band’s 2010 album “The Disease Of St. Vitus.” A video report from the band’s studio time has now been posted online and can be viewed below.

The new album’s currently announced track listing is as follows:

1. Bläkkirokkivaino
2. Grippihoontti
3. Groove
4. Oopiumin hajuinen Megadeth
5. Punkkilänkkäri
6. DoomiAlice…

Dead Shape Figure also provided a Type O Negative cover track for’s tribute to Peter Steele, with full details on the digital album available here.

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